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Just sayin’

Posted by ridesapalehorse on April 25, 2009


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Second American Revolution Speech

Posted by Glezele Vayne on April 24, 2009


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From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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Laughing Your Head Off At Islam

Posted by DJM on April 24, 2009

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The Silent Exodus Of One Million Jewish Refugees

Posted by Glezele Vayne on April 23, 2009


Yet another refutation of the false claims of Mahmud Ahmadinejad. The Arab world is as guilty as any of the nations of the world in driving the Jewish people to the inevitable conclusion that we had to reclaim our sovereignty in our historical homeland. The proof is so easy to find and would be admissible in any court of competent jurisdiction.

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Ahmadinejad’s Speech at Durban II

Posted by Glezele Vayne on April 23, 2009


Mystery rainbow wigged protesters toss clown noses at Ahamadinejad

The walk-out, front view

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President Obama weighs in

Ahmadinejad’s reaction to walk-out

Full Speech

True Face of UN – Previous Ahmadinejad Speech

UN Anti-Semitism

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Summary of Durban II Ahmadinejad Speech & World Reaction

Notes taken while listening to Dejected Megalomaniacs on Arutz Sheva with Malkah & Yishai Fleisher.

  • At least 30 countries including all EU countries left until Ahmadinejad’s speech was over.

  • The BBC said it was a PR disaster for the UN.

  • The Czech Republic left permanently.

  • Those who remained applauded his remarks.

  • According to Yishai Fleisher, a well known professor of Middle Eastern studies that he spoke with said the speech was a PR disaster for UN and Ahmadinejad. He was supposed to look cool and level-headed instead of a like nut. Instead, the opposite happened.

  • He received a hero’s welcome when returned to Iran. Supporters who met him at the airport chanted “Death to Israel”.

  • A Swiss lady from Geneva, who participated in an organized demonstration against Ahmadinejad at Durban II, was interviewed on the show. She reported that at the end of the conference, only 6 representatives remained, mainly Arab representatives. This question comes up at about 17:22.

Some nations who’s delegates participated in walk-out

1. Austria

2. Belgium

3. Bulgaria

4. Cyprus

5. Czech – left permanently

6. Denmark

7. Estonia

8. Finland

9. France

10. Greece

11. Hungary

12. Ireland

13. Latvia

14. Lithuania

15. Luxembourg

16. Malta

17. Portugal

18. Romania

19. Slovakia

20. Slovenia

21. Spain

22. Sweden

23. St. Kitts & Nevis

24. United Kingdom

Nations who boycotted the conference completely

Source: The Huffington Post







New Zealand


United States

From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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Larry King Interview of Ahmadinejad

Posted by Glezele Vayne on April 23, 2009


I have been watching Ahmadinejad carefully, in several settings. Though the man says outrageous things, his manner is not that of a madman. I mean, watch Hitler…the ranting and raving should have been the first clue. I can’t decide if he is delusional, naive and/or grossly misinformed (perhaps a stooge set up by other more powerful men within Iran) or a skillful liar.

The Interview

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Ahmadinejad at 17.47

“The Zionist regime is an uninvited guest. It is an occupier….I’d like to ask you, if someone comes and occupies the United States, as American people, would you give them any rights, or would you force them out?” Read the rest of this entry »

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THIS DAY April 23

Posted by Shiva on April 22, 2009

By flooding the streets of their enemy with heroin, the Jihadis hope to addict and kill our youth, destroy society and cause massive social problems.

The drug trade has helped Islamist terrorist organizations recruit new members by citing drug abuse they have inflicted as an indication of Western degeneracy, and then, as a justification that such corrupt societies should be destroyed.

“We are making these drugs for Satan America and the Jews. If we cannot kill them with guns, so we will kill them with drugs.”

April 22 2009: New York, USA . Prosecutors unveiled new charges Tuesday against an Afghan man accused of conspiring to finance Taliban terrorist activities. Haji Juma Khan was charged with narco-terrorism, conspiracy to fund and financing terrorism in a superseding indictment unsealed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan. Khan, 55, was handed over to U.S. officials by Indonesia and brought to the United States in October.

He initially faced a single charge of conspiring to distribute narcotics with intent to support a terrorist organization. U.S. authorities say he is among the first defendants to be prosecuted under a 2006 federal narco-terrorism statute.

