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Plan to use a huge bomb blast to divert attention from the electoral coup

Posted by Glezele Vayne on June 19, 2009


From Tehran Broadcast

translated by sherry | source: Harf-e Hesab (blog) originally published on June 18

People’s presence on the streets has surprised the coup leaders. To finish the coup they need to turn things violent and heavily crackdown on protests. But their efforts at this have so far been frustrated by people’s silent presence in the rallies [reference to silent pro-Mousavi rallies]. So in order to divert public opinion and to silence the dissenters and the protesters, they need an incident on the “national security” scale. It seems like it would be ideal if this happens during the leader’s presence in the Friday prayers (on June 20th). In that case, the debate over the electoral coup will be marginalized and the protesters, whether arrested or not, will be labeled traitors and subverters. This would provide the pretext for a very bloody crackdown. This would mean burying the people’s demands and efforts, and wasting the blood of the freedom’s martyrs. This plan should be widely publicized — even if the rumors about it are not a hundred percent reliable — as public knowledge of it can neutralize it.

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