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Obama and N. Korea! (Featuring Lil KimJong)

Posted by Glezele Vayne on July 2, 2009


North Korea Warns Barack Obama: “Fire Shower of Nuclear Retaliation” if Provoked [FOX News]

From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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The Infamous Obama Unemployment Graph 2: Obama’s Revenge!

Posted by ghostofsparta on July 2, 2009

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Ah yes, many of us remember this graph from the past month (a copy of which can be found on this site), and here is the updated version with June’s numbers thrown in. Credit is to be given here. Odd, isn’t it, that even with the $1 trillion+ spending that President Obama wanted lest catastrophe strike us, here we are worse off according to his own prediction than we would have been without selling our souls to the Chinese.

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Wait. Somebody Agrees With Me?!?

Posted by Glezele Vayne on July 2, 2009


I have combed the internet for articles indicating the same level of alarm regarding NORK as I suffer. It’s been difficult. Most conservative, and even some liberal sites, were understandably pre-occupied with the protests against the evil regime in Iran. The eclipsing of major news events, such as the wholesale slaughter of Iranian protesters, by the coverage of lurid details surrounding the life and death of Michael Jackson — ad nauseum, has proven that “we  now live in a tabloid culture”. Credit for that insights goes to Dr. Eugene Narrett, who recently spoke on the Tamar Yonah Show, The Distraction Machine.

I have had the unshakable conviction that the North Korean dictator is at least as much of a threat as the Iranian dictators who are now imprisoning (even from hospital beds) beating, raping and executing the precious souls who demonstrated against them. At least as much. Iran could take care of the eastern seaboard, North Korea could wipe out the western seaboard, and then some. Is this not a concern??

I have a question for Barack Obama. Have the Iranians and Kim Jong-il worked out some sort of secret code they’re going to send him if the time comes and they decide to send a missile whistling our way? Because you, Mr. Obama, appear to be very relaxed about all this, like nothing important is really happening.

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs fame has written a piece, published at her site and at The American Thinker. Included here are a few poignant excerpts:

North Korea’s March to War by Pamela Geller

“North Korea has been busy, busy, busy since the election of our weak President. This week, they have sharply increased their war rhetoric. On Wednesday they issued this threat: ‘If the U.S. imperialists start another war, the army and people of Korea will … wipe out the aggressors on the globe once and for all.’ And on Thursday they promised a ‘fire shower of nuclear retaliation’ if the U.S. attacked them. The media is pretending that it isn’t happening, whistling in the dark, but how can anyone avoid noticing that since Obama’s failed policies have been introduced, the evil forces of the world have been unleashed?
“The Pentagon snickered at the North Koreans’ latest threats. Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell, when asked about the North Korean threat to wipe the U.S. off the map, sniffed: ‘I don’t even know how to respond to that. It’s silliness. For what and with what?'”

“However, I do not find these threats to be a bit funny. They bode ill, most ill, for the US’s preventative effect on the malevolent advancement of the axis of evil.”
“It’s hard to know how desperately we will ultimately suffer under this terrible presidency but one thing is painfully clear: the world’s policeman has walked off the job.”

And here is Pamela’s latest on the alarming pace of North Korea’s belligerency — North Korea Test Fires Four Missiles in Four Hours. Why are more people not worked up about this??

It’s not a relief to know we are indeed under as much of a threat as I thought. But, it is a relief to know someone else sees it.

From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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Muslims Selling Children To Taliban

Posted by DJM on July 2, 2009

Is this really any surprise?

For decades, Palestinians have been sacrificing their children for the propaganda war with Israel. Muslims around the world have shown that they prefer death over peace. They slaughter their children in the name of Allah, in the name of Muhammad, for family “honour”, or for the opportunity to reach paradise. Muslims will happily kill or be killed for Islam.

Nothing is sacred. Nothing except one’s own salvation.

The Taliban is buying children as young as 7 to be used as homicide bombers against U.S., Afghan and Pakistani targets, The Washington Times reported.

Baitullah Mehsud, Pakistan’s top Taliban leader, is paying between $7,000 and $14,000 for each child bomber, according to a Pakistani official who spoke to the newspaper with the contingency he not be named because of the sensitive nature of the topic.

The business of child bombers is lucrative in Pakistan where the average per-capita income is about $2,600 a year, the Times reported.

“[Mehsud] has turned suicide bombing into a production output, not unlike [the way] Toyota outputs cars,” a U.S. Defense Department official recently told reporters.

The price paid for the child depends mostly on how fast the bomber is needed and how close the child will get to the target.

A U.S. Defense Department official told the Times children are being kidnapped and sold to the Taliban just to receive the money.


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