Since 1999, Khan has led an international opium, morphine and heroin trafficking group that arranged to sell morphine base, an opium derivative that is processed into heroin, in quantities as large as 40 metric tons — enough to supply the U.S. heroin market for two years

Heroin addicts are not victims, as the true victims of heroin addiction are only the innocent men, women and children of Afghanistan and Iraq who are being blown up, killed and left limbless by Islamist terrorist bombs funded by the heroin trade in the West

The other victims of heroin are young soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan against those Islamist terrorists who are being blown up and shot by weapons funded by heroin grown in Afghanistan, smuggled into the West via Pakistan, Albania and Turkey and sold in the West.

Heroin addiction is tantamount to treason, as the Taliban and Al Qaeda cannot operate without the money from heroin.

The old response to heroin addiction was to treat the addict as a victim and see the problem only in relation to the individual. The time has come to deal with the issues of who is bringing the heroin into the West, how they are bringing it into the West and why the governments have not targeted those communities who they know are primarily responsible for bringing drugs into the West.

The Western Goverment rewards the Islamists growing and smuggling the heroin into the West, it allows the Islamist terrorists to make fortunes from heroin smuggling to fund the jihad, it enriches the moslem gangsters in the West who smuggle it into Europe and America and it rewards the junkie and punishes the victims of their crimes.

While heroin flow through the veins of junkies

Blood flows through the streets of Afghanistan

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THIS DAY April 22

Posted by Shiva on April 22, 2009

Todays Khutba خطبة (Islamic prayer sermon)

Al-A’raf 7:80-82
We also (sent) Lut: he said to his people: “Do ye commit lewdness such as no people in creation (ever) committed before you?

“For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds.”

And his people gave no answer but this: they said, “Drive them out of your city: these are indeed men who want to be clean and pure!”

The Quran forbids any sexual relationship other than in a marriage between a man and a woman. Many homosexual men and women claim that they are born with their sexual preferences and that they have no choice. Although this point is very much in dispute in the medical world, it has no support in the Quran. Even then, irrespective of the nature of homosexuality, this matter would not affect the laws spelled out clearly in the Quran .

We know that this life is a test. Everyone of us has his/her own test. For example someone may be born blind, but that person is expected to live his/her life according to God’s law. Others are born poor, short, tall, weak, missing fingers, having big nose…etc but all of them are expected to follow God’s law. Some men or women may never marry in their life, or spend part of their life without a spouse. As per the Quran they still have to live a chaste life and avoid any sexual contacts outside a marriage. They have to suppress their sexual feelings to follow God’s law. It is a major test and not an easy one for many. Only those who submit to God will do everything they can to follow His law. They know that their salvation and eternal happiness rests in doing so.

Since God condemns homosexuality, then we have to believe that a man or a woman with homosexual feelings is expected to behave like any other human being and follows God’s laws if he/she truely believes in them. He/she shall resist his/her feelings , maintains abstinence , use all available resources of help including medical, social and behavioral therapies to overcome their behavior and feelings. They should pray to God to help them getting over it and submit to God’s law that sees homosexuality as gross sin

The end result for not giving up homosexuality was the destruction of entire cities

Hud 11:82-83
When Our decree issued, We turned (the cities) upside down, and rained down on them brimstone’s hard as baked clay, spread, layer on layer.

Marked as from thy Lord: nor are they ever far from those who do wrong!

Bodies of 7 Gays in Baghdad

Iraqi Militia Killing Gay Men with Painful Anal Glue Torture

Buoying the theory that it’s the “anal sex” part of being gay that really infuriates homophobes, Iraqi militants are reportedly gluing shut the anuses of suspected gays. Repeat: Gluing shut their anuses. With a glue so resilient, you need surgery to remove it.

