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Kill all the jihadis now to save the childern HAMAS marries 450 Child Brides

Posted by avideditor on July 31, 2009

UPDATE: I found out that they are shooting in arabic. “Maidens of honor coming through.” but it does not change my views on killing all the jihadis now.

I found this at Debbie Schlussel. It is beyond sick. Everyone should see this IMHO. Email the link the the post or the video to everyone you know. This sickness must stop now.

I’ve written about this before–in 2005, when HAMAS had only 200 child brides. When the Moonies have a mass wedding, at least everyone getting betrothed is an adult. When HAMAS does it, well . . . .Yes, I know that occasionally HAMAS uses children with more make-up than Jon-Benet Ramsey and Anna Nicole Smith combined as stand ins for their adult brides. You know–because seeing a grown woman might cause them thoughts and actions beyond their control . . . like rape. But, as we also know, Muslims frequently forcibly marry young girls and essentially commit Islamo-legalized child molestation and rape. But we don’t know which, exactly, is the case here. And either way, it says a lot–not just about HAMAS, but about Islam period.

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A Visit from Mr. Michael Vachon, Director of Communications for Soros Fund Management

Posted by Glezele Vayne on July 31, 2009



Well.  In response to a post I put up the other day, entitled The Aktions of George Soros; Holocaust Survivor, we had an auspicious visitor. I had no idea a coupla small blogs would attract the attention of such a visible man, or his SFM director of communications, Mr. Michael Vachon.

I made it clear in the original comments that the continuation of the discussion must be in the form of a post, both being simply too long for a comments section. Mr. Soros’ father Trivalder Schwartz, can be found at the following site: Preview of Masquerade by Tivadar (Schwartz) Soros.

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Wake up Britain. The leftists want to change your country.

Posted by avideditor on July 31, 2009

There was a ban on wearing a flag pin on the UK uniform but UK policemen could wear there uniform to a gay pride march.

Here is the story.

Mean while the jihadis are calling for a Caliphate to take over the UK.

Conference season starts a bit early for Islamists hoping to make Britain part of the Islamic caliphate (Khilafah), and Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain’s national Conference,The Struggle for ISLAM and the call for Khilafah” in London today will certainly be one of the less tedious get-togethers this year (although less chance of a boozy one-night-stand, admittedly).

You may have heard of the group. They were built up by sponging radical cleric Omar Bakri Muhammad, who once called the 9/11 hijackers “magnificent” and spouted the cause of jihad against the West while scrounging £250,000 off the British taxpayer. Hizb have come close to being banned for their support of Islamic extremism, but our weak, enfeebled government, desperate not to upset anyone, worried it might drive them underground. Well, they sound like they’re really inside the big tent right now: Read the rest here

HT Fern

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Israelis Want Temple Rebuilt at Al-Aqsa Site

Posted by Glezele Vayne on July 31, 2009


Temple Mount Aerial

Temple Mount Aerial

Article by Mohammed Mar’i

RAMALLAH: A news survey conducted by the Israeli Ynet news service and the Gesher organization found that about two thirds of the Israeli public want the Second Temple rebuilt. Gesher claims a 4.6 margin of error on a survey of 516 Israelis.

The Temple Mount, which is the foundation of the First and Second temples is today home to Islam’s third-holiest mosque, Al-Aqsa. The Second Temple, built by Herod the Great, was destroyed in 70 A.D. when the Romans sacked Jerusalem.

Sixty-four percent responded favorably to the question of rebuilding the temple commissioned by Herod the Great, while 36 percent responded negatively.

Among the practicing and orthodox Jewish Israelis, virtually all respondents wanted to see the Second Temple rebuilt.

Just under half of secular Israelis — 47 percent — also said they would like to see Herod’s Temple rebuilt.

Eighty percent of respondents said it was “justified” to mark what many Jews consider the saddest day of their history (the destruction of the temple) by rebuilding the temple.

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From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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