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Hamas Kills a “Palestian” and blames Israel

Posted by avideditor on July 3, 2009

The girl was supposedly killed by a mortar shell. Tanks do not fire mortar shells. It looks like hamas killed a “Palestian” and blamed Israel. It looks like they are taking a page from Hitler and blaming the jews for everything.

I found this story on Camera’s site

Palestians Kill Girl, Blame Israel?

Hamas media.jpg
Hamas and microphones

While Fatah is confiscating material from reporters in the West Bank, Hamas seems to be feeding them lies.

Hamas announced today that an Israeli tank shell killed a 17-year-old girl in Gaza.

Considering Hamas’s history of disregard for the facts, such claims should be treated with skepticism.

Fortunately, instead of taking Hamas’s claims at face value, AP reporter Ibrahim Barzak did what all journalists should, but all too often don’t, do: He dug a little bit deeper, and in doing so, found something interesting. Not only did Israel deny responding to the Palestinian gunfire with tank shells, but Palestinians in Gaza also suggested that Hamas was lying:

Other Palestinians raised doubts about the report that an Israel[i] tank shell was responsible for the blast, noting that reporters were uncharacteristically banned from the area and the family refused to talk to them.

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