April 22, 2009: Baghdad Iraq. Translated from the news network Al Arabiya:
A prominent Iraqi human rights activist says that Iraqi militia have deployed a painful form of torture against homosexuals by closing their anuses using ‘Iranian gum.’ … Yina Mohammad told Alarabiya.net that, ‘Iraqi militias have deployed an unprecedented form of torture against homosexuals by using a very strong glue that will close their anus.’
According to her, the new substance ‘is known as the American hum, which is an Iranian-manufactured glue that if applied to the skin, sticks to it and can only be removed by surgery. After they glue the anuses of homosexuals, they give them a drink that causes diarrhea. Since the anus is closed, the diarrhea causes death.
Videos of this form of torture are being distributed on mobile cellphones in Iraq.’ According to this human rights activist, for the past 3 weeks a crackdown on homosexuals has been going on based on a religious decree that demands their death; dozens have been targeted. She says that the persecution of homosexuals is not confined to the Shiite clerics.

Some Sunni leaders have also declared the death penalty for sodomy on satellite channels.

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Jewish Resistance Against the Nazis

Posted by Glezele Vayne on April 22, 2009


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THIS DAY April 21

Posted by Shiva on April 21, 2009

Pakistan acquiring the latest equipment and technology to combat the growing threat of militancy.

April 21 2009: Pakistan’s interior ministry has said that almost 1,400 people have died in terrorist attacks in the country over the past year.The information was provided in a written report made available to parliamentarians on Friday.
Pakistan has seen a massive increase in such attacks since 2007.
Most of the victims have been from attacks that targeted the security forces, although many of those killed were also civilians.
Pakistan’s government has handed out 201.5 million rupees ($2.5m) in compensation to the victims.
This is the first time such comprehensive data has been generated in Pakistan about terror attacks.
According to the data, property worth 2.4616 billion rupees was destroyed in the attacks.
The interior ministry said the government had taken a number of steps to curb the rise.
The report said funding had been increased in security forces training and recruitment.
It said the government was also acquiring the latest equipment and technology to combat the growing threat of militancy.

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Justice & Restitution: John Demjanjuk, Polish & Eastern European Property Claims

Posted by Glezele Vayne on April 21, 2009


Once again Arutz Sheva has outdone themselves. I encourage everyone observing this solemn day, Holocaust Remembrance Day, to select some educational programs, radio shows, or to read articles at Arutz Sheva on this most serious and important topic. They have the best on the net on this subject, in my opinion.

The one radio show I’ve listened to today is hosted by Ben Bresky, who filled in for Tamar Yonah on the weekend edition, April 19th. The first segment covered John Demjanjuk, a convicted Nazi war criminal. The Israeli standard for the death penalty is much higher than America’s, “beyond all doubt” rather than “beyond a reasonable doubt”. Thus, Demjanjuk couldn’t be sentenced to the death penalty in Israel, but his conviction as a Nazi war, as Ivan the Terrible of Sobibor and Treblinka, stands. His conviction as a Nazi war criminal stands in the United States as well.

Demjanjuk currently resides in the Seven Hills area of Cleveland, Ohio, a reputedly Nazi sympathizer hold-out, with a high Ukrainian immigrant population. Certainly not all residents in this area sympthize with the likes of John (Ivan) Demjanjuk, but Ukranian words of symathy can be heard in this area — words admitting knowledge of this man’s guilt, words of support for Ivan the Terrible of Sobibor and Treblinka. Germany is seeking his extradition.

The second segment of the radio show covers restitution of Polish and other Eastern European property to disenfranchised Jewish owners or their heirs, who lost their property during the Holocaust.

The link given for more information is Polish Legacy. Victims and their heirs are successfully prosecuting these property cases and winning back ownership of their property. Make the criminals pay for their deeds. Money can’t be accepted for the murder of a human being, but certainly property crimes can be prosecuted and restitution can be made.

Justice, properly executed, serves as a significant deterrent to future would-be thieves and murderers.

Ellie Katz

From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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THIS DAY April 20

Posted by Shiva on April 21, 2009

TODAY 20 April 2009
At Last Not a skinhead demo
At Last Not a leftard demo
At Last Not a Racist demo
At last a demo where people are beginning to wake up

And before any leftard starts with the usual pigshit that this was a racist demo take a look at frame 3:04

