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Larry King Interview of Ahmadinejad

Posted by Glezele Vayne on April 23, 2009


I have been watching Ahmadinejad carefully, in several settings. Though the man says outrageous things, his manner is not that of a madman. I mean, watch Hitler…the ranting and raving should have been the first clue. I can’t decide if he is delusional, naive and/or grossly misinformed (perhaps a stooge set up by other more powerful men within Iran) or a skillful liar.

The Interview

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ahmadinejad at 17.47

“The Zionist regime is an uninvited guest. It is an occupier….I’d like to ask you, if someone comes and occupies the United States, as American people, would you give them any rights, or would you force them out?”

Rebuttal: Israel was created along with other Class A mandate nations, namely, Iraq, Syria, Jordan & Lebanon.

From Wikipedia

The Class A mandates were:

  • ‘Mesopotamia’ (United Kingdom), 10 August 19203 October 1932, which became the independent kingdom of Iraq.
  • ‘Palestine’ (United Kingdom), from 25 April 1920 (effective 29 September 192315 May 1948). In April 1921, ‘Transjordan’ was incorporated as an autonomous area under the mandate.[13][14] It eventually became the independent Hashemite Kingdom of Transjordan (later Jordan) on 22 March 1946. Following the termination of the remainder of the Palestine mandate, most of the territory became part of the State of Israel, other parts, until 1967, forming the West Bank of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Egyptian-occupied Gaza Strip and small slivers of territory east and south of the Sea of Galilee held by Syria.
  • ‘Syria’ (France), 29 September 19231 January 1944, including ‘Lebanon’; Hatay (a former Ottoman Alexandretta sandjak) broke away from it and became a French protectorate, until it was ceded to the new Republic of Turkey. Following the termination of the French mandate, two separate independent republics were formed, Syria and Lebanon

Ahmadinejad at 22.24

I’ve heard a lot (sic) that unfortunately, a group of people are trying to infuse the idea among the American people that Iran even wants to attack the United States, that Iran is a violent country…These (sic) are all false propaganda. Where have we ever attacked?”

Rebuttal: Jewish Virtual Library

“Argentina’s Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires was the sight of the first explosion, a car bomb, on March 17, 1992. The bomb killed 29, and injured over 250. Among the victims were Israeli diplomats, children and clergy from a church located across the street, and other passerby. The investigation of the case was assigned to Argentina’s Supreme Court. It was not until July 18, 1994, that the case again received serious attention. On that date, the AMIA Jewish community center in Buenos Aires was bombed; 87 people were killed, and over 100 injured. Judge Jose Galeano was assigned to investigate, but, like Judge Levene, he made little progress. Later in 1994 came the first of several breakthroughs in the embassy bombing case. Six Lebanese and one Brazilian, arrested for operating a drug cache, were found to be members of Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed Lebanese terrorist organization. The Argentine government announced that the men were tied to the embassy bombing. After several days, however, the suspects were released due to a lack of evidence.”

Ahmadinejad at 23.52

“Please pay attention to the fact that the Zionists are not Jewish people. They have no religion. They have no religion. They’re neither Jews, nor Christians, nor Moslems. They just wear a mask of religiosity…How can you call yourself a religious person and kill women and children?”

Rebuttal: Following are a few Sbarro Pizzeria suicide bombing photos. Hamas, which claims to be performing the Islamic religious duty of jihad against the infidels (Jews) is a proxy of Iran. Hamas took responsibility for this bombing.

The 16th Victim; Shoshana Greenbum's unborn baby. This was Shoshana's 1st baby. She was an only child.

The 16th Victim; Shoshana Greenbum's unborn baby. This was Shoshana's 1st baby. She was an only child.

Rebuttal: How can a person call themselves religious and celebrate the deaths of women and children?

These women look like "religious" Muslims to me Mr. Ahmadinejad. Are they not celebrating the deaths of innocent women and children? Or are "Zionists" not only lacking in status as Jews, but as humans to you?

Re-enactment of the Sbarro Pizzeria bombing at Al-Najah University in Nabus, West Bank

Al-Najah University Exhibition of Sbarro Pizzeria Bombing

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ahmadinejad at 25.50

“Let’s assume that it (the Holocaust) happened the extent of which everyone is speaking of. Where did it happen? Did it happen in Palestine? Or did it happen in Europe? If it happened…in Europe, if the crimes were committed in Europe, why should the Palestinian people be victimized as a result?…Why pay from the pocket of some other people?…The Palestinian people had no role in that crime. They’re innocent completely.”

