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Brief Look at Senator Specter’s Local Townhall Meeting

Posted by ghostofsparta on August 13, 2009

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So today, at 3 PM, Senator Arlen Specter (D-R-D PA) held a townall meeting at a local buidling about 2 minutes from where I work. It was a small meeting, holding only about 200 people, most of whom were invited specifically. Now this meeting that holds 200 people was held in a building where, just a month ago, Brett Michaels from Poison played to a crowed of over 2,000. Now, I’m no math major, but that first number seems significantly smaller than the second. Must have been an honest mistake….

Sadly, because I have a job, I was unable to attend the actual event. I managed to get out of my shift about an hour early to attend, but when I got there it was already 3 PM, so my hopes of getting in were already slim. I did, however, get the chance to see what happening in the parking lot. Did I take pictures? Why I’m so glad you asked, hypothetical reader. Here are a couple pictures and 1 video of the parking lot. Unfortunately, all I had was my phone, so the pictures and video aren’t the best quality, but I’ll share anyway, you lucky soul you. 

Here’s one senior who won’t let Obamacare take her without a fight.

The 9/12 project was on site, this was their poster.
We can only hope.
Perhaps my favorite slogan of the next 4 years.
I laughed harder at this one than anything else today.
A guy in a tri-corner hat. I like the hat, and it’s my site.
It would have been worded better as “Politics is Organized Crime” but I didn’t make a sign at at all and the guy gets his point across.
The sign in the backgound says “To Hell with Marxism, Liberalism, Socialism, Communism, and Obamaism.”

Well I’d say this one is pretty self-explanatory. Poor soul thinks his doctor knows more about medicine than a congressman.

One protester is apparently not too fond of the SEIU (Service Employees International Union)

A classic Hillary quote from the campaing. Too bad she didn’t see it coming back to bite her party in the ass.
As I left there was an impromptu (as far as I knew) recitation of the pledge of allegience when somebody unfurled a giant flag on the hill behind the astroturfing pro-Obamacare crowd. I only managed to get my phone out about halfway through, but you can see some of the crowd and the giant flag, so enjoy.

(The video isn’t working on wordpress, but it does at my blogger site)

In the end, I tried but failed to get in to the meeting, but it didn’t happen. I won’t say these events are staged, but when the state troopers are telling you that most of the people inside had invitations and were bussed in, things do look a little suspicious to us common folks.

One Response to “Brief Look at Senator Specter’s Local Townhall Meeting”

  1. This is an excellent set of comments on a very real issue, that I suspect few have really focused on. We know that there are only three sources of ‘revenue’ for health care expenditures. These are what plan sponsors (employers), taxpayers, or consumers (patients) pay for each health care service.
    However, while these are three different pockets, they are three pockets of the same suit. In the end it is the consumer who pays either directly at the time of service, in otherwise lower wages or higher prices for goods or in taxes. The last two are ‘hidden’ taxes on the consumer/patient.
    So the citizens of this country should be rightly concerned. When costs are hidden (taxes or prices/wages) there is little, frankly no, incentive to conserve scarce medical resources.(And I am not even talking about end of life decisions here – that’s another topic). As we have seen several times before, prices will rise much faster than general inflation making health care financing unaffordable (Medicare in the mid 60’s, Part D earlier this decade to name two instances.)
    There is no reason to believe that with a large government entitlement program the same will happen again, with no control on rising costs. CBO estimates, as far as they go (ten years) are more than likely correct if not understated AND the post ten year trajectory is likely much much worse.
    They will need to control the federal deficits sooner rather than later and the tax base will exhaust its ability to pay for these programs. Unless we drastically improve industrial production, innovation and capital creation we will essentially bankrupt the country, its people and our future.
    Follow this debate and other important health care issues at http://www.ilovebenefits.wordpress.com

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