Officers said it was illegal to stage the protest in Luton where extremists were allowed only last month to shout abuse at troops home from Iraq.
Riot police with horses and dogs sealed off the town centre before scuffles broke out and several of the 200 demonstrators were arrested.
Last night onlookers accused the police of “breathtaking double standards”.
Sean Smith, 32, said: “I saw one guy who shouted ‘let us march’ and a policeman whacked him with his truncheon and knocked two of his teeth out.”
Organisers of the rally claimed they had intended a peaceful protest march to object to the council and police’s failure to stop hate-filled Muslims ruining last month’s Army parade.
But they were confronted by lines of riot police and penned in for two hours.
When some burst through the police ring several were hit with truncheons as frightened shoppers ran for cover.
Upholsterer Rodney Fletcher, 37, said: “The police were far too heavy-handed. It seems if you’re Muslim you can do it, but not if you’re white.
“We didn’t come for violence and the police reaction is bang out of order.”
A police spokesman said: “Police will support anybody who wishes to hold a protest if it’s held in line with public safety.
“An individual applied for permission for last month’s Muslim protest and it was granted.
“But this was an illegal protest because no one had applied for permission.”

This is demo that they did not want

The recent Luton demo that was to take place on Saturday 28th March in support of our armed services and to protest against Al Qaeda in Britain was cancelled at the final hour by almost everyone who was involved in it.
The local papers were filled with the story stating that the planned march had been hijacked by fascists, and right wing extremists. If that was the case then, there would have been nothing anyone could have said to have stopped it from going ahead.
These supposed fascists and right wing extremists were just normal everyday people who were willing to take to the streets of Luton in support of British troops and to protest about what’s going on in the town and country with regards to militant Islam.
It seems that the ‘establishment’ would like to call everyone who wants to demonstrate against militant Islam within Great Britain as fascists, so the wider community who learn of these events whilst sitting on from afar do not get a clear picture of the true reality of what is really going on, on the ground.
Call them all ‘fascists’ and ‘right wing extremists’ and the people will believe that’s what we all are, when they don’t take the time to look at the reasoning behind our actions.
People are now starting to wake up and question the reality that now surrounds them, and what they are being told, rather than just believing the lies that cover the truth. They now see that the police and authorities are not on their side, but on the side of the ethnic minority extremists who spew their bile and hatred towards them.
Our British English community which is the ‘silent majority’ is not allowed to take to the streets to demonstrate and voice our opinions about what is going on in society, but the militant Moslems now living in our country are.
Work that one out, “the wider Luton non-Moslem community, and those from further afield watching the proceedings”.
As stated above, the local papers were filled with the story stating that the planned march had been hijacked by fascists, and right wing extremists.

Please clip on image to see some alarming facts

We see the Unite Against Fascism and Searchlight,s Hope not Hate spreading their bile, and claiming outside force will be using violence so as to hinder luton to return to its usual state of harmony. I other words is submit to the moslems and behave like little dhimmis

Luton was harmonious before the moslems arrived, and it wont be harmonious until they are gone

Now one more alarming Item within the news clip

In the top left hand corner it mentions MP Speaks Out After PC Henry murder trial ends
Luton police lost one of their officers last year, and last week saw his murderer sentenced to life imprisonment, with it being all over the front pages of the local news bar the Herald which is the most widely distributed, where their front page was about the demo. This showed how serious the police were taking this event that was about to unfold, for them to have had that on the front page of the paper instead of the murder of one of their officers.

It was announced yesterday that the killer of PC Jon Henry has been sentenced to at least 25 years in a secure mental hospital. This is (very nearly) a sensible sentence, at least in comparison to the kind of short terms which are normally handed down.
However, to me, this case is even more tragic than it would be – because PC Henry should still be alive. He is not only dead because of a violent criminal, but also because of Britain’s completely failed immigration policy and attempts to control its own borders.
Ikechukwu Tennyson Obih PC Henry’s killer, is a paranoid schizophrenic (Islamic syndrom) from Nigeria. He arrived in the UK in 2000, applied for asylum, and was granted indefinite leave to remain.
His symptoms began to get worse in 2005, exacerbated by alcohol and cannabis abuse, and he was prescribed medication. However, when he went to visit his father in Africa in 2006, he was advised to pray to stop taking the pshyciatric medication and use olive oil instead.
Upon his return to Britain his condition deteriorated further, and he found himself begging.yet he was able to own a car, which he wanted to park, but got into a row with window cleaner, Stephen Chamberlain, who was stabbed in the back by Obih in a row over the latter standing in a spot in which the former wished to park his car.
He kept having delusions and strange dreams, although his psychiatrist insists he was not in the middle of a psychotic episode at the time of the attack.
The night before he went on the rampage in Luton town centre, Obih had apparently had a dream in which he could kill a man just by touching him.

