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THIS DAY April 21

Posted by Shiva on April 21, 2009

Pakistan acquiring the latest equipment and technology to combat the growing threat of militancy.

April 21 2009: Pakistan’s interior ministry has said that almost 1,400 people have died in terrorist attacks in the country over the past year.The information was provided in a written report made available to parliamentarians on Friday.
Pakistan has seen a massive increase in such attacks since 2007.
Most of the victims have been from attacks that targeted the security forces, although many of those killed were also civilians.
Pakistan’s government has handed out 201.5 million rupees ($2.5m) in compensation to the victims.
This is the first time such comprehensive data has been generated in Pakistan about terror attacks.
According to the data, property worth 2.4616 billion rupees was destroyed in the attacks.
The interior ministry said the government had taken a number of steps to curb the rise.
The report said funding had been increased in security forces training and recruitment.
It said the government was also acquiring the latest equipment and technology to combat the growing threat of militancy.

Hobbling to Paradise

April 21, 2009: Herat, Afghanistan man packed explosives into his artificial leg and detonated inside the compound of an Afghan provincial governor today but managed only to kill himself.
The bomber hobbled into the heavily guarded compound of the governor in the western city of Herat and exploded his bombs after police fired at him, deputy provincial police chief, Delawar Shah Delawar, said.
“Today a suicide attacker, a disabled man who placed his bombs in his artificial leg, was able to enter the governor’s compound. He exploded himself after our police fired at him,” he said.
“The only casualty was the bomber.”
Chief Delawar said intelligence reports tipped off authorities about a possible suicide attack on the compound, which houses the provincial governor and other government entities.
The blast took place about 500m from the governor’s office.
The explosion shattered windows and scattered body parts of the attacker, including shards of his artificial leg,

I got the munchies

April 21, 2009: Damascus, Syria — It’s the “latest thing,” Abdullah Hayek says, holding the garment up. It’s an almost nonexistent bra and thong, which consists of strings and a tiny triangle. It’s made, not of fabric, but of sugar fondant, which has been rolled out until it is wafer-thin, held together with elastic cords.”This allows the husband to nibble the underwear off of his wife’s body,” explains Hayek.The garment, which costs the equivalent of about $3.90, is available in a selection of flavors, including pineapple, apple, honey, chocolate and mango. “I probably sell 15 of them a day,” said Hayek.The Hamidiyeh souk in Damascus is without doubt one of the best markets in the Arab world.
Naturally you can find carpets, crafts and kitsch being hawked to tourists within the maze of alleyways. But the majority of customers are Syrian. They push through the souk by the thousands, buying washing powder in one alley and dishes in another — and, at the intersection where the lingerie merchants sit, they buy sexy underwear.”It all started about four or five years ago,” says Hayek.
His grandfather was a merchant too, selling underwear — still chaste in those days — to women. But then Syria got wired. “Ever since people started going to Internet cafes, and seeing what the rest of the world is wearing, demand has completely changed,” says Hayek.
Damascene women at first asked bashfully for “special designs.” Now the fruits of the Internet-fueled imaginations of Syrian designers are displayed in the open.

Warning there is a serious down side

As sugar is a favorite food of yeast, it is advisable to avoid contact between sugar and the vagina, or the woman may risk a yeast infection ( Candida albicans). When edible underwear will be touching the vagina, care should therefore be taken to ensure it does not contain sugars.

There is also danger to the edible underwear eater- as there are food illnesses related to eating something that has touched the anus.

Here is one Bra that are not likely to have in stock
The backgammon bra

April 21, 2009: Kirkuk Iraq. Iraqi security forces have arrested four children who were allegedly part of a group of youngsters being groomed by al-Qaeda to become suicide bombers, an Iraqi army general said.
The children, who were detained in a village near the northern city of Kirkuk, were part of a cell known as the “Birds of Paradise” and were being specially trained to avoid detection as they carried out attacks, security officials said.“Special forces units have arrested an organisation of children consisting of four individuals under the age of 14 who call themselves the ‘Birds of Paradise’,” said General Abdelamir al-Zaidi, the commander of the Iraqi army division in Kirkuk. “The group relies on children and is connected to al-Qaeda.
It works to recruit children and young people to carry out suicide attacks and to aid the terrorist groups in detonating roadside bombs.”
Al-Qaeda groups have previously used Iraqi children to carry out attacks on US and Iraqi security forces, even using them in one instance as a cover to sneak a car bomb past a Baghdad checkpoint before detonating the device with the youngsters still inside.

