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Geert Wilders wonders what is “The Little Green Footballs” and who is this character Charles Johnson

Posted by avideditor on May 20, 2009

UPDATE: So CJ can not act like Big Brother in 1984 by changing history. Here is a screen shot of his comment.


BTW I do not think JW is a hate site or allies it self with neo-nazis. I just think CJ is libeling Spencer. JW does what LGF used to do. 

CJ seems to have really lost his mind. He is mad that Geert Has not responded to him and he has called Jihad Watch a hate site, If you do not believe me read his comments for yourself. (Warning a link to LGF go at your own risk http://littlegreenfootballs.com/article/33705_My_Email_to_Geert_Wilders/comments/#ctop)


Charles seems to think so highly of himself that he thinks he even deserves a response. This is what I imagine Geert Wilders doing

Geert-LGFHT RIdes a Pale Hourse the creator of the photoshop above and the person that took that screen shot.

3 Responses to “Geert Wilders wonders what is “The Little Green Footballs” and who is this character Charles Johnson”

  1. DJM said

    CJ is a moron if he thinks a non-response is some sort of a personal offense against him.

    I write to lots of people – including Geert – but I rarely, if ever, get a reply. I don’t then automatically assume they oppose what I wrote. I just assume they probably receive more email and letters than they can personally handle.

  2. DJM said

    #105 Kafir, soon-to-be ex-LGFer writes:

    Allow me to point out the (blindingly) obvious. You send an email to Geert Wilders, and he doesn’t respond. There could be any number of reasons for this, though I will guess a one based upon personal experiences dealing with … personalities … out there.

    I am betting that the guy gets, I dunno, a coupla-thousand emails per day. So that he missed responding to you, you could take as

    a) he inherently disagrees with your position

    b) he is pissed at you for the Atlas/Pam Geller bit

    c) he really is a nutcase and wants to extract his pound of flesh from those he believes he should be entitled to.

    or, possibly

    d) He missed your email.

    I’d argue, that of all of these, “d” is the highest probability.

    People who get a great deal of email tend to scan it. Not read it. You have less than 1 second of their attention, as they read only the Subject/author, if they read anything at all. Most filter a page at a time.

    If your email didn’t wind up in his spam folder, if he actually read it … you might not know unless you turned return receipt on, and he enabled sending them. More to the point, he may simply disable return receipt.

    Heinlein once said something to the effect of “don’t attribute to malfeasance that which may be better explained by ignorance”.

    I suspect he ignored an email he didn’t see, or simply missed it.

    CJ felt compelled to respond three times without saying anything. He (CJ) claims there’s more that he can’t mention…


  3. Nanook said

    He sent the email to him in December. What, did CJ dig back through his old “sent mail” folder till he found something that he thought made him look important.

    I am among the legion of the banned, but I’d about stopped going anywhere there except the lounge anyway. That used to be a fine site for those of us who recognize the threat posed by the Jihadis. Now it’s just like watching old people in the nursing home. Cranky, or repeating themselves over and over — and waiting for their time to be up.

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