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For Every Problem There is a Solution

Posted by Glezele Vayne on April 21, 2009


“Buy Moew From Jews Campaign Underway” in Germany

From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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New Iranian Hitler Israel Hate Speech Durban 2009

Posted by Glezele Vayne on April 20, 2009


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Obama, Closet Epicurian

Posted by ageofpericles on April 20, 2009

Crossposted From Age Of Pericles

Epicurian Disciple Eats Government Coffers

The philosophy of Epicurus is commonly summed up in the phrase “Eat, drink, and be happy, for tomorrow we die.” Though that passage is actually an amalgamation from Ecclesiastes (8:15) and Isaiah (22:13), it’s one way of interpreting Epicurian teachings. The Obama administration superficially clings to pretensions of fiscal responsibility, but in reality, pecuniary hedonists run amok in the halls of the White House. Freehandedness in the “New Age of Responsibility” is prevaricated away by fingerpointing- “…we’re inheriting very knotty problems…”, for example. All budgetary ills are tossed at the feet of the Bush administration. That excuse is quickly losing its bite, as evidenced by his latest economic speech, entitled “A New Foundation”, at Georgetown University. He slipped and slid into a particularly important admission.

The speech itself was fairly standard campaign fare, replete with logically fallacious appeals to unnamed economic authorities and one-sided assignation of responsibility. Particularly troubling was his riff on the Hippocratic Oath in reference to preemptive nationalization:

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Sweet Home Jerusalem Rock Hit

Posted by Glezele Vayne on April 20, 2009


So much news, so little time. But in the midst of the serious news, the kind that has us all concerned, I couldn’t resist adding this particular video to the day’s repertoire. Rabbi Lazer Brody and friends are an oasis of Emunah and encouragement to all who have the ability to absorb their message.

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Hamas LA Rally Long Live Hitler Jews to the Ovens

Posted by Glezele Vayne on April 20, 2009


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Farewell to Israel Shock Trailer

Posted by Glezele Vayne on April 20, 2009


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THIS DAY April 19

Posted by Shiva on April 19, 2009

April 19, 1775, British Major Pitcairn told about a hundred American colonists: “Disperse, you villains! Lay down your arms!” When the colonists refused, the first battle of the American War for Independence began.

April 19: is also the anniversary of Paul Revere’s ride to warn townsfolk that the British were coming.

It is also the date of at least two other major incidents in our country’s collective history: the siege at Waco

April 26, 1993: Waco Massacre one of the most brutal acts of domestic state repression and mass murder in US history.
FBI agents, backed by “observers” from the US Army’s secret Delta Force commando unit, attacked the house occupied by the followers of the religious sect after a 51-day siege. The combat-equipped agents used tanks to punch holes into the structure and then pump in tear gas. A fire that quickly swept through the compound killed most of victims, but a number were shot to death.
While the Clinton administration’s Justice Department claimed that the deaths were the result of a “mass suicide” and that the Branch Davidians had set the fire themselves, survivors of the massacre denied this, blaming the federal assault force for the killings. The tanks, they said, had crushed propane and fuel containers, which were then ignited by tear gas grenades fired by federal agents into the compound.
Federal authorities, led by Attorney General Janet Reno, repeatedly denied that any pyrotechnic devices were used in the siege that could have caused the fatal conflagration. More than six years after the massacre, however, the FBI was forced to admit that it had indeed used explosive munitions capable of starting the fire

