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Is the civil war between Hamas and Al Queda in the Gaza strip over?

Posted by avideditor on August 17, 2009

Update: Al Queda has threaten to bomb Hamas in the upcoming days. Read the report here.

I was hoping for news that they killed each other off. Instead I got this from CNSNEWS

Hamas announced on Sunday that it was fully in control of the Gaza Strip after another terrorist group declared an “Islamic emirate” in southern Gaza, triggering the deadliest internecine clashes since Hamas seized the territory in mid-2007.

But the second radical group, the reportedly al-Qaeda-inspired Jund Ansar Allah (“Warriors of the Companions of Allah”), hinted in an Internet posting at revenge attacks.

“We wash our hands of responsibility for any events that might take place in the next several days as a result … Await our response,” it said in a posting translated and made available by the NEFA Foundation, a terrorism watchdog.

A battle between Hamas gunmen and followers of Jund Ansar Allah left at least 28 people dead, including the smaller group’s leader, Abdel Latif Moussa (aka Abu Abdullah) and a top Hamas terrorist, Mohammed al-Shamali.
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Obama’s flawed policies killed at least two Israelis so far today

Posted by avideditor on August 17, 2009

Not only does Obama want to kill us all with his flawed death care. His action in the middle east has allowed to Israelis to die. By siding with the jihadis and pressuring Israel he lead to a removal of a check point causing two Israelis to die. It looks like leaders agree with me. Obama has blood on his hands and his flawed genocidal policies must be stopped now.

PS Just to be clear I do not support the killing of any standing president of the United States. I think there are better ways to stop this mad man. Please do not misread me. I do not want to make 0 a martyr

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