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THIS DAY April 2

Posted by Shiva on April 2, 2009

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The Reaper Islam


A disfigured Ameneh Bahrami poses with a picture of her old self.

April 2, 2009: Tehran. Iran. A judge in Tehran, Iran, has officially sanctioned a blinded woman’s plea for vengeance by allowing her to blind the man who threw acid on her face five years ago. Majid Emovahedi attacked Ameneh Bahrami with sulphuric acid in September 2004 after the woman had repeatedly spurned his attempts at romance. Now Bahrami, who was blinded and grossly disfigured by the attack, will have the opportunity to repay her attacker.

“He will lie in front of me drugged,” Bahrami explained. “I will feel my way to his eyes and then drop 20 drops of acid in each eye.”

Bahrami, who has undergone 17 extensive facial surgeries in the aftermath of the attack and will never regain the use of her eyes, will stand over an anaesthetized Emovahedi as prison officials hold the man down. A doctor will be on site, holding open Emovahedi’s eyes to ensure the acid’s efficacy.

April 2, 2009: Somalia. Apparently the stepped-up patrols of U.S. warships off the coast of Somalia and increased vigilance on the part of ships’ captains in the area have not been enough to prevent yet another freighter hijacking. According to CNN, early yesterday Somali pirates in several small boats were able to pull alongside and board the Matriarch, a Delaware-based freighter.
Despite the known danger of operating in the coastal waters off of Africa’s eastern coast south of the Suez Canal, the crew of the Matriarch were unarmed, and unable to offer any resistance to the pirates, who quickly brought the vessel to a halt and began their ransom demands. But it turns out that the ship’s refrigerated cargo hold was full of, among other things, hundreds of cases of cult California wines that were destined for the port of Dubai! . And amazingly, the story doesn’t end there. When the pirates learned that part of their cargo included bottles of wine that sold for hundreds, even thousands of dollars per bottle, they dropped their ransom demands, and made off with the bottles.

The AP news photo shows some of the pirates celebrating with their spoils.The willingness to settle for expensive wine instead of ransom cash has more than a few experts mystified. Some are suggesting, however, that the wine might be seen as a status symbol in many Pirate communities. I find this highly unlikely however, given that virtually the entire country is Muslim.

But who knows? These Somalis may have adopted more traditional pirate values along with their basic tactics.And who says moslem dont booze

April 2, 2009: Burnley Britain. ONE of a gang who terrorised a group of schoolchilden has paid the price with a two-and-a-half-year jail term. Father-to-be Shazad Razaq (19) was involved in a melee in which two pupils from Blessed Trinity RC College were attacked and another robbed. The robbery victim’s phone was snatched and his dinner money taken in the early morning confrontations, Burnley Crown Court heard.

The court was told the 14-year-old was left scared, shaking and almost in tears after being threatened he would be stabbed.
The defendant, of Thurston Street, Burnley, admitted two counts of common assault and one of robbery. Sentencing, Recorder Suzanne Goddard QC slammed his behaviour last March and added: “It’s clear to me you set out that day to engage yourself in trouble.”
Rachel Woods (prosecuting) said the offences took place between 8-15 a.m. and 9 a.m. when the victims, in their uniforms, had trouble with the gang on their way to school.
A 16-year-old had been with his friends when he was stopped by a group abusing him. The defendant got out of a car, approached him and the teenager tried to walk off. The defendant then threw a punch, hit him twice, the victim stumbled and was hit again.
The robbery victim became aware of the gang running towards him and was told to run by his friends. He tried to get away but was caught by the gang, told to go down a ginnel and his phone was taken. The gang demanded money and the victim handed over his £2 dinner money. He told his assailants he did not want any trouble and ran to school.
The third victim, who was 16, was punched to the head.
The defendant was arrested in April and had the 14 year-old’s mobile phone on him. He claimed he had nothing to do with the robbery but said he had been drinking that morning.April 2, 2009: Stoke-on-Trent A TAXI passenger has told how he was left with a fractured skull after being beaten by a baseball bat-wielding cabbie.
Adrian Dubiel was hit twice with the bat in a Newcastle side-street just minutes after being picked up from a night out.
Doctors later diagnosed the 28-year-old – who spent six days in hospital – with a depressed fracture of the skull.
Today, private hire driver Amran Khan is starting a three-and-a-half year prison sentence after being convicted of attacking Mr Dubiel and hitting another customer in similar circumstances months earlier.
Mr Dubiel told The Sentinel how he flagged down Khan’s taxi to go home on June 15, after the rest of his friends went for a curry.
He said: “I jumped in and said ‘Madeley for a tenner mate?’ He said ‘I will show you a ride for a tenner’. Then he sped off to The Brampton. I said ‘You’re going the wrong way’, and he stopped and told me to get out.
“I was a bit bemused and just wanted to go home. I was going to walk back to town to get another taxi when he came up behind me and clubbed me on the back of the head with a baseball bat, and again on my back.
“I didn’t realise what had happened until I turned round and saw him going back to the car with the bat. I was in shock – there had been no argument, it was completely unprovoked.”
Mr Dubiel, who now lives at Westbury Park, went to the police station and later had nine stitches in his head. His fractured skull was diagnosed three days later.Father-of-three Khan, of Rushton Road, Cobridge, was convicted last month of assaulting Philip Booth, from Biddulph, on February 23 last year and causing grievous bodily harm to Mr Dubiel with intent on June 15.

