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Pictures from the Tea Party in Denver

Posted by avideditor on April 16, 2009

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THIS DAY April 17

Posted by Shiva on April 16, 2009

More Iraqis killed execution-style than in bombings

April 17 2009: Baghdad, Iraq — Execution-style killings, not suicide bombings, have been the leading cause of death among civilians in the Iraq war, a study released Wednesday shows.
The findings, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, point to the brutal sectarian nature of the conflict, where death squads once roamed the streets.
Estimates of the number of civilians killed in Iraq vary widely. The study was based on the database maintained by Iraq Body Count, a private group that uses media reports.
The authors concede the data is not comprehensive. But they maintain that the study provides a reliable gauge of how Iraqis have died over the past six years in attacks, including bombings, shootings and mortar rounds.
The new details also provide further evidence of the sectarian cleansing and retaliatory violence between Shiites and Sunnis that pushed the country to the brink of civil war before ebbing a year and a half ago.

A credible minimum

The study covered the period from the March 20, 2003 invasion through March 19, 2008, during which 91,358 violent deaths were recorded by Iraq Body Count.
The total number of civilian deaths in Iraq is widely disputed, but the count by the London-based group is widely considered a credible minimum.
Iraq Body Count also uses figures from morgues and hospitals.
However, the authors focused on only 60,481 deaths linked to specific events, excluding Iraqis killed during the weeks following the U.S.-led invasion and the 2004 U.S. sieges of the former insurgent stronghold of Fallujah.
The study found that 19,706 of the victims were abducted and killed execution-style, with nearly a third of those showing signs of torture.That compared with 16,922 who died in bombings, most of them suicide attacks.

Death squads at fault

While the study didn’t assign blame for the killings, death squads largely run by Shiite militias were believed to be behind many. The squads were seeking revenge for the deaths of Shiite civilians at the hands of Al Qaeda and other Sunni extremists in suicide bombings and other attacks.

Baghdad official who exposed executions flees
Jonathan Steele,
Thursday March 2, 2006, The Guardian

Faik Bakir, the director of the Baghdad morgue, has fled Iraq in fear of his life after reporting that more than 7,000 people have been killed by death squads in recent months, the outgoing head of the UN human rights office in Iraq has disclosed.
“The vast majority of bodies showed signs of summary execution – many with their hands tied behind their back. Some showed evidence of torture, with arms and leg joints broken by electric drills,” said John Pace, the Maltese UN official. The killings had been happening long before the bloodshed after last week’s bombing of the Shia shrine in Samarra.
Mr Pace, whose contract in Iraq ended last month, said many killings were carried out by Shia militias linked to the industry ministry run by Bayan Jabr, a leading figure in the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (Sciri).
Mr Pace said records, supported by photographs, came from Baghdad’s forensic institute, which passed them to the UN. The Baghdad morgue has been receiving 700 or more bodies a month. The figures peaked at 1,100 last July – many showing signs of torture.
Reports of government-sponsored death squads have sparked fear among many prominent Iraqis, prompting a rise in the number leaving the country. Mr Pace said the morgue’s director had received death threats after he reported the murders. “He’s out of the country now,” said Mr Pace, adding that the attribution of the killings to government-linked militias did not come from Dr Bakir.
“There are other sources for that. Some militias are integrated with the police and wear police uniforms,” he said. “The Badr brigade [Sciri’s armed wing] are in the police and are mainly the ones doing the killing. They’re the most notorious.”
Some Iraqis accuse the Mahdi army militia, linked to the radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, of seizing and killing people.
But Mr Pace said: “I’m not as sure of the Mahdi army as I am of the others.”

I have had doubts about publishing the the rest of this, because the pictures are very disturbing. But “if the mainstream media would publish photos of the real war, and what is really going on in Iraq and the rest of the Islamic world, nobody would support this evil ideology , so I have decided decide to make the the truth public.

Warning the rest of this post contains extremely graphic images

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THIS DAY April 16

Posted by Shiva on April 16, 2009

Perpignan: eight children maltreated by “enlightened and sectarian” parents

April 16 2008: Perpignan France. Enthusiastic Moslems, the father, of Moroccan origin, and his wife of Slavic origin, 49 years and 50 years old, were detained for deprivation of food and care to compromise the health of the minors, for failure with their usual legal requirements and violences on minors.

The father, commercial travelling on the markets, and his wife, converted with Islam in 2000, explained their behavior by a “scrupulous” practice of the Islamic religion and their will “to purify” their children.
The situation afflicting with their eight children, victims of deprivations food and repeated violences, was discovered at the time of a searching Saturday in the residence of the couple.
The gendarmes had been alerted by a witnesses announcing one of the children of the couple, a 13 year old boy, measuring 1,65 m and weighing only 32 kg, rummaging in dustbins in search of food.
The teenager, shiver, the traces of blood on the face, barefeet, with frostbite, and extremely malnourished , explained that it had just been punished because he had stolen a caster sugar cane, the public prosecutor of Perpignan Jean-Pierre Dréno indicated.
His mother had violently struck him with a stick and a pot of glass. Two of his/her sisters were discovered in a deplorable state: 15 years old and of 13 years and half, they did not weigh more22 kg. They were hospitalized with their malnourished brother, the other children having been placed in a care.
“The parents explained that they are practitioners of the Islamic religion and that they practise scrupulously and consider that a very strict food mode is essential”, in particular for the success of education, the magistrate specified. “The father explained the absence of provisions in the refrigerator and on the racks of the kitchen by indicating that he had for some time discovered the virtues of the biological food, which took part in the purification of the family and his children”, he added.
Concerning his wayward son, the father explained that he had to be rehabilitated, because “he was inhabited a little to lie”.
Corporal punishments were inflicted “when the rules which were dictated by the household head were not complied with”, added Mr. Dréno, qualifying the father of “enlightened, with an belief which is connected with that of a sect”.
“The father went well beyond the rigorous religious practice”, said the prosecutor, rejecting any amalgam between the inflicted food deprivations and the practice of the Islamic religion. According to the prosecutor, the family was “very discrete and lived in isolation”.
The parents had been however already announced by their insistence to see their three elder wearing the veil to the college. In front of the refusal of State education, they had left the college to study at it with the national centre of remote teaching, under the control of their mother.

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