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Obama Incites Rosh Hashanah riots in Shuls

Posted by iam7545 on August 30, 2009

From Pond erings from IAM7545

jewriotThe Jewish Forward, a paper so liberal that it is not worthy of using for kosher fish wrap actually published this editorial – “What if Rabbis Heed Obama’s High Holy Day Appeal?”

In the hands of Obama the potter, American Jews are but clay. In his recent telephonic pep talk to a reported 1,000 American rabbis, the president invoked some of the most memorable (and theologically challenging) passages from the Rosh Hashanah liturgy to support his health policy agenda. He spoke about the new month of Elul, the meaning of this time of year and, oh, by the way, the crazy distortions of all those who have dared to object to his massive experiment with one-sixth of the American economy.

Some good prep-work from Obama’s staff (“Sir, it’s pronounced eh-LOOL”), some happy talk, and the president apparently had these mostly left-leaning rabbis eating out of his hand. In these kinds of calls, there is always an “ask,” and Obama’s was simple: Proselytize to your congregants and tell them the good news about health care reform.

When I read this I couldn’t believe it. Our president really does think he is some sort of God. Imagine if President Bush had resorted to something like this. Hey Zero – Leave us real Jews alone! We dont want to hear it!

For all of my non Jew friends – A Rabbis Sermon on the High Holidays is supposed to arouse his congregants to do Teshuva, or become a more committed Jew. This is not a time to sell some half baked socialist health care program to Jews attending Holy Day Services.

Obama has no doubt seen some of the congressionally sponsored town hall meetings with a lot of angry constituents saying some unkind things about him and his health care agenda. If the rabbis follow Obama’s directive to speak about health care, they might well invent a new phrase for the lexicon: “Rosh Hashanah riots.”

What Zero did not consider is the following =

Rabbis won’t be talking to rubes. In any given synagogue, there will be doctors with various specialties, business owners and more than a handful of others with a very deep awareness of how health care costs, government payments and public policy affect their livelihoods. They may be liberal, they may have voted for Obama, and they may well be sympathetic to Obama’s stated goal of expanding health insurance in America. But many of them will have seen enough of Obama’s plan to know they don’t like it.

Rabbis who start to cite a few passages from Scripture to extol the virtue of the “public option,” a government-subsidized insurance plan that would squeeze private insurers out of the health marketplace, will be met not by the open minds of seekers but with the wary eyes of those who can point to piles of health paperwork as their own testimony to the dangers of government mandates, controls and payment policies.

These congregants may well stand up and walk out as their rabbis, who have never had to make payroll in their lives, go on about how “greedy” employers and business interests are blocking Obama’s bill.

They may mutter loud enough to be heard: “If I wanted to hear an ignoramus talk about health care, I would have just stayed at home and watched the TV news.”

Or worse, they may decide: “Ach, I haven’t listened to this rabbi before. Why should I start now?” And their minds will begin to wander — again.

Thank G-D there are a few sensible Rabbis that were wee weed up over Zeros ignorant manipulating conference call – Read what Israel Matzav had to say about this – ‘God’ tells Rabbis what to discuss in their High Holiday sermons

A rabbinic student who received the URJ invitation and participated in the call sent me an e-mail about it that read, in part:

President Obama spoke for about 20 minutes, then got off the call and we listened to three other rabbis who had prepared discussions about “helpful” Torah and Talmud texts, and how to craft a “non-political” (that is, pro-Democratic Party but wouldn’t be able to get into legal trouble) sermon. . . .

• Pres Obama urged us explicitly to discuss healthcare reform in our high holiday sermons. He said repeatedly, “I need your help in getting this information across.” My personal feeling is that it is an abuse of the pulpit to propagate a specific political agenda in that venue. . . .

• The issue was always framed as: we need to care about healthcare reform. And too many people don’t care about it. Our job as rabbis is, apparently, to urge people to care about it.

Thank God that Orthodox Rabbis have more sense than to be dragged into the mud by our Jew hating President –

Frankly, I find the whole thing offensive, and I am pleased to see that (apparently) no Orthodox Rabbis participated (apparently not even Rahm Emanuel’s rabbi). The High Holidays aren’t supposed to be political.

I also checked out the Faith for Health web site mentioned above, and it is, if anything, even more offensive. The home page discusses “40 days for Health Reform.” Well, the High Holiday season, which goes into warmups tonight, the first day of the Jewish month of Elul ends – you guessed it – 40 days from now with Yom Kippur. It also features a 40-minute radio presentation on health care reform. There is a list of organizations that sponsor Faith for Health here. One of the groups involved is the Islamic Society of North America.

According to terrorism expert Steven Emerson, ISNA “is a radical group hiding under a false veneer of moderation”; “convenes annual conferences where Islamist militants have been given a platform to incite violence and promote hatred” (for instance, al Qaeda supporter and PLO official Yusuf Al-Qaradhawi was invited to speak at an ISNA conference); has held fundraisers for terrorists (after Hamas leader Mousa Marzook was arrested and eventually deported in 1997, ISNA raised money for his defense); has condemned the U.S. government’s post-9/11 seizure of Hamas’ and Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s financial assets; and publishes a bi-monthly magazine, Islamic Horizons, that “often champions militant Islamist doctrine.”

Adds Emerson: “I think ISNA has been an umbrella, also a promoter of groups that have been involved in terrorism. I am not going to accuse the ISNA of being directly involved in terrorism. I will say ISNA has sponsored extremists, racists, people who call for Jihad against the United States.”

Just whom you want telling your rabbi what to say on Rosh HaShanna and Yom Kippur, isn’t it?

2 Responses to “Obama Incites Rosh Hashanah riots in Shuls”

  1. kim segar said

    gov is getting more desperate and more danereous to try and push this agenda on the U. S. once they get people to except the gov and the private they will tax the business’ to death and they will lay of people that will take the gov health care and then the business will fall, so will private Ins co.’s then what..all America will have to choose is the controling gov insurance , not to mention we are getting more broke daily where they will ration the healthcare where many will die and won’t get care..but no doubt the abortion will continue as will the chemicals trails by little planes and the toxic shots or put stuff in the water like the one guy said in his book, the lefty who said they could make it imporssibe for women to get PG..how is that for sitting on the throne of G-d..wake up people..take America back now..before it is too late..

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