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The Infamous Obama Unemployment Graph: Act IV-The Plot Thickens

Posted by ghostofsparta on September 4, 2009

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And here we go again! The unemployment (or should I say, “funemployment!“) numbers for the month of August have been released, and so we must update our ongoing series. And so, without further ado, may I present the chart we’ve all come to know and love so well, with all due credit to the original source (more info and graphs at the link):

And so, after briefly dipping to 9.4% last month, this month the number has gone up to 9.7%, which for those scoring at home, means it went up 0.3% last month. Also, that is the highest that unemployment has been since waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1983, before I was even born.(Pauses for a moment to let some readers contemplate on how old they feel all of a sudden…) Read the rest of this entry »

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