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The Progressive-Marxist roots of the Nazis

Posted by Rodan on August 16, 2009

Radical Leftwing blogs like Think Progress, Daily Kos, Huffington Post and Little Green Footballs keep claiming that the Nazis were Rightwing/Conservative. However the official name of the Nazis was the National Socialist Workers Party, this name is hardly a “Conservative” term. It is really a Progressive/Marxist name, since Hitler was a man of the Left.

Below is a video that will back up what I am saying. This shatters the Nazis were Rightwing myth than even many Conservatives/Libertarians have fallen for.

Again, can someone explain to me how The Nazis were Rightwing and not Totalitarian Left?

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11 Responses to “The Progressive-Marxist roots of the Nazis”

  1. David said

    You seem to be forgetting that Nazism and Communism were hostile to each other, with Germany sending perhaps a million Communists to their deaths during the Shoah. Fascism is a very different beast from communism or socialism. If you take a clearer look, you’ll find that Nazism had roots in German Pan-nationalist and Romantic movements — as did Zionism. It is no coincidence that both Nazism and Zionism are wedded to the notion of “Blut und Boden” and many other disquieting similarities.

    • avideditor said

      nazis were, by definition, socialists of nationalist variety, as opposed to USSR’s socialists of internationalist variety.
      What are you implying?

      • David said

        There was nothing socialistic about Nazism. Companies like Bayer and IG Farben continued to operate as private enterprises. Just because the word “socialism” was cleverly grafted into “Nationalsozialismus” doesn’t make it so. Similarly, Libya’s name is “The Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.” Again, there is nothing socialistic about a state governed by an unhinged dictator. But to return to my main point, the emphasis in both Nazism and Zionism was the “birthright” connection of the people to their land (“Blut und Boden”), both of which emerged from pan-nationalist movements directly after the “age of Romanticism” in the late 18th/early 19th century. This period saw the birth of mainly German and Slavic nationalist movements, which early Zionists most certainly were aware of; for example, Ahad Ha’am and Herzl. My own criticism of Zionism is not that it ended up exactly like Nazism, but that its inherent racism springs from its origins, and that it is an anachronism in a liberal age. That’s what I’m implying.

        • Rodan said

          You are talking out your ass. The clip above proves the Nazis were Socialists. Did private companies exist, yes but they had to take orders from the government. Members of the Nazis Party sat on the Board of major German companies. The Germans companies were heavily taxed and regulated. It was all about empower the State, that is a Leftwing concept.

          Nazis and Communists killed each other because they were rival leftists. Its like saying Bloods vs. Crips, They are rival gangs.

          • David said

            “The clip above proves the Nazis were Socialists.”

            Don’t rely on all your information from YouTube.

            “Did private companies exist, yes but they had to take orders from the government. Members of the Nazis Party sat on the Board of major German companies. The Germans companies were heavily taxed and regulated. It was all about empower the State, that is a Leftwing concept.”

            I see where you’re going with this — the conflation of government involvement with fascism. In this case, why not call Israel a fascist state? After all, the labor federations, the Zionist agencies, the planned cities, ownership of land, the IDF, are all so interconnected and permeated by government as to make distinctions irrelevant.

            And if protection of the state were not a concern of the state, we would not have had the Civil War in the U.S. Lincoln was not a Marxist. Your argument fails.

        • Rodan said

          What about your beloved Islamism, they are peace loving right? You clearly are a Transnational Totalitarian Progressives. I bet you worship the Muzzies!

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