For doubters: Photographic Evidence of the Nazi genocide against the Jewish people. Source of these and other Holocaust photos: Shamash — Archives of the Holocaust – Edited by S. Milton and R. Klemig, Garland publishing inc., NY and London, 1990. The photos were scanned and comments written by Daniel Keren (dkeren@world.std.com). HTML and graphic format conversion by: David Rosenthal


Part of a report detailing murder of Jews in the Nazi occupied Baltic states and White Russia by Einsatzgruppe (special action unit) A, submitted at February 1, 1942. There were four such "Einsatzgruppen" who carried out the massacres of Jews in the Soviet Union.


German soldiers on the way to Poland. The inscription on the railway car reads: "We are going to Poland to strike at the Jews". On the left, an antisemitic drawing of a Jew.


A mass execution of Jews in Nazi occupied Soviet Union


A pile of the victims glasses at Auschwitz


A mass grave in the Belsen camp


Children subjected to medical experiments in Auschwitz


Scenes of horror at Nazi concentration camps, were people were subjected to medical experiments


A report from Himmler to Hitler, listing 363,211 Jews murdered in the Nazi occupied Soviet Union during August-November of 1942.


A letter asking for a truck to bring Zyklon-B to Auschwitz; uses the standard camouflage term "resettlement of Jews" to refer to extermination. Another such document asks for "material for special treatment" - another term used to disguise extermination (more on these terms in our file of Nazi documents).

Rebuttal: Video evidence with sworn affidavits by U.S. military personnel attesting to overwhelming evidence of acts of genocidal murder. This video was filmed immediately after Allied liberation of the death camps

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“The Palestinian people had no role in that crime (the Holocaust). They’re innocent completely.” Ahmadinejad in his interview with Larry King

Rebuttal: Photo (one of many easily found in books and on the internet) of Haj Amin al-Husayni shaking hands with Hitler.


Rebuttal: Video of Husayni with Hitler, as well as Muslim SS troops. Husayni has been labeled the father of modern Jihad, as well as the major impetus behind the importation of Nazi genocidal views towards Jews to the Arabs of the Middle East.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Larry King at 31.55

“Do you think relations between the two countries, the United States and Iran, can get better?”

Ahmadinedad’s response

“Definitely so. I want to remind you that the United States cut its relations with us unilaterally, as a means to place pressure on us. Maybe the politicians back then in the United States thought that with the severance of ties, Iran will die or that it will be weakened. But as you know, this didn’t happen…It was the United States that cut ties with us, not us.

Ellie’s response

Agreed! Ahmadinejad is absolutely correct on this count. Thanks a lot Jimmy Carter. By departing from the wise (Democratic) Truman Doctrine, and betraying our loyal ally, Iran and it’s leader the Shah, we nor only suffered with the hostage crisis at the American Embassy in Iran, we now have even worse dictators in place in Iran, the mullahs, and this man, who seems to sincerely believe in his “messianist” mission.

Carter didn’t benefit his countrymen nor did he benefit the good people of Iran in any way. Though the Shah was an autocrat, certainly not an ideal leader, I encourage those readers who are not familiar with it to read and learn about the Truman Doctrine. It had it’s deficiencies, but it was by far a preferred strategy over the legacy of Jimmy Carter. Read the works of Professor Alan Dershowitz and you will learn what motivates Carter.

More links on Hamas and the Sbarro Pizzeria suicide bombing

History of Hamas Murderous Attacks by Hillel Fendel

JPost Report shortly after Sbarro Pizzeria bombing

We Should Not Forget – Memorial Site to the Victims of Terror

What They Say vs. What They Do by David Bogner of blog Treppenwitz

Announcement of the recipients of the P.A.’s highest medal

Ahlam Tamimi. Tamimi received 16 consecutive life sentences for her role in the Sbarro massacre.

Ynet Article on Tamimi by Raanan Ben-Zur

The Malki Foundation

From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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  1. amir said

    All documents are fake and are related to another problem.

  2. elyakatz said


    So let me get this straight. You are claiming that all the documention I’ve posted above is fake?

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