David Koresh, the leader of the Branch Davidians and one of those who died in the siege, combined predictions of imminent apocalypse with hostility to the government. In its theological tenets, the sect was not far removed from other Christian fundamentalist currents that were cultivated by the right wing of the Republican Party under the administrations of Reagan and the senior George Bush, and remain a key element in the limited social base of the administration George W. Bush today.
The followers of the Koresh group, drawn from several countries, were themselves largely apolitical, if socially disoriented, individuals. Whatever their beliefs, however, there was not a shred of evidence to justify the murderous actions undertaken by the Clinton administration.
The massacre was carried out ostensibly to serve a search warrant related to firearms violations. No one in the compound was accused of committing any violent crime before an abortive paramilitary raid by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) in February 1993 that left four BATF agents and six Branch Davidians dead.
This raid led to the 51-day siege that ended with the incineration of the compound and most of its inhabitants. Claims floated by the Clinton administration that the group was abusing children or involved in drug trafficking proved to be fabrications. The principal purpose of the assault was to uphold the authority of the state. The decision was taken to make an object lesson of the Branch Davidians, whose essential crime, as far as the Clinton administration was concerned, was defying the government.
Waco became a rallying cry for the extreme right and militia groups. Timothy McVeigh chose the second anniversary of the massacre to carry out the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City.
April 19, 1995: In a terrorist attack American politicians don’t want linked to Islam, but is, a truck exploded outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City. A total of 168 people, 19 of whom were children, were killed in the blast. Falling debris and burns injured 600 additional Americans.
The inspiration, strategy, financing, staffing and technical support for the terrorist attack came from Muslims in the Philippines with links to Pakistan, Iraq, and Egypt. The principle instigators were the Abu Sayyaf Group in the Philippines and Egypt’s Islamic Group led by the bind Islamic cleric Sheikh Abdul Rahman and his Pakistani disciple, Ramzi Yousef.
That is not to say that neo-Nazis weren’t involved. They were. The reason for this marriage of fascists and jihadists is that Nazism and Islam apart from time and place are indistinguishable doctrines. Karl Jung was asked if he had any views on what was likely to be the next step in religious development. He answered: “We do not know whether Hitler is going to found a new Islam. He is already on the way, however, and he is just like Mohammad. The emotion in Germany is Islamic; it is warlike and jihadists. They are all drunk with their wild god. That might be the future of religion.”

Has justice yet to be served in the Oklahoma City bombing

With the fiery deaths of Branch Davidian cult members burning inside McVeigh and the Nichols’ brothers, their outrage and anger at the government became all encompassing. The anti-government and anti-Semitic teachings of the radical right were eagerly embraced by the three men. As McVeigh traveled around the country meeting other like-minded people, Nichols made several trips to the Philippines, the first of which was reported to be financed by Timothy McVeigh.
Speculation about Nichols frequent travels to the Philippines has run rampant since the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building. And it was some time after the bombing before the pieces to the puzzle started to emerge with a connection. The Philippines have long been a hot-bed for terrorists and fundamentalists activities – especially the island of Mindanao. It has been noted that Terry Nichols made several trips to the Philippines in the early 90’s. It has also been noted that Terry Nichols spent some time in Mindanao. Kelly Patricia O’Meara, among others, of Insight Magazine, reported that Terry Nichols was witnessed attending a meeting on that island and that also present in that meeting were Ramzi Yosef, Abdul Hakim Murad and Wali Khan Amin Shah.
Ramzi Yosef was the mastermind behind the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, , while Murad and Shah, also involved in the 1993 bombing, were convicted in 1996, for conspiring to blow up 12 airline jets. It was reported that the subject of the meeting centered around bombing activities and building bombs.

Around the same time that the plot to bomb the Murrah Federal Building was being formulated, a group of Al Qaeda operatives had been sent to the Philippines for the purpose of planning and carrying out an operation known as “Bojinka.” The plot called for terrorists to plant bombs on 11 U.S. bound planes, all of which would detonate simultaneously over the Pacific. During phase II of the plot, one or more planes would be hijacked and flown into prominent USA landmarks such as the CIA building, the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. This plot was to be carried out on January 21, 1995 – the exact date that Nichols’ visa to the Philippines was to expire. The Bojinka plot was broken up on January 6th when some flammable bomb ingredients caught fire in the safe-house of Yosef. Ramiz Yosef escaped and fled the country along with Khalid Shaikh, the reported “mastermind” behind the attacks of September 11th.

