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THIS DAY April 18

Posted by Shiva on April 18, 2009

TODAYPakistanis love humanity

April 18, 2002: Lahore, Pakistan. Pakistanis love humanity and live in accordance with the golden principles of Islam, Governor Salmaan Taseer said on Thursday.
The governor was talking to an eight-member Indian delegation during their reception at the Governor’s House. Bangalore-based journal Dalit Voice’s Editor Raj Shekhar was the delegation’s supervisor.
The governor said Pakistan was of extreme importance because of being the only democratic country in the Muslim world. He said the people wanted to resolve all issues with India in an amicable manner to set the grounds for a long-term partnership that could lead the neighbouring countries to prosperity.
Taseer said Pakistanis were tolerant and progressive people who had special sympathies toward downtrodden and deprived people. He said late prime minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto stood up for the people’s rights just like Dr Bheem Rao Umbedkar did in India. He said President Asif Ali Zardari had offered each and every school of thought to join the national mainstream to ensure no one was victimised from the political system. He said those who opposed the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) were now demanding the restoration of the 1973 Constitution.
Guests: Raj Shekhar said 1.2 billion Indians wanted the establishment of friendly ties with Pakistan. He said terrorism was not a hot topic of discussion in India, adding that only some leaders of the ruling party pointed fingers at Muslims when confronted with the roots of terrorism. He said the Indians did not agree with those who termed Muslims as terrorists, as there was a clear distinction between the two.
He said Dalit consisted of about 20 percent of India’s total population. He said Dr Umbedkar spread the message of love in the Indian society, which he said was not spreading it across the globe.
Remember Pakistanis love humanity

April 18, 2002: Lahore, Pakistan. A newly married woman was murdered by her brother-in-law in the name of ‘honour’ in Kahna Police precincts on Thursday.
The 18-year-old victim was identified as Shamim Bibi. Her in-laws alleged that she had developed an illicit relationship with another man from the neighbourhood.
They said she eloped with the man on Tuesday, after which elders of both families interfered and handed her over to her legal husband, Nawaz Ali, on Wednesday.
Her brother-in-law, Azam, shot her to death. The victim’s father, Rasheed Ahmed, said he was not informed of the incident at night, adding that her life could have been saved if she was rushed to the hospital.

Asperger’s victim viciously assaulted

April 18, 2002: Rochdale, Britain. A man with Asperger Syndrome was left with a fractured arm after a vicious and unprovoked assault in Rochdale.
The attack happened outside the Wellfield Surgery at the junction of Woodbine Street and Oldham Road, where the victim was knocked to ground by a punch to the face and then kicked repeatedly in the head while he lay helpless on the ground.
The 44-year-old victim had just been to the Costcutters convenience store at about 7pm when the offender ran up behind him and launched the unprovoked assault.
A brave civilian chased the offender down Oldham Road onto Crawford Street but they could not catch him.
The offender is described as Asian moslem between 18 and 25 years old, about 5ft 6in to 5ft 8in tall and of average build. He was wearing a black hooded jacket, baggy dark blue jeans with a white logo on one pocket and trainers.

On This Day Since 9/11

April 18, 2008:
Afghanistan, Uruzgan. – Islamic radicals kill two Dutch soldiers, saying that it is in retaliation for Fitna, a Dutch movie alleging a violence problem within Islam.
Afghanistan, Logar. – Three civilians are killed by a Taliban roadside blast.
Pakistan, Parachinar. – Four young men are murdered by suspected Mujahideen in two separate attacks.
Yemen, Saada. – A government official and two others are shot to death by suspected Islamic militants.
April 18, 2007:
Iraq, Baghdad. Sunnis slaughter nearly two-hundred Iraqi civilians, mostly Shia women and children in multiple bombing attacks. Some victims were burned alive in vehicles.
Thailand, Yala. – A 44-year-old civilian is shot off of his motorcycle by Muslim radicals.
Turkey, Malatya. –Three Christians working at a Bible distribution company are brutally tortured and murdered by local Islamists. All three had their throats cut.
Somalia, Mogadishu. – Islamic militias rain down mortars over a residential area, killing three civilians.
Iraq, Baghdad. – Twenty-two bodies are found here and elsewhere, some of which were beheaded by Islamic radicals.
Thailand, Narathiwat. – Islamic terrorists shoot a 52-year-old civilian to death
April 18, 2006:
India, Sildhar. –The Hizb-ul-Mujahideen abduct two civilians from their homes and murder them in captivity.
Iraq, Baghdad. – Four civilians are killed when Muslim terrorists detonate a roadside bomb.
Iraq, Yusufiya. – Islamic radicals kidnap, torture and kill four young men.
Thailand, Yala . – Islamists kill a 24-year-old man on his way to work by shooting him multiple times in the chest.
Iraq, Baghdad. – Seven people are blown apart in a cafe when Islamic radicals place a bomb under a chair. At least twenty others are injured.
Iraq, Baghdad . – Fourteen victims of execution are found in the same neighborhood, and five elsewhere, over the last two days.
Pakistan, Faisalabad. – A Shia cleric and his driver are shot to death by radical Sunnis.
Pakistan, Mirali.- Islamists kidnap and behead a civilian.
April 18, 2005:
Thailand, Narathiwat. – Radical Muslims gun down a man sitting in a tea shop.
Somalia, Mogadishu. – Suspected Islamists open fire on a Swedish humanitarian aid vehicle, killing an aid worker and injuring two others.
April 18, 2004:
Thailand, Sungai Padi – Railway worker shot and killed by Muslim separatists while he was on his way to work.
April 18, 2003:
Eritrea, Bisha. – British geologist murdered by Eritrean Islamic Jihad. The same group also took credit for a landmine attack in February that killed five Eritrean soldiers on routine border patrol.
India Hadipora – The bullet-riddled body of a fruit merchant is found two days after he was abducted.
Sri Lanka Kattaiparichchan – Muslim grenade attack against civilians at a protest rally leaves two dead and fourteen injured.
April 18, 2002:
India, Dooru. A civilian is abducted and killed by Islamic terrorists.

