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Has President Zero Gone “Postal”?

Posted by iam7545 on August 16, 2009

Cross-posted at IAM’s blog.

The analogy that Zero repeated on Saturday at his faux Town Hall that somehow because the UPS and FedEx compete with the USPS successfully and that “the Postal Service is the one that is always having problems” supports his case for a public plan is pure ignorance. Yet the greenery behind him collectively on cue shook their heads in approval.  Is Zero this naive or has he truly gone “Postal” in his sophomoric efforts to get Zerocare passed? Can you imagine if President Bush would have made this comparison?

obama21Having worked with the USPS for many years I am one of the loners that has respect for their great service and their enormous task to remain solvent.   They are strapped with mandates that make it as impossible for them to remain standing as a one armed boxer in the ring with Muhammad Ali.  All the while UPS and FedEx were able to cherry pick portions of their business and turn them into successful businesses.

The USPS has to deliver to each house and business in the USA 5-6 days a week.   They are required to mail for Senators and Congressmen for free. They are also required to charge Non-Profits reduced rates.  They cannot raise rates without Congressional approval. Did I forget?  The USPS is required to charge the same rate regardless of location of delivery.  All of their employees are union.   Imagine if FedEx or UPS had to go to every house in the USA every day just in case they had a package to ship?

Factor in the effects of email and online commerce and it isn’t hard to see that their task is impossible.   When gasoline prices went up to $4.75 last year they could not impose a surcharge as FedEx, UPS and every other delivery company in the world did.  Would you start a business under these conditions?

In the 90’s, before their demise was decreed   Postmaster Runyan, a visionary and businessman began suggesting that in order for the USPS to exist they would need to perform other services.  He figured that since they send a person to each house in the USA six days a week it would be a no brainer for their carriers to read electric meters, water meters and who know what else to create new revenue.  Runyan was quickly booted out after increased pressure from the Unions.

So how does Pres Zero’s comparison of UPS, FedEx to USPS compare to public healthcare versus private?  It doesn’t at all. Not even close.  A public plan will pay less to providers, not be strapped with property taxes, income taxes and of course marketing expenses.  His childish comparison actually supports the argument against his public plan, as it will be the private carriers with one arm tied behind their back trying to stay upright while being pummeled.

In Canada, France and the UK private healthcare providers are popping up that are cherry-picking healthcare services. They can deliver certain services faster and more efficiently for those that can afford it.  Just like the next day delivery that made FedEx successful. Or 2-3 day package delivery that started UPS.  Hmmmmmmm –

Please Mr. Obama, get your meds. You know, the little red pill that costs less than the blue one. If not some unscrupulous surgeon will either remove your tonsils or cut you off at the feet.  Let’s hope the American public will cut your idiocy off at the knees!

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