Not only was Nichols seen in the company of those plotting the Bojinka move, but while he was spending time in Cebu City where his wife Marife Torres was attending classes – Ramzi Yosef was also in Cebu City visiting friends who were attending the same university. Timothy McVeigh’s defense attorney attempted to bring these facts before the jury during the McVeigh trial – but the court ruled against admitting the evidence.
While it may seem incomprehensible to the lay reader that those from the racist right would engage in activities with those from the Middle East, it is really not all that outrageous. There are two unifying factors which come into play when evaluating such an association.
First would be their omnipotent hatred of the Jews. We witnessed this “coming together” recently during the “War on Terrorism.” Early on, the National Alliance, EURO, Aryan Nations and assorted neo-Nazi skinheads joined in the anti-war movement. Piggy-backing onto the left-wing movement, they developed websites, passed out literature and attempted to march in anti-war parades carrying their banner of “No War For Israel.” Their web presence was replete with pictures of Iraqi women and children and a plea for the “innocents.” All of this had nothing to do with their compassion for the Iraqi people – a people who they would shun at best and murder at worst. But, it had everything to do with their hatred of Israel and the Jewish people.
The other unifying factor is their deep and abiding hatred of the United States government. Any act which results in sending a message or incapacitating the government of the United States is frequently met with applause and kudos from the right-wing extremists. This was evidenced best by the salutations offered by the racist leaders after the attacks of September 11th. Additionally, Dennis Mahon, the neo-Nazi leader of the Oklahoma cell of White Aryan Resistance, was, at one time, on the Iraqi payroll for his staging of anti-war rallies during the Persian Gulf War. In an appellate brief filed by McVeigh’s defense attorney, Stephen Jones, we can find the following statement:

“The defense believes that there is credible evidence that a conspiracy to bomb federal property, very possibly the Murrah Building, is centered in Elohim City and the persons described which are associated with Elohim City, but that the technical expertise and possibly financial support came from a foreign country, most likely Iraq, but possibly Iran or another state in the Middle East. Dennis Mahon has admitted publicly to received money from Iraq, approximately once a month. According to Mahon, the money started arriving in 1991 after he began holding rallies protesting the Persian Gulf War. .

Although the defense has no direct evidence linking Suspect A with Iraq, there is evidence indicating an indirect connection between Suspect A and Iraq through the militant Posse Comitatus group in Kansas.

As the materials for bomb making were gathered, Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh were seen in contact with men of Middle-Eastern origin. They were witnessed together not only in the Philippines – but in the United States, as well. In November of 1994, it is alleged that Terry Nichols robbed a gun-dealer acquaintance of Timothy McVeigh – Roger Moore. The robbery netted cash and guns. According to reports, Nichols left for Las Vegas directly after the robbery. His ex-wife, Lana Padilla was residing in Vegas with their son, Josh. While there, Nichols hid the cash in Lana’s house and left a note to be opened only if he did not return from the Philippines by January 28th – two days after the Bojinka operation was to be carried out. The note contained instructions for his death. The note also specified that in the event of his death all cash and valuables were to be sent to Marife who was at that time already in Cebu City. There was also a cryptic message for McVeigh, saying “Go for it. As far as heat, none that I am aware of.” The note also contained instructions for retrieving the fertilizer which Nichols had placed in storage.
Nichols returned a week before his 60 day visa expire and began house-hunting in Kansas, settling in Herington. He indicated to McVeigh that he did not want to be directly involved on the day of the bombing, but reportedly traveled with Tim to Oklahoma City on April 16th, Easter Sunday, to scout out the building and get-away plans. By all accounts, Terry Nichols remained at home on April 19, 1995.

Hearing his name on TV as a suspect in the bombing, Terry Nichols turned himself in to police on April 21st.
Terry Nichols was found guilty of “manslaughter” largely because the evidence presented did not place him at the scene of the crime and was inconclusive when it came to how much assistance he gave in the actual mixing of the bomb. He is now facing first degree murder charges brought by the State of Oklahoma and the trial will be held later this year. Recent findings and developments, however, concerning the inept investigation of the FBI into the white supremacy and Middle-Eastern connections of McVeigh and Nichols, as well as what appears to be a grand-scale cover-up on the nature of the bomb(s) found at the site might very well color the outcome of that trial.

In the wake of the inept handling of surveillance and information surrounding the horrendous attacks of September 11th, much of America has grave concerns over our federal agencies and their abilities to investigate and protect the citizenry from terrorist attacks. The mishandling of evidence, the unmistakable cover-ups, and the inefficient investigation into the perpetrators and conspirators of the bombing of the Alrfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, was the precursor to the events of September 11th.

Justice has yet to be served in the Oklahoma City bombing

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Moses Rap – A Pesach / Passover Music Video

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From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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