Boys injured during illegal home circumcision

April 21 2009: Solna Sweden. Astrid Lindgren children’s hospital has raised the alarm again after a persona illegally circumcised children at home.
The Health and Welfare board withdrew permission for the suspect to perform circumcisions already in 2007, but recently two boys came to the hospital with serious injuries. “This person must be stopped.
It’s urgent,” says Maria Hansson, a lawyer at the board of Health and Welfare.
The Board suspects that since the name is the same, the man who was reported is the same person who two years ago lost his permit for conducting circumcisions at home. The man doesn’t have a Swedish medical certificate, but in special cases individuals can get permission to conduct the operation, but not on boys older than two months.
The two boys who were now injured are significantly older, born in 2001 and 2004. As a result of their injuries, which rose in connection with the circumcision, they were forced to undergo operations at the Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital. The case has now been turned over to the police
Marie Hansson says that what he did was illegal and now it’s up to whether the parents are ready to testify against the man.
Patrik Lillqvist, inspector at the City police investigative team, says that the man is suspect of breaking the law of circumcision of boys, and alternatively of abuse. He will soon get in contact with the parents.
“It’s always pressured when children are involved.
In addition, children don’t remember as much as adults, so we must talk with them while they can tell what they’ve been through.”
In August 2007, the suspect lost his permit for performing circumcisions. Then too it was the Astrid Lindgren Children’s hospital which reported the man when the doctors didn’t think the operation was performed professionally. The investigation concerned six boys who were older than two months.
Four or five of them got an infection after the operation, which was conducted in the boys’ home.
In two of the cases the circumcision wasn’t done properly. The Board sees it as especially serious that the man didn’t see to pain treatment by a certified doctor or nurse.
The custom of circumcising boys is very widespread among both Muslims and members of the Jewish community. Since Stockholm doesn’t offer the operation, the parents are referred to private clinics and the pressure is great.Since the suspect man lost his permit there are no individuals within the Muslim community how are allowed to perform circumcisions.
There are, however, within the Jewish community. Maynard Gerber, Jewish circumciser or “mohel”,circumcised many Muslim boys in the past year.
“Last year there were 15-20, compared with 3-4 a year before that.” “It isn’t so surprising.
The Swedish medical services didn’t arrange it in a good way for Muslims. The should also have access to competent circumcisers everywhere in Sweden.” “But I never do it on boys older than two months.
There’s a big difference in doing the operation on a small child and bigger boys. For older boys the operation should absolutely not be done at home, but in a hospital.
It requires a different technique, and it requires stitches. For infants the wounds heal without stitches.”

Muslim Gang Beats Sikh for Defending Woman

April 21 2009: London Britain. A CANADIAN student has quit Britain after being beaten up by four thugs in London’s violent East End.
Student Amit Ahluwalia told police he was returning to Toronto to “live in a safer country” after being punched to the ground in a fast-food takeaway.
But now the thugs who waylaid him and another student are behind bars after appearing in court.
Amit was one of four students including two women out for the evening from Queen Mary London University college campus at Mile End.
He tried to protect the women who the gang were molesting before rejoining his friends in a takeaway.


The gang armed themselves with bottles and stormed in after them screaming they were going to kill him.
He fell to his knees and waited for what he described were “continuous blows from bottles and fists to his head,” said prosecutors at Snaresbrook crown court.
Mr Ahluwalia, who has now returned to Canada, said in a statement he still suffers headaches and panic attacks from the “furious and repeated attack.”
He told cops before leaving for Toronto: “I would like to return home and live in a safer country.
“I keep thinking I will encounter these four again and they will kill me.”
His friend was attacked with a bottle during the incident at the takeaway before police arrived.
The four arrested, all Asians in their 20s from Whitechapel, Bethnal Green, Stepney and Poplar, admitted causing an affray and were each jailed for 13 months. Three had criminal records and one a police caution.


April 21 2008:
Pakistan, Jamrud. – Two local security personnel are gunned down in a brutal ambush by dozens of Islamic fighters.
Iraq, Baqubah. – A female suicide bomber kills four Iraqis.
Iraq, Mosul. – A teenager is among three civilians cut down by militant Sunnis.
Somalia, Guda. – Islamic militias attack a small town, killing four local defenders.
Afghanistan, Kandahar. – Six local policemen are murdered in an attack on their checkpoint by religious extremists.
Somalia, Baidoa. – A government official is assassinated by Islamic terrorists.
April 21 2007:
Thailand, Pattani. – Three Thai soldiers are killed when local religious extremists set off a bomb.

