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Posted by Glezele Vayne on May 17, 2009


More fun…

Israeli proverb: HKB”H in His mercy, gave us the Arab for an enemy.

Ellie’s proverb: Too much coffee and baklava. Not enough protein as children.

From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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Pakistan seeks aid from U.S. and U.K.

Posted by ridesapalehorse on May 17, 2009


D.O.D. Response:
DOD doc.

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Jailed Teenage Heroes

Posted by Glezele Vayne on May 17, 2009


So, elections don’t work. Israelis voted in “tough on terrorism” Arik…and we got the policies of Yossi Beilin, the Judenrat. (Arik got a living hell.) Nice touch, expelling us during Tisha b’Av. We voted in BB, and we get talk of two-state “solutions”, and easing the lives of the Arabs.

The secular law is broken, non-functional. It honors our enemies and disgraces the very people it has been installed to protect. At such a point in a nation’s history, the only recourse left to the people is civil disobedience. Kol hakavod to these courageous young girls and their equally courageous families.

Congratulations leftists. You called us radicals when we were willing to cooperate. Now, we are not so willing. You thought we were radical. You didn’t know radical. Now we are radicalized.

Allow me to name a few reasons for our radicalization:

  1. Our children murdered on their way to gan
  2. Our young sons, hacked to death, raped & beaten while on a nature hike
  3. Our dead babies who moments before were tasting their first piece of pizza
  4. Our lovely young daughters, their modesty violated by your cruel vindictive police
  5. Our destroyed homes that we gave up for the good of Israel, only to find more Israeli homes under fire,
  6. Now, our enemies take their cues from you, claiming Tel Aviv as a supposedly abandoned Arab village, when we all know it was nothing but sanddunes.

I could go on. But why make myself more sick than I already am?

All these failed policies have radicalized the most moderate and patient amongst us. Do you really think 6 million Jews in Eretz Israel and 6 million Jews in the Golus will sit and watch you dismantle our still newly re-born nation? You’d better hope so, because if you are wrong, then justice will be meted out to those who are responsible for the deaths of our children, the violations, the incarcerations of our innocent children, our soldiers who refuse to obey your illegal orders, our beloved husbands and wives lost to us on the way to the store, or work, the destruction of our homes.

May the Sanhedrin deal with all traitors according to the Torah, b’imhera v’yamenu. Amayn.

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You Want Fascism? Bring on Government Run Healthcare!

Posted by ghostofsparta on May 17, 2009

I am a 24 year old male, so I was only 8 when Hillary Clinton’s famous “Hillary-care” came before congress and the nation. So for as far back as I can remember in my life, there has been a huge debate about whether or not the government should take control of healthcare in our country. Now it should come as no suprise to anyone who has read this site before that I take the conservative, capitalist approach that the government should stay the hell out of healthcare. But, everytime there is a debate about this topic, the whole “rising cost of healthcare!” line comes out time and time again.

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Lag BaOmer 5,769 (May 11, 2009)

Posted by Glezele Vayne on May 17, 2009


Enough of being ticked at Ratzinger. Here’s some fun. Boy, would I have loved to have been there. This video was shot by R’ Tovia Singer. Just found it at WeJew. I was looking for some video footage of David Ben Gurion making his famous Declaration of Independence. Ah, some other time. This is fun.

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From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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Islam Perfects Method To Kill Slaves And Apostates

Posted by DJM on May 17, 2009

And the media is thrilled! Even though Saudi Arabia gleefully touts the many uses, the world is blinded by multicultural tolerance to see the nefarious intent behind this “killer chip” (Emphasis mine):

The tiny electronic device, dubbed the “Killer Chip” by Swiss daily Tagesanzeiger, would be suited for tracking fugitives from justice, terrorists, illegal immigrants, criminals, political opponents, defectors, domestic help, and Saudi Arabians who don’t return home from pilgrimages [Ed: Apostates?].

“I apply for these reasons and for reasons of state security and the security of citizens,” the statement reads.

This is frightening. That Saudi’s would gloat over a device that could be used to kill escaped slaves, political dissenters, and Apostates. In 2009.

The Heavens weep.

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Happy Birthday Friedrick Hayek. Here is “The Road to Serfdom” as a comic

Posted by avideditor on May 17, 2009


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Jihadis Are Funny As Hell

Posted by Glezele Vayne on May 17, 2009


Here’s a few particularly delicious quotes from Sultan Knish on one of the Jewish people’s most effective weapons, shared with with nations for free. Hey, we’re suppose to be a light. So, lighten up everyone.

For more, go visit Sultan Knish. After that, do your patriotic duty, write those satirical posts and make those sizzling, funny and disrespectful videos.

“When Mark Twain said that, “Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand”, he was speaking as part of a long tradition of American humorists who satirized the great and powerfull, who knew that nothing so much cuts a puffed up ego to size and the insecure man hiding behind it, as a well told joke. Islam in our time is the biggest puffed up ego there is. A fradulent religion based on the plagirism of a vicious desert warlord turned into a global empire. There is not one thing new in Islam. Its only claim to power is that it is wielded by men more ruthless and murderous than any other today.”

“We’re not just the resevoir of the world’s talent but its humor too and humor is the ultimate weapon against the balloon that is Islam. Islam can only expand by force. It can’t leverage any real military force against us. Instead it expands by intimidation, by conformity, by deception, by political correctness. It has no defense against laughter. Men who are so insecure they would kill over a stray word here or there, can’t stand up to being laughed at, to being ridiculed, to have their cherished values transformed into a laughingstock.”

“So go on telling those jokes. When the arguments run out and the rhetoric is exhausted, humor can always be fresh and a weapon no one can argue against. Get out your photoshops and make those pictures. Get out your Windows Movie Makers and make those videos. There’s one thing Muslims can’t stand above all else and that’s mockery. It drives them mad and when that happens they show their true face beneath the false polite masks they so often wear, in a way that not even liberals can long ignore.”

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Meir: You Don’t Care About Jews Being Killed

Posted by Glezele Vayne on May 17, 2009


Reported: 13:04 PM – May/17/09

(IsraelNN.com) In an interview with the Times of Malta, Israeli Ambassador to Italy Gideon Meir said that Israel was fed up with getting war in exchange for one-sided concessions, and blamed Palestinian Authority terror with stalling peace efforts. “For 16 years we made concessions, giving up land for peace and peace did not come. The key word is negotiation. This means that the two parties talk and both make concessions. But what do we have until now? Israel gave up land and in return all it got was more war, more terror. We withdrew from Lebanon in 2000 and we got Iran on our borders through Hizbullah, which is its proxy.

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From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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Gravity Will Be Turned Off

Posted by Glezele Vayne on May 17, 2009


Hat tip: Halfdone

The entire story can be found at Steve Blank. It’s worth a few minutes time off from reaming jihadis…

From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz


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