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Freedom died in Britain they are enforcing Muslim dress code at public pools for non muslims

Posted by avideditor on August 16, 2009


While the France is doing the right thing and banning this swimming wear abomination, Britian is doing the opposite.

Under the rules, swimmers – including non-Muslims – are barred from entering the pool in normal swimming attire. Instead they are told that they must comply with the “modest” code of dress required by Islamic custom, with women covered from the neck to the ankles and men, who swim separately, covered from the navel to the knees.

At Loxford School in Ilford, east London, a local Muslim group organises weekly sessions for Muslim men, with the warning that “it is compulsory for the body to be covered between the navel and the knees. “Anyone not adhering to the dress code or rules within the pool will not be allowed to swim”.

Freedom is dead now in Britain. IMHO

3 Responses to “Freedom died in Britain they are enforcing Muslim dress code at public pools for non muslims”

  1. Rose said

    Only one thing to say – THIS HAS TO STOP. We don’t – and they don’t – tolerate any other religions preferences, right? If they give in on this – then, what they are really saying is, if you want your way – if the “Moral majority” wants prayer in schools, all they have to do to get their way is to be militant and threatening and dangerous.

    That’s a bad precedent to set. Let’s give in to the murderous bastard religion, and not do anything for the decent tolerant ones.

    No way to run a country, and no way to ensure safety for your citizens.

  2. David said

    You are getting your speedo in a knot for nothing. My pool has an adult swim, a kiddie swim (after which the pool gets an extra dose of chlorine), a competitive swim time for people more serious than I, and special pool hours reserved for a youth swim team. Then there are the “Senior Swim,” “Aquatics,” and “Water Aerobics” times. A community with different kinds of people (thank G-d for diversity!) should try to accommodate them all.

  3. jb_fastpitch said

    Why not just BEHEAD the offenders? That seems to work for Jewish reporters and cartoonists.

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