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The Aktions of George Soros; Holocaust Survivor

Posted by Glezele Vayne on July 29, 2009


In yet another enlightening audio, entitled Audio: Sorrow by Soros, at Arutz Sheva…Yishai Fleisher inteviews reporter, editor, news writer and activist Gil Ronen. Fleisher and Ronen expose a few more pieces of the puzzle, as well as some insight into the dishonest methodology of Israel’s enemies.

Did you know George Soros is a Holocaust survivor? Do you know how he survived? His family acquired fake Christian identity papers. Junior Soros worked with Christians, throwing Jews off their property and confiscate it.

By his own admission, he never felt any pangs of guilt in doing this. He was a kid, yeah…but still…kids have consciences too. Well, most of them do.

The American Thinker has an excellent article about Soros, which includes a bit of background into his family as well.

The Religious Quest of George Soros


My suspicion is that George Soros was more affected by the atrocities of the Nazis than he is able to admit, even to himself.  He was trying in his own way to search for God, but then the Nazis swooped in with their heinous hatred of the Jews, and their unreasonable evil wrath scared the wits out of George.  His arrogance, I believe, is just a cover for his underlying fear.”

It looks like in the end, Soros will not come out on the right side of history. He is using his vast fortune to fund some nefarious activities, which apparently are designed not only to bring to an end Jewish life in Judea and Samaria, but Jewish sovereignty over any part of Eretz Israel. The group who is doing his dirty work,  The International Crisis Group, thinks nothing of sending foreign agents into prayer groups who have the temerity to claim exclusive Jewish membership, wherever they be, even within the so-called “Green Line”.

5 Responses to “The Aktions of George Soros; Holocaust Survivor”

  1. The claim that George Soros was a Nazi collaborator is false and deeply offensive. As a 13-year-old child Soros was hidden with an official of the Ministry of Agriculture. Soros’s father helped hide the official’s Jewish wife and the official agreed to let young Soros pose as his Christian godson in return. This is how Soros was able to survive the Nazi occupation. On one occasion the official went to inventory the estate of a Jewish family that had fled Hungary under duress. He brought the child in his charge along rather than leaving him alone in Budapest. To construe this as Soros “collaborating with Nazis” is false, malicious and deeply misleading. Anybody interested in more detail can look at page 37 of the biography of Soros by Michael Kaufman “The Messianic Billionaire”. Anyone interested more broadly in what Soros supports can look at http://www.soros.org

    With the help of his barber, Tivadar found a place for George with a man named Baumbach, an employee of the Ministry of Agriculture. Baumbach, who was of German origin, had a Jewish wife and was paying to have her hidden in the countryside. Tivadar paid him to take George into his home, ostensibly as his godson. Tivadar turned over the apartment facing Parliament to his Gentile secretary and moved into the secret room.
    Within days of arriving at Baumbach’s, George went for a walk into the Buda hills, where lost in a daydream he moved beyond the city limits. When he turned back, he was stopped by Hungarian gendarmes. “I remember it quite clearly,” he recalled. “I had just arrived at Baumbach’s…I had walked too far. I was frightened but nothing happened. It was the first test of my using a false name and I passed it.”
    While he was living with Baumbach as Sandor Kiss, an event occurred that more than half a century later would become the basis of charges that George Soros, the international financier and billionaire, had somehow collaborated with Nazi occupiers of his homeland and had exploited his fellow Jews. The issue was raised in a bizarre television profile and interview of Soros aired on the CBS television program 60 Minutes in December of 1998. In the segment, Steve Kroft, the interviewed, noted with prosecutorial gusto that George’s father had “bribed a government official to swear that you were his godson,” and added that this survival strategy “carried a heavy price tag.” For, he continued, “as hundreds of thousands of Jews were being shipped off to the Nazi death camps, a thirteen-year-old George Soros accompanied his phony godfather on his rounds, confiscating property from the Jews.” Visibly dumbfounded by the line of questioning, Soros could only manage to say that he had no role in the seizure of property and was merely a spectator. To underscore Kroft’s point, film footage showed masses of Hungarian Jews being led away at gunpoint.
    This is what actually happened. Shortly after George went to live with Baumbach, the man was assigned to take inventory on the vast estate of Mor Kornfeld, an extremely wealthy aristocrat of Jewish origin. The Kornfeld family had the wealth, wisdom and connections to be able to leave some of its belongings behind in exchange for permission to make their way to Lisbon. Baumbach was ordered to go to the Kornfeld estate and inventory the artworks, furnishings, and other property. Rather than leave his “godson” behind in Budapest for three days, he took the boy with him. As Baumbach itemized the material, George walked around the grounds and spent time with Kornfeld’s staff. It was his first visit to such a mansion, and the first time he rode a horse. He collaborated with no one and he paid attention to what he understood to be his primary responsibility: making sure that no one doubted that he was Sandor Kiss. Among his practical concerns was to make sure that no one saw him pee. (Michael T. Kaufman, Soros: The Life and Times of a Messianic Billionaire (Alfred A. Knopf: New York 2002) 36-38.)