On This Day in Before 9/11

April 18, 2001: In Nigeria, Islamic terrorists belonging to the Hisba group destroyed several hotels in Christian districts that were suspected of selling liquor. Islamic Northern Nigeria had recently imposed Sharia, which is oppressive religious law.
As a result, the government had begun enforcing the prohibition of alcohol by investigating establishments and burning the liquor stocks of confirmed purveyors.
Hisba became the name used to collectively refer to gangs of Islamic fundamentalist vigilantes in Northern Nigeria who oversaw the imposition of Sharia, in the region. After years of violence between different Islamic religious groups, the Nigerian central government allowed the Northern part of the country to adopt strict Islamic law.
In Sharia states, the Hisba gangs were authorized to reprimand, arrest, and even beat Nigerians caught violating the law. Punishable offenses include drinking or selling alcohol, having premarital sex, soliciting a prostitute, speaking unfavorably about Islam and Sharia, and speaking favorably about more progressive alternatives.
Hisba vigilantes also ensured that the buses in Northern Nigeria were segregated by gender. Although the methods of the Hisba were often violent and arbitrary, the military and police forces turned a blind eye towards their abuses. Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo was afraid to interfere in either the Sharia controversy, or Hisba inforcement, because of the potential for even more violent consequences.-
April 18, 2001: In Kosovo, a bomb placed underneath a vehicle exploded outside the Yugoslav government offices in the center of the capital, Pristina. It killed one person and injured four others.-
April 18, 2001
: In the Philippines, Mayor Teodoro Hernaez and his security guards were shot while he was delivering a campaign speech. The same day, gunmen attacked a police officer in Nueva Ecija, killing his daughter. The following day, another political candidate, Bong Bulalacao, was shot while speaking in Camarines Norte. Oscar Gomez Torralba, a mayoral candidate, was assassinated in La Paz Town.April 18, 2000: Islamic Indonesia was a violent place. Today eight people were killed and 18 were injured when two IEDs were deployed against a guard post at a fertilizer plant – an ingredient in the creation of truck and car bombs. Soldiers, security guards, and civilians were among those injured. This incident comes amidst at least two weeks of violence in the province and attacks on both civilian and military targets.
April 18, 1996: Islamic jihadists unloaded their assault rifles on a group of Greek tourists outside the Europa Hotel in Cairo. These Muslims murdered 18 people and injured 15 others. The attack was claimed by al-Gama’a al-Islamiya—the Islamic Group.
These jihadists must have been disappointed in finding out that their victims were not Israelis, which would have earned them double jihad points with Allah.
A Hamas member wielding an ax attacked passengers on a Jerusalem bus. He was shot by Israeli police after hacking two passengers to the point of death.May 18, 1993: One Israeli soldier was killed and another was wounded by pro-Iranian mujahideen in southern Lebanon.
April 18, 1991: An Iranian dissident who was opposed to the clerical Shia regime of the Ayatollah Khomeini was stabbed to death in Paris. He had been the treasurer of former Iranian Prime Minister Bakhtiar.April 18, 1988: Black September claimed responsibility for bombing a municipal building in Amman, Jordan. The BSO alleged that the building was being used by “Jordanian intelligence agents.”
April 18, 1987: Two Finnish UN peacekeepers were abducted by Hizballah as the jihadists were retreating from the Southern Lebanese Army. It was later leaned that Allah’s Party had originally planned to use the Finnish base as a refuge.
April 18, 1986: The attempt by five Libyan Muslims to bomb a U.S. officers’ club in Ankara was foiled by Turkish police. One of the suspects carried a bag filled with grenades and other explosives. The incident occurred on a Friday night when the club was full of American families who used the dining facilities.
There was speculation that the Libyan Ambassador to Turkey coordinated the attack. He had a long history of involvement with Libyan terrorist operations, including the assassination of Libyan dissidents residing in the U.S. Three of the five Libyans charged were protected by diplomatic immunity and could not be prosecuted.
April 18, 1983: A car bomb exploded in front of U.S. Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, destroying the building and killing 60, including 17 Americans. More than 120 others were badly wounded in the blast.April 18, 1982: The French embassy in Vienna, Austria was bombed. A daily newspaper received a call from a man who claimed credit for the bombing in the name of the Islamic Revolutionary Group.April 18, 1980: In Lebanon, two Irish soldiers assigned to a U.N. convoy were abducted by teenage militiamen four miles from the Israeli border. They were later found shot inside an enclave controlled by the Lebanese Army commanded by Major Haddad. The major said that his men did not carry out the execution-style slayings. It is interesting to note that the Irish battalion of the U.N. peace-keeping force had become sympathetic to the Palestinian Liberation Organization.- April 18, 1980: In Lebanon, Iran’s charge d’affaires, Jawad Yirdajaei, was shot and wounded by pro-Iraqi Palestinian gunmen in front of the Iranian Embassy in Beirut
April 18, 1974: In Egypt, an Egyptian scholastic terrorist organization led by an Iraqi Muslim having connections with Libya, assaulted the Technical Military Academy in Cairo. Eleven people were killed and 27 were injured in the raid. Among those arrested in the next few days was a Palestinian who was believed to be the ringleader of the assault. He confessed that the aim of his club, the Islamic Liberation Organization, was to “overthrow existing regimes in Arab countries.”.

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