Gaza, Judea and Samaria (Palistine), A Palestinian man moves a table at the American International School after militants blew up part of the school in Gaza causing damage but no injuries, Palestinian security sources and witnesses said.

Iraq, Kirkuk.– Holy Warriors storm a family home and murder two children and their parents.
Iraq, Khalis. – Eight tortured bodies are found, four of who are beheaded in the Islamic tradition.
Iraq, Baghdad.- A bomb on a bus is among at least two Mujahideen attacks that leave thirteen civilians dead.April 21 2006:
Afghanistan, Maiwand. – Six policemen are killed at their post by Taliban extremists.
India, Cherwan. – The Mujahideen murders a civilian outside his village.
India, Kishtwar. – A civilian is gunned down by the Mujahideen.
India, Gool. – Two transportation employees are shot to death on the job by Muslim radicals.
Iraq, Baghdad. – The bodies of eight men, bound and executed, with signs of torture are found in two locations in the country.
Iraq, Baghdad. – A baker and two bakery workers are murdered in two separate attacks by Islamic fundamentalists.
Iraq, Baiji. – In a heinous act, Islamic terrorists kidnap six off-duty policemen from and murder them.
April 21 2005:
Iraq, al-Taji. -Yelling “Allah Akbar” Islamists bring down a civilian helicopter with a missile, killing ten. The lone survivor is helped to is feet, then shot to death.
Iraq, Suwayrah. – Women and children are amply represented among the more than fifty bodies pulled out of a river after having their throats cut by Islamist kidnappers.
Thailand, Narathiwat. – A man is murdered by Muslims while driving to work.
Saudi Arabia, Mecca. – Saudi Islamists kill two Saudi policemen.April 21 2004:
Iraq, Basra. – Five suicide bombings kill sixty-eight people, including eighteen children who burned to death in their school bus. More than one-hundred other civilians were injured in the “Holy Warrior” blasts.
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. – al-Qaeda suicide bomber blasts his way to Allah, taking six others, including an 11-year-old girl, with him in the car bomb explosion. One-hundred and forty-eight innocents are injured.
India, Udhampur. – One civilian is killed in his home (Doda), another abducted and later shot dead. Muslim militants also cut off the ears of two other people for participating in the elections.
April 21 2003: Pakistan, Karachi. – A physician succumbs to injuries suffered in a sectarian attack.

On This Day in Before 9/11

April 21, 1998: In the Philippines, Abu Sayyaf’s gang of Islamic barbarians beheaded 3 people on Basilan Island.
April 21, 1996: A bomb exploded in a hostel popular with foreign backpackers in New Delhi, India. The device was constructed of 50 pounds of explosives. A total of 12 tourists were killed in the blast and 40 others were injured.Two Islamic terrorist groups vied for credit, but authorities blamed the Jammu and Kashmir Islamic Party of Holy Warriors.April 21, 1995: A tow truck driver was killed when a bomb exploded inside a car he was removing from an Istanbul car park for a left-wing newspaper and the Iranian Consulate.-
April 21, 1995 : A Palestinian Muslim from Jordan crossed the border into Israel and attempted to kidnap an employee at the Dead Sea Works. The Palestinian was wounded in a gun battle with security guards.April 21, 1989: A vehicle bearing U.S. diplomatic plates was firebombed in Islamabad, Pakistan.April 21, 1982: Mercenaries paid by Carlos the Jackal exploded a truck bomb outside the French embassy in Vienna, killing an Austrian policeman who was guarding it. He was trying to illicit the freedom of his murdering partner, Magdelana Kopp.
April 21, 1980: In Switzerland, Israeli security agents foiled a plot to blow up an El Al jetliner when they found a bomb in the luggage of a German who was booked aboard a flight to Tel Aviv. The bomb was connected to a timing device. A spokesman for Israel said in Tel Aviv that it was believed terrorists placed the bomb in the German’s luggage without his knowledge. Israel had warned its citizens to be alert to possible terrorist attacks, as Israelis were celebrating their Independence Day.April 21, 1973: A Philippine Air Lines Hawker Siddeley HS-748 carrying 33 people crashed near Patabangan after a bomb exploded.April 21, 1970: A Philippine Air Lines Hawker Siddeley 748 crashed near Manila after a bomb exploded in the aft cargo hold. The crash killed all 36 passengers and crew.

11 Responses to “THIS DAY April 21”

  1. Ron Low said

    “For infants the wounds heal without stitches.”
    – – – – –
    Ugh. For infants, circumcision wounds heal haphazardly in soiled diapers. See Spotting
    Circumcision Damage in Adults
    to understand the very common horrific side effects of infant circumcision.

