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Jewish Response to the Obama Cairo Speech

Posted by Glezele Vayne on June 11, 2009


From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

4 Responses to “Jewish Response to the Obama Cairo Speech”

  1. James said

    Judaism is the father of Hinduism?

    • elyakatz said


      Far be it from me to correct Rabbi Richman. My guess is, he was referring to the fact that Judaism is the religion that gave birth to other monotheistic religions. His views are his own on that point. Nevertheless, I stand by everything else he said.

  2. Pam said

    I believe the Rabbi said “mother” of other religions meaning the 3 world religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In that context he is right on the mark given the old testament roots of Christianity and the Abrahamic roots of Islam. It is a travesty that men with so little understanding of world history or even the Holy Scriptures, nameley Obama, are now in such high positions of authority and influence over negotiations concerning Israel’s future. To Rabbi Richman I would offer apology for my country’s current president and remind him that there are huge numbers of Americans, namely Christians educated in Israel’s history, who would vehemently disagree with Mr. Obama’s view, but most certainly agree with the Rabbi about Israel’s God-given rights to her homeland. To Rabbi Richman, please know there are multitudes of American Christians praying for the peace of Jerusalem, but not at the cost of her inheritance. G-d bless you for all you are doing there in Jerusalem and all over the world to uphold the line of truth. Even though I am a Christian, I see myself and others like me grafted into the olive tree.

    • elyakatz said


      Rabbi Richman is one of those special Rabbis who really do understand the heart of Christians. He is a very loving and understanding rabbi, very, very caring of the growing Bnai Noah community. He’s been performing weddings for Bnei Noach couples for years. He visits churches in order to share with them the progress towards a return to the Temple Service. He is also a great man of peace, completely trusting in HKB”H to bring about the Third Temple in His time and in His way. It is not going to be a Temple that is built on men’s blood, not like the additions of the Herodian Temple. So, I’m sure he feels your sorrow very deeply. He struck me as being a man who is heartbroken for Israel and for America.

      Though we can’t be excused from doing our part, we can trust HKB”H that this is all a part of His grand design…again, our part is to do our part. We don’t just sit back passively. We are partners with Him in the Redemption, which I think is very near. It might be a rough ride, so be prepared. (spiritually) I read another rabbi’s works, who said the best way we can prepare is not to store food etc. Let go of material security. Give to charity. Do good. Work on our relationship with HKB”H, our relationships with our family and friends, and work on our inner character. We can’t afford to let hatred creep in, even when our enemies might seem to be winning. Fight with absolute resolve, but we cannot afford to let hatred be a part of our characters. It does us no honor to hate. That is for our enemies. Let them lower themselves.

      That’s some of what I’ve been gathering of late.

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