April 2, 2009: Cold Spring, Minn, USA – A federal judge gave approval for Gold’n Plump Inc. and an employment agency to pay $1.35 million to settle lawsuits alleging religious discrimination against Muslims at a chicken processing plant in Cold Spring, Minn. The money will go to 128 Somali Muslims who claim that St. Cloud-based Gold’n Plump violated their religious rights by refusing to allow them prayer breaks during work hours, and to another 28 workers who said a St. Paul employment agency, the Work Connection Inc., required them to sign forms acknowledging they would be required to handle pork.The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigated the allegations and said it found cause to believe discrimination occurred, according to lawsuits filed last year.

In a settlement approved Tuesday by U.S. Magistrate Judge Jeanne Graham, Gold’n Plump will add a paid break during the second half of each shift to accommodate Muslim employees who wish to pray. The break is in addition to one early in the shift and lunch breaks required by law. The Work Connection has agreed to provide offers of employment to the 28 job seekers who were turned away for not signing the “pork form.”The $1.35 million settlement includes $985,000 for legal costs and $365,000 in cash payments to the 156 workers.

Forced Labor?

So who put a gun to their heads and forced them to work for Gold ‘n Plump?Forced Labor?

April 2, 2009: Blackburn, Britain. A mother locked up her three daughters-in-law and treated them as slaves for more than a decade, a court heard yesterday.

