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President Obama Votes “Present” on Afghan War – Where is the PLAN Zero?

Posted by iam7545 on September 1, 2009

From Pond erings From IAM 7545

PP2xRbJust as he did time after time in the Illinois Legislature Pres Zero refuses to take a stand regarding the Afghan War. Shades of Jimmah Huessein Carter.

I happened upon this article on yahoo and realized my worst fear of our wimp ass President – Next phase in Afghanistan may require more troops

Let me get this right. Obama campaigned for two years claiming that he had a plan for Afghanistan as it surely is more important than Iraq. Yet here we are 9 months into his term and we find that he has no plan.

McChrystal’s assessment is expected to offer a blunt appraisal of the Taliban’s increasing tactical prowess and diminishing popular support in Afghanistan for both the foreign-led war effort and the fragile, corruption-riddled central government.

“The situation in Afghanistan is serious,” McChrystal said Monday, and success “demands a revised implementation strategy, commitment and resolve, and increased unity of effort.”

Gates told reporters traveling with him to Fort Worth, Texas, “We have been very explicit that Gen. McChrystal should be forthright in telling us what he needs.” A Pentagon spokesman said Gates had not yet seen McChrystal’s recommendations, which were being reviewed and commented upon by Gen. David Petraeus and others at U.S. Central Command.

So Obama’s plan was to have the General do an assessment after he sent in 20,000 more troops to hang out to dry? This reminds me more of Huessein Carter having Marines in Lebanon without weapons.

What follows sounds like a Keystone Cops flick with imagery of a rudderless ship set out in the ocean.

Although President Barack Obama committed 21,000 new American forces to Afghanistan this year, officials are bracing for a request for even more. Obama would then face a buildup of troops there just as troop commitments in Iraq are easing or the risk losing the war he argued the U.S. had neglected.

Neither the White House nor Congress would enjoy the prospect of widening the war after eight years and millions of dollars in development money. Violence is escalating: August became the deadliest month of the war with at least 47 U.S. troop deaths.

U.S. and NATO commanders have said they do not have sufficient troops and support to expand the fight against a resilient and well-organized Taliban insurgency. But Gates noted his oft-repeated worry about placing too many forces in Afghanistan, a strategy that failed for the Soviet Union in the 1980s.

“I think there are larger issues,” Gates said. “We will have to look at the availability of forces; we will have to look at costs. There are a lot of different things we will have to look at.”

sheehanThe last two months saw more Military casualties since the War began. Where is the outrage? Where are the Code Pinkos? And we all know that the Democrats tossed Cindy Sheehan under the bus as she was quite lonely demonstrating in Marthas Vineyard last weekend. The last of the great white lap dogs Charlie Gibson told Cindy “enough already” when she began to put heat on Zero. Oh these whack job Moonbats are sooo sincere.

It is clear that our President is an organizer and NOT a leader. His approach to the Porkulus Bill and zeroscare is proof that he has no baitzim (yiddish for balls). Obama campaigned for two years promising that he had a plan to solve the healthcare “crisis” and to end the war in Afghanistan. We can see he had neither. He instead allowed the Congress to write several half baked healthcare bills that have been redefined more times than Michael Jacksons face. Now Obama continues to misquote and lie about this bill that no one understands. Of course in the end wimps like him are not held to account for anything. His plan for Afghanistan is what? Our soldiers have been getting slaughtered while he is playing golf awaiting another fookin report from another General.

Commander in Chief?

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