    • avideditor said

      I heard Soros owns and controls Media Matters. Is that true? Talk about a libel site.
      “Director” I do not think you addressed the issue.
      I wish a was a billionaire so I can hire an army of people to defend me online 😉 I am pretty sure he was a nazi collaborator. Do you have some proof that he was not? I think your boss is a self-hating Jew.

      • elyakatz said



        Plug in the first sentence on google. The Director is using software to search for sites that mention George Soros in a negative light, and then the software simply plugs in the same copy at each site. He’s not personally involved…only his software.

        Re Soros being a self-hating Jew, he comes from a long tradition, dating back to the Haskalah, and even earlier. According to The American Thinker, in the article I cited, and quoted from, George Soros’ father abandoned Judaism in favor of Esperanto, which is a cult, kind of a precursor to the New World Order. Often, when Jews abandon Judaism, they aren’t simply neutral to Judaism and their fellow Jews, but acquire an antipathy to both…there’s a long, sad list of prominent ant-Jewish Jews that have followed that path.


        “Tivadar Schwartz, George Soros’ father, rejected his own Judaism in youth, but found another “religion” at some point in the First World War. During his years as a Russian POW, Tivadar became enthralled with the obscure, synthetic language, Esperanto. He acquired a rudimentary knowledge of it from his fellow POWs.

        Esperanto was devised by a Jewish physician in Warsaw during the 1880’s. But it wasn’t (and still isn’t) just a made-up language; it served as the embodiment of a cult formed around the ideas of ‘internationalism, anti-sectarianism and cosmopolitanism,’ in the words of Soros biographer Michael Kaufman. (p.12)”

        As far as my post being malicious, I refute this charge. Malice: 1) A desire to harm others or to see others suffer; extreme ill will or spite.

        I do not desire any harm to come to anyone, but especially not the Jews living in the Jewish heartland of Judea and Samaria, or any other Jews, especially not those in Eretz Israel. What I hope for George Soros is that he does some serious tshuvah…if he continues supporting the enemies of his own people, then he is harming himself spiritually.

  2. elyakatz said


    Well. In response to a post I put up the other day, entitled The Aktions of George Soros; Holocaust Survivor, we had an auspicious visitor. I had no idea a coupla small blogs would attract the attention of such a visible man, or his SFM director of communications, Mr. Michael Vachon.

    I made it clear in the original comments that the continuation of the discussion must be in the form of a post, both being simply too long for a comments section.

    The rest of my response to Mr. Vachon’s comment can be found at: Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

  3. […] In response to a post I put up the other day, entitled The Aktions of George Soros; Holocaust Survivor, we had an auspicious visitor. I had no idea such a small couple of blogs would attract the […]

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