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Hamas Calls to Kill All the Jews — again. Don’t they ever get tired of this?

Posted by Glezele Vayne on May 8, 2009


Yeah. I know. Bee-Oh-Are-Eye-Enn-Gee —- boring….

I have heard this same sermon soooo many times…y-a-w-n. Don’t these guys ever write anything original? Do they get paid to repeat this stuff Friday after Friday after Friday? Honestly fellas, it’s starting to lose it’s punch.

Aside from the fact that these sorts are genocidal maniacs who probably have to wipe the froth off their rabid, salivating mouths every few minutes… looks like an easy life.

Who’s the guy filming this and handing it over to PMW? Now that would be interesting. Oops. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything. The guys in the mosque probably didn’t figure that part out yet, they’re so busy planning our mass destruction and all.

One thing I think is so funny is how scandalized these Imams are that “it’s in the Jews’s nature to hate Islam.” Duh. I mean, you Muslim clerics are always demanding the murder of every last one of us, citing it as your religious duty soooo — what do you expect?!? Sheesh. Is it unreasonable of us to not want to be murdered? Why is this difficult to figure out? I mean, if you just once said something nice, but no, you’re always going on and on about how evil we are, how we all deserve to die and stuff.  You guys are like the “Energizer” killer bunnies or something. Do you ever eat, sleep, play with your kids, go for a stroll? Chill out.

Man, where’s a grumpy face when I need one? I cannot for the life of me…oh, better not use that expression, well, I can’t  figure out how to import those emoticon grumpy faces to WordPress. But I would put one right HERE if I could.

It’s long been a pet theory of mine that the big problem with much of Islamic culture is that y’all don’t enjoy some of the finer things in life. Your idea of fun is to drink coffee and eat baklavah. No beer, no wine, no music, and only extremely limited contact with women. That would put anyone into a hypoglycemic fit, not to mention a very bad mood.

You see, happy people typically don’t go around wanting to kill people. Moderate alcohol use, laughing with your wife, even flirting with her, or listening to some good Chuck Berry is actually relaxing and calming. Sugar and coffee will just get you all hopped up and ticked off.

Did you know Hitler was a suspected hypoglycemic? Yup. Every time he’d only have a danish and some coffee for breakfast, he’d invade a country.

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