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“Gun Free Zones” or shooting galleries?

Posted by ridesapalehorse on May 18, 2009

“Restaurant with anti-gun policy saved by a gun”.


If I see a “no guns” sign in any business I consider patronizing, I take my business elsewhere. No way do I want to be in a situation where I cannot defend myself. I am a law abiding citizen, not a target.


3 Responses to ““Gun Free Zones” or shooting galleries?”

  1. bob said

    Live by the gun die by the gun.The good ol’ US of Assholes has to be the most
    hypocritcal nation on the face of the earth.The largest christian country
    by ratio of population in the world and yet people die because they cannot
    afford medical treatment,Decry one nations treatment of its citizens and
    support another with worse human rights abuses,stand idly by while upwards
    of 2 million people are killed in the former Yugoslavia yet jump straight in
    when Iraq,led by a man whom the CIA placed in power invades kuwait,while we’re
    on the subject American and English troops are being killed in Afghanistan by
    weapons the were given to the Taliban by America in the seventies to fight the
    Russians with How very ironic.
    Paranoid War Mongering Idiots

  2. Rose said

    Well – what’s funny is – the people who are so ANTI-GUN here where it is safe – say nothing about every man on the street in the middle east carrying an Uzi.

    KInda like the left is all for gay rights here where it is safe, but says nothing about the leader of Iran’s claim that there are no gays in his country.

    Or those who used to champion women’s rights who say nothing about burkhas and honor killings and beheadings. (And I do say used to because we have now seen how they attack any woman who is a conservative, they are vicious and crude, and lose all sense of reason,)

    Pretty hypocritical, Bob. But in your world, the govt/police/stormtroopers will be the only ones armed, and the only ones who can do anything, is that it?

    Gotta love the tolerant left.

  3. bob said

    Rose,who on earth said I was left I base my opinions on serving my country and what I witnessed whilst doing so and rational thought I also mentioned nothing about the situation in the middle east,I beliveve in cleaning up your own backyard before teling you neighbour how to keep house.My country of birth (England) is now starting to become a smaller version of the U.S
    so I am now living a nation where it is perfectly legal to own guns for home defence but illegal to carry them on the street and i might add less people die each year from shootings than died in the Virginia university killings (not including hunting accidents) and the population is over sixty million,see if you can guess where i live.I also did not say I am anti-gun I hold some myself and would use them in the defence of my home but would not take them to the local store ‘just in case’,if you go expecting trouble you are more likely to find it.

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