    Adult circumcision yields vastly superior outcomes, with input from the victim, and the victim in control of his own pain management.

    Foreskin feels REALLY good. HIS body, HIS decision.

    • elyakatz said


      Absolutely false. I’ll bet some former residents of Shchem would take serious issue with these claims…if they could.

      I’ve had lots of experience in this area. Babies recover within a day or so, feeling no pain often by the next day. Older children and adults often suffer for weeks or months.

      Interestingly, when a baby is circumcised on the 8th day, naturally occurring vitamin K levels are at their highest, which minimizes the chances of excessive bleeding, the pain level — sans medication — is also much reduced at this age, healing quickly. Again, I have personally witnessed the difference.

      The wisdom of the Torah once again.

      That’s okay. If the goyim don’t circumcise their sons, and we do, and if we ever have to go to war with said goyim, the unsanitary conditions common to wartime will render these uncircumcised goyim incapacitated quickly.

      Hehehe…again, the wisdom of the Torah works on our behalf, or on the behalf of anyone, Jew or Gentile, who chooses to trust in it.

      We do the Torah because HKB”H has asked us to, and that is enough for us. Having said that, the Rambam has pointed out the logic and health benefits of the Torah, and of course, most especially for the soul.

      • shiva said

        I could be called pro-Israeli/Jew, but there are two issues that disturb me, one being the religiously sanctioned vile practice of circumcision, the second being called “goyim”

        There is no point in debating with me on the issue of circumcision, I find the practice repulsive, that is that, and there is nothing you or anybody can say say will change my mind.

        As for “goyim” it maybe used within Hebrew innocently, but when used in English it takes on a whole differnt meaning, much in the same way as kuffar,nigger or the derogatory antisemitic epithet “Yid”.

        • elyakatz said


          My family calls each other “yidden” all the time, and “yid” playfully. Goyim simply means nation. I meant no harm. In the Tanackh, the term is also used to refer to the “nation” of Israel.

          I don’t ever intend to offend anyone by using this term, but naturally, if the Jewish people were at war with a given nation, we might not be feeling too friendly, and so, might not use the term lovingly.

          I do not think less of anyone because they are from the nations. On the contrary, the Jewish people have a mission to serve not only HKB”H, but the nations as well.

          I have an extremely high level of respect for all the cultures and peoples of the world. Since we believe the righteous peoples among all nations have a place in the World to Come, we are very interested and open to different cultures. We see no need to change other people or convert them to Judaism.

          You can take the term “goyim” as a pejorative, or you can read it and hear it in your mind the way I mean it, as well as the matter-of-fact manner in which it is used in the Scriptures. The choice is yours. It doesn’t approximate “nigger”…shiksah maybe, not goy.

          As for circumcision, I have one story to tell, then I will let it drop. I have a relative who was in the Korean war. He knew a man who had never been circumcised, rare in America in those days. Sanitation simply could not provide for what he needed to keep himself clean. He begged the doctors to circumcise him…he had to be circumised, as he was infected. He took months to recover.

          Female genital mutilation is practiced, primarily by Somalian Muslims, but it is not a requirement of Islam. It is in no way necessary, even in unsanitary circumstances and is not related in any way to infant circumcision. In fact, it is incorrect to call femail genital mutilation anything other than female genital mutilation or female genital excision.

          If you ever read the barbaric way in which female genital mutilation is accomplished, it has more of a resemblance to slowly raking off a limb with no anaesthesia (usually of a 4-5 year old child who has no clue what she is about the undergo) than it does infant circumcision.

          Westerners are removed from the advantages of infant circumcision due to our advanced sanitary services. But if, for some reason, we found ourselves returning to even slightly more primitive conditions, the benefits of already being circumcised would become painfully obvious.

          Apart from the physical benefits of circumcision, there are certain basic requirements of Judaism that are not open to debate from men, neither Jew or non-Jew. Circumcision is one of them. Circumcision is basic to Judaism. Jews have died to preserve the practice of this Mitzvah.

          • shiva said

            When a gentile use Yid it has very strong antisemitic undertones, even though in Hebrew it is innocent, especially in Britian.

            From what I understand Goy means nation where as Goyim means gentile or none-jew. When used outside of Hebrew it does become negative.

        • avideditor said

          Only to the anti-semites is yid a derogatory word. I use the word yid to define myself and other Jews all the time. I no not mean it in a derogatory way.