Naseebah Bibi, 62, is said to have ruled the women by fear – beating and slapping them if they disobeyed her, threatening to break their legs and denying them food.
Their ordeal only came to light when one wife managed to break free and ran into the street to alert a neighbour.
The court was told that Tazeem Akhtar, Nagina Akhtar and Nisbah Akhtar had arrived in Britain over several years after arranged marriages to Bibi’s sons Nahim, Fahim and Nadeem in Pakistan.
Instead of living with their husbands and raising families, the women were put to work by their mother-in-law cooking and cleaning and using an industrial sewing machine.
Bibi, a mother of six, denies three charges of false imprisonment of the three women between 1993 and 2006.
Her son Nadeem, 31, denies falsely imprisoning his wife Nisbah between 2005 and 2007 and one count of actual bodily harm.
Philip Boyd, prosecuting, said: ‘Mrs Bibi was clearly exploiting each of these women. They were treated like children, slaves or dogs by a regime of threats of force or actual force.
‘These young women had been rejected by their husbands of their arranged marriages, they couldn’t speak English, they couldn’t go back to Pakistan, they were in limbo and so they were exploited by the defendant for her own purposes.’
Preston Crown Court heard that the first wife was Nagina Akhtar who had married her husband, Fahim in 1993.
The couple had three children, but she spent her days cleaning and making clothing on a sewing machine.
Mr Boyd said: ‘As soon as she came to this country, she was ordered by Mrs Bibi to spend the day sewing on an industrial sewing machine.
‘She sewed all day, every day. She sewed for money, but she didn’t see any of the money.’
When she once left the small terraced house in Blackburn, Bibi warned her: ‘How dare you leave the house. If you do it again I will break your legs.’
Mr Boyd told the court that Nagina was forced to live under these conditions for more than 13 years.Her nightmare ended in October 2006, when her son Umar, three, told nursery staff that he had seen his grandmother beating his mother. Nagina was taken to a refuge by domestic violence workers and her children were taken into care.
The second wife was Tazeem Akhtar, who married Nahim in Pakistan and came to Britain after her visa was processed in 2001.
Mr Boyd said: ‘She came expecting to live and have children with her husband, something she had dreamed of for some years. Her dream was doomed.
‘She did not know that Nahim already had a partner, a white lady, and had two children. He had effectively no intention of living as her husband. He effectively had his own life and she only discovered that on the first day she arrived.’
She was also put to work by her mother-in-law in a ‘gruelling’ dawn to midnight routine that left her shattered.
Mr Boyd said: ‘She was simply treated like a slave. She would get up 6am and was ordered to do all the house work, to clean the floors and windows and she even had to do the washing in cold water by hand, even though there was an electric washing machine.
‘She did try to use the washing once but she was beaten by Mrs Bibi. She would be beaten by being slapped in the face, hit with a slipper on the arms and legs and had her hair pulled.’
She was allowed to eat only when she was given permission.
Her ordeal ended after 18 months in 2003 when Bibi flew her back to Pakistan and abandoned her there. Giving evidence via a videolink in Islamabad, Tazeem said: ‘In England my life was not happy. I was very sad. I face a lot of grief and it was very distressing for me.’
Wiping away tears, she said that if she disobeyed Bibi would ‘hit her with a brush across the head’.She said: ‘I was frightened and scared. She never let me out. I had to work, work, work.’
The third wife was Nisbah Akhtar – sister of Tazeem – who married Nadeem in Pakistan and arrived in England in December 2005.
‘When she arrived she had the expectation of being husband and wife and she would have a rosy future,’ said Mr Boyd. ‘But on her arrival she was shunned by her husband and the same pattern of abuse began.
The court was told that on October 28, 2007, an argument broke out between Bibi and Nisbah which resulted in Nisbah’s husband Nadeem punching her in the face and locking her in a bedroom.
She pretended she needed the toilet and then managed to escape, running out of the front door into the street. A neighbour alerted police, and Bibi and Nadeem were questioned.
April 2, 2009: Sydney, Australia AS she sat crying in a police station, accused of cocaine dealing, former NSW Young Australian of the Year Iktimal Hage-Ali allegedly told police: “I’m supposed to be a role model.”
Recounting the interview that followed her arrest, Inspector Steven Patton told the NSW District Court yesterday: “As she was saying this she was sobbing and said, ‘I spoke at your multicultural day, how embarrassing, you must have all been laughing’.”
Insp Patton spoke to Ms Hage-Ali after she was picked up in Sydney on suspicion of “very low level” cocaine dealing on November 6, 2006.
Hours later she was released without charge after police established as “credible” her claim that she bought 3g of the drug for personal use.
The arrest occurred eight days before Ms Hage-Ali, a member of former prime minister John Howard’s Muslim Community Reference Group, was named NSW Young Australian of the Year, a title she later relinquished.
Ms Hage-Ali, 24, is suing the state of NSW for wrongful arrest and claims she should not have been detained.
Insp Patton said he had spoken to Ms Hage-Ali at Bankstown police station immediately after her arrest.
“She was crying. She also said, ‘I’m a finalist in the NSW Young Australian of the Year’,” he said.
In earlier hearings, Ms Hage-Ali has denied ever saying those words.
Peter Boder QC, for the state of NSW, asked Insp Patton: “Iktimal Hage-Ali was a low level supplier as far as you were concerned?”
Insp Patton: “Very low level.”
Mr Boder: “Was she a person who ought to have been arrested?”
“Yes,” Insp Patton replied.
The police officer said he released the young woman, one of three people arrested, because he believed her claim that the drugs were for personal use.
Insp Patton said he first became aware the woman he was investigating was a high-profile ambassador when he was looking over a running sheet for a Middle Eastern organised crime squad training day.
Ms Hage-Ali, who gave evidence last December, is living in Dubai and was not in court for her case, which resumed earlier this week.

On this day Main Events

April 2, 1453: Constantinople, siege and fall of, 2 April-29 May

April 2, 1926:Riots between Moslems & Hindus in Calcutta
Hinduism remains a vibrant, cultural and religious force in the world today. To understand Hinduism, it is necessary that we examine its history and marvel at its sheer stamina to survive in spite of repeated attacks across India’s borders, time and again, by Greeks, Shaks, Huns, Arabs, Pathans, Mongols, Portuguese, British etc. India gave shelter, acceptance, and freedom to all. But, in holy frenzy, millions of Hindus were slaughtered or proselytized.
Their cities were pillaged and burnt, temples were destroyed and accumulated treasures of centuries carried off. Even under grievous persecutions from the ruling foreigners, the basics of its civilization remained undefiled and, as soon as the crises were over Hindus returned to the same old ways of searching for the perfection of the unknown.
For no other country in the world from east to west, faces the agony that the Hindus in India have to face. They are the injured party; but even today they are crucified by the ‘so called’ secularists—most of them themselves Hindus—at every stage.
No country in the world has been so ravaged and raped by outside forces as India has been down the centuries: Not Japan, not China, not Russia, none of the European countries, neither the Arab nations and certainly not the United States of America. Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagar Empire did not send his forces to Portugal to tear down churches, use force to convert Christians to Hinduism and indulge in religious terrorism. Prithviraj Chauhan did not invade Afghanistan nor Central Asia and raise temples.

