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Was and is Charles Johnson of LGF a Junkie?

Posted by avideditor on August 8, 2009

If you do not know what LGF is or who CJ is consider yourself lucky. I think he needs help. He is definitely going crazy.

HT Rodan

9 Responses to “Was and is Charles Johnson of LGF a Junkie?”

  1. Rodan said

    I think he just has angers issues. However his paranoia could come from past drug uses. However I think he is just angry and is a Far Left fanatic.

  2. JoeB said

    This guy definitely has issues. He lays claim to a “rational mind”, yet he seems to harbor so many irrational prejudices that it’s clear that something out of the norm is going on inside his head!

  3. Play Nice said

    I don’t think the video of him playing is evidence of drug usage. My former boss (and friend) is a smoking hot blue guitarist and non-drug user and he gets lost in the music when he plays much the same as Charles did here. That said, I can’t say it was great, but it didn’t suck.
    As to whether or not he used or has returned to using, only those who know him in the non-cyber world can say for sure.
    It is more likely that he has returned to his pre-911 awakening beliefs and that’s his right. Hell look at Arrianna Huffington. She was a staunch conservative that turned rabid progressive herself. Maybe there is something in the water.

    • avideditor said

      I live in so cal too and I think there is nothing in the water that I know of 😉 There are different looks between getting into the music and being as high as a kite. CJ looks that later to me. But I was not there so I do not know. But I understand what you are saying. Getting really into the music to some looks like drug use. But I do not think this is the case.

  4. jummy said

    damn i love that stanley clarke.

    in any case, nah. i think charles’ problem is that he like to manipulate instruments.

    he had a long and accomplished career as a guitarist, and when he moved on to something else, he moved on to computers.

    by the time the web 2.0 era came around he was already preeminent with his custom, hand-coded blog, and that became his new instrument.

    how do you “play” a blog? instead of fretting versus picking, you play content against users.

    anyone familiar with lgf knows that charles is the kind of blogmaster who is obsessed with the forensics of his site, always making a big deal of what he sees in his referral log as if it were some sort of crystal ball. but most importantly: charles like to ban people. he’s always liked to ban people. he has always been a profligate banner. the banhammer is the killer riff only he can play and he loves to play it. (i’m assuming the “junkie” behavior you’re referring to in the clip above was the tuneless trilling he launched into which caused clarke and the keyboardist to take turns trilling in mocking imitation. mght i submit that this is just “wanker” behavior.)

    the change in his politics is incidental. i’ve never credited charles as having much of a political consciousness prior to 911. charles seemed to me to be the model “911 republican”.

    most people hate radicals; the moral certitude, the hate rhetorically inverted into “love”, the cloak of criticism by which they conceal their own flaws by covering all others in disdain, that whole if-you’re-not-part-of-the-solution-you’re-part-of-the-problem law by which they feel entitled to key your car or throw red paint on you so long as you’re not marching with them. one doesn’t have to be a conservative to hate and suspect radicals. and so many people prior to 911 just sort of had this litmus test waiting: how would progressives react if there were another pearl harbor – a direct attack on u.s. soil by literal fascists – would they be anti-american in that case too? progressives of course met this challenge in the predicted fashion.

    this is what caused ordinarily non-aligned people like charles johnson to become 911 republicans. he was never properly a republican, much less a conservative. in fact, he wasn’t even a politico when it all began. but after 911, charles icarus johnson finally found a song to play.

    by 2004, the theme of anti-idiotarian counter-jihad had matured. the user base burgeoned with contributors, sycophants and trolls. so he had plenty of opportunity to play his blog and plenty of trolls to ban.

    an irony is to be noted here: as the wave of lgf’s popularity reached it’s crest, a “troll” was as liberally defined then as it is now, but the bias was opposite. that is, a polite rebuke of a regular commenter’s racist diatribe against arabs was a bannable offense. whereas now charles see’s anything rightwing as racist, it used to be that anything anti-racist was leftwing. that’s quite a shift in disposition.

    in any case, after the 2006 midterm elections, interest in the war on terror cooled off quite a bit. this being the main theme of lgf, lgf’s numbers began to slide. when lgf’s numbers began to slide, lefty trolls stopped coming around. lgfwatch stopped updating their site. charles was faced with the one real existential question which directed all of his blogging behavior at the root: how does he exersize his power if there’s no one left to ban?

    and of course, we know what followed that crisis. while i don’t disagree with his stand against american counter-jihadists getting dirtied up with fringe european nationalist parties, we can see now that that stand wasn’t taken on principle, but rather the beginning of a desperate un-mooring. perhaps he didn’t even realize at the time that what his superego interpreted as a principled stand was just his veins screaming for a counter-community to hate him, defy him, deny him and prove in these ways that he is still some sort of blog-god, so that he may have fresh users to smite.

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  6. Blake said

    This is another theory – Charles Johnson is gay.


    • avideditor said

      I personally do not care what people want people do behind closed doors. But I do not think his sexual orientation can explain his great change. But feel free to think what you want. Tammy Bruce is a prime example of some one I agree with on most things that does some strange things behind closed doors. http://tammybruce.com/

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