          Male circumcision has been proven by science to increase ones health and lifespan, it is preformed in most western hospitals for that reason. I am against circumcisions that are preformed my unqualified people that cause lasting permeant damage, as I am sure you are. But there are certain facts that a well performed male circumcision increased the life span of many.

          The term goy or goyim is not like the n word. It is not used as an offensive word to my knowledge. I am sure that word has been used in the past as a derogatory word but it is no way like the n word. It is like equating a well preformed male circumcision with a “female circumcision”

          Judaism embraces the lives of our followers and respects the lives of non believers. When the jihadis say they love death as much as we love life they are saying that in a contrast to cultures and core beliefs.

          I know you are a smart person and read alot. I am not denying that some wakco Jews did terrible things through out history. It is just much less from what I know compared to all the other major religions, which often find a convenient scapegoat in Jews.

          • shiva said

            It is okay for Blacks to use nigga amongst themselves, but as soon as a white uses it, we do not have wait long before we hear cries of racism.

            If I started replacing in my writings Yid instead of Jew then it will not take long before I am attacked for being anti-jewish. Yid in English is best not to be used.

  2. shiva said

    I a gentile like to regard myself pro-Jewish and Israel friendly, so I regard both Yid and Goyim as negative terms.

    • elyakatz said



      Context is everything. My post was meant as a sharp reminder, to politically correct people of any tribe in the world, that some of the more misunderstood tenets of Judaism have valuable, practical applications, and they can be applied by anyone, Jew or Gentile (some people get offended by that word too, so some Jews have resorted to the term non-Jew) who cares to learn from the Torah.

      “Nigger” has no positive use, it is always a pejorative. Black people can choose to use the word if they wish, but in my opinion, it’s always in poor taste. Yid is just Yiddish for Jew, and so it depends on context. The same with goy. It can be used pejoratively, but I was not. We’re not going to agree on this. I don’t toss the word “goy” around everywhere, but in my comment, it was appropriate.

      How appropriate is it to call a central tenet of Judaism “disgusting” or “barbaric”, when Jews do not go around missionizing non-Jews, don’t insist that non-Jews must circumcise their sons, but only continue to resolutely practice Judaism as it has always, from the beginning, been practiced?

      BTW, babies diapers are kept pristine when they are healing from their circumcision, the diaper is wrapped loosely and changed at every urination. Newborn babies are not known for many “blow-out” diapers, the tips of their penises are kept wrapped in gauze with a bit of lubricant such a vaseline on it. All care is taken to make sure healing is done under optimal conditions.

      To express disdain for circumcision is certainly allowed in the marketplace of ideas, but the non-Jew who chooses to tackle the subject from a disdainful perspective is advised to understand that to suggest we discontinue this Mitzvah is to suggest we discontinue existing as Jews. A boy joins the Jewish people as a full member of the nation at the moment of his Bris Milah. We do not observe 613 suggestions. They are commandments.

      • elyakatz said


        For everyone’s consideration:

        Date: 04 Dec 1992 14:51:46 -0500 (EST)
        From: Seymour Axelrod
        Subject: Terms for non-Jews

        As I was growing up, I understood “sheygets” to be an INoffensive term for “young non-Jewish male”, and “shikse” likewise inoffensive for “young non-Jewish female.”

        Apparently, I either misunderstood then, or am misremembering now, or my relatives (who were ideologically and fiercely, almost aggressively, non-racist) were peculiar in their usage. In any case, “goy” was used inoffensively for men, and “goye” [U. Weinreich gives “goyete” as an alternative] for women.

        Shleyme Axelrod


        So, in some circles, some locations, coming from some people, in some contexts, some terms are considered pejorative. I was not using the term “goyim” in the pejorative sense, but in a matter-of-fact sense, unless one wants to consider the possibility of Jews going to war against goyim in and of itself “pejorative”. It’s certainly not a positive thought, and Heaven forfend such a scenario.

        I rescind my assertion that “shiksah” is sometimes a pejorative. This too, is merely a matter-of-fact designation of a given young woman as a non-Jew.

        The thing to realize is this: To antisemites, the very notion that the Jewish people define themselves as a separate people/nation with a separate mission in the world, chosen by HKB”H to accomplish a specific task — this alone is offensive to them.

        And so, they pick on our words. Whether or not specific words, our language, culture, religion or how we define ourselves or others are meant to be offensive or not is besides the point to an antisemite. We exist, therefore we piss them off.

        And so, the average, rational non-Jew who reads that a given passage of the Talmud, or a given word is a pejorative, should consider the source. If you read that sort of thing on an antisemitic site, be advised. It is a twisted, dishonest source.

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