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Happy Mother’s Day

Posted by ghostofsparta on May 10, 2009

The Ghost of Sparta would like to bring you a special Mother’s Day message from Jeff Dunham and Peanut on this day.

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Happy Mothers Day. I thank G-d she was not my mother.

Posted by avideditor on May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day all. I thank G-d she was not my mother. She is a loon.

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AESOP’s Fables

Posted by DJM on May 10, 2009

The Frog and the Scorpion

A scorpion and a frog meet on the bank of a stream and the scorpion asks the frog to carry him across on its back. The frog asks, “How do I know you won’t sting me?” The scorpion says, “Because if I do, I will die too.”

The frog is satisfied, and they set out, but in midstream, the scorpion stings the frog. The frog feels the onset of paralysis and starts to sink, knowing they both will drown, but has just enough time to gasp “Why?”

The scorpion replies, “Its my nature…”

Peace FAQ adds a liberal slant to the ending:

“Yes,” thought the frog, still puzzled that frogs and scorpions should think and act differently, after all, they are both small creatures of the forest. “Maybe I said or did something to anger him…?!”

And World Security Network adds a modern, Israel versus Islam and the world media twist:

First, in the new version the scorpion declares that he will sting the frog without any doubt. But the frog agrees to take the scorpion because he is encouraged or intimidated by onlookers’ remarks on onlookers—“What! You won’t take that poor scorpion on a ride? What kind of imperialist, racist aggressor are you?”

Second, after the duo drowns, the next day newspapers run the following headlines:

“Frog in Unprovoked Attack on Scorpion!”

“Cycle of Violence Continues”

“Frog Uses Excessive Force on Scorpion Civilian”

Damn frogs.

(Cross-posted at Al Salibiyyah)

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