No Chola, Chera or Pandya (Indian) rulers sent a fleet to Saudi Arabia to tear down the Ka’aba and build a temple to Meenakshi on its ruins or even next to it to demonstrate Hindu might. India and Hinduism have been ravaged beyond belief. Hindu missionaries did not accompany a conquering horde to Britain and under their benign rule set to convert Scottish peasants to Hinduism—or even Buddhism.
No blood has been shed for religion in India except by its invaders. Intolerance came with Islam and Christianity; the Moslems proposed to buy Paradise with the blood of “infidels” and the Portuguese, when they captured Goa, introduced the Inquisition into India.

After the muslim riots 1946

April 2, 1981: Lebanon,beirut. Syrian artillery stationed in Aramoun suddenly and furiously bombarded East Beirut at a time when students were leaving schools to head home. Casualties and injuries were in the Hundreds.
Syrian crimes in Beirut
Today’s Islamic Trivia Special

The ʿUmrah or (Arabic: عمرة‎) is a pilgrimage to Mecca performed by Muslims that can be undertaken at any time of the year. In Arabic Umrah means “to visit a populated place”. As a technical term used in the Shari’ah, Umrah means to perform Tawaf of Kaabah and Sa’i between Al-Safa and Al-Marwah, after assuming Ihram, either from a Miqat or a place in Hill. It is sometimes called the ‘minor pilgrimage’ or ‘lesser pilgrimage’, the Hajj being the ‘major’ pilgrimage and which is compulsory for every able-bodied Muslim who can afford it. The Umrah is not compulsory but highly recommended.

The ʿUmrah or (Arabic: عمرة‎) is a pilgrimage to Mecca performed by Muslims that can be undertaken at any time of the year. In Arabic Umrah means “to visit a populated place”. As a technical term used in the Shari’ah, Umrah means to perform Tawaf of Kaabah and Sa’i between Al-Safa and Al-Marwah, after assuming Ihram, either from a Miqat or a place in Hill. It is sometimes called the ‘minor pilgrimage’ or ‘lesser pilgrimage’, the Hajj being the ‘major’ pilgrimage and which is compulsory for every able-bodied Muslim who can afford it. The Umrah is not compulsory but highly recommended.

The pilgrim (mu’tamir), sometimes referred to as a ‘Haji’, performs a series of ritual acts symbolic of the lives of the prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) and his wife Hagar (Hajarah), and of solidarity with Muslims worldwide. These acts of faith

April 2, 2009: Mekka, Saudi Arabia – The Sudanese president has performed a Muslim pilgrimage in Islam’s holiest city, Mecca.

This is Omar al-Bashir’s latest venture abroad despite an international court’s order for his arrest for war crimes in Darfur. The official Saudi Press Agency says senior officials from Mecca’s Grand Mosque met President Omar al-Bashir before he performed the minor pilgrimage, known as Omra, on Wednesday.So while the murderous bastard Bashir kisses the mother of all pussies

April 2, 2009: Khartoun Sudan. A new U.S. special envoy told Sudan on Thursday he had come to “look, learn and listen” and hoped for its friendship and cooperation, indicating a shift in tone by Washington under President Barack Obama.

“I come here with my hands open. It will be up to the Sudanese government to determine how they want to continue with the relationship. Hopefully it will be with hands of friendship and cooperation,” envoy Scott Gration told journalists in Khartoum, speaking partly in Arabic.

Well I do not see much Hope and Change at least 200,000 people have been killed and more than 2.7 million driven from their homes in almost six years of isslamic driven genocide in Darfur.

April 2, 2008: Kupwara, India. A man is shot to death in his home by Islamic militants.

April 2, 2008: Qansah Dhere, Somalia. Islamists attack a government residence, killing at least three people.

April 2, 2008: Baghdad, Iraq. Two women are among six killed in Jihad bombings.
April 2, 2008:
Mahmudiya, Iraq. Gunmen shoot a teacher to death and injure his son
April 2, 2008:
Muqdadiyah, Iraq. Eleven Iraqis are murdered in Mujahideen bombings April 2, 2007: Baqubah, Iraq. Twenty-one people are abducted and murdered by Jihadis.

April 2, 2007: Khalis, Iraq. A suicide bomber targets a restaurant, killing at least three patrons.

April 2, 2007: Kirkuk, Iraq. Radical Sunnis bomb a school, killing thirteen, including eight schoolgirls and a baby. Nearly two-hundred others are wounded.
April 2, 2007:
Kandahar, Afghanistan. Religious extremists attack a police checkpoint, killing three officers.
April 2, 2007:
Shalobar, Pakistan. Two people, including a student, are killed by gunfire during a sectarian clash.
April 2, 2007:
Shin Warsak, Pakistan. Foreign militants storm a local residence, killing a man and a 15-year-old boy.
April 2, 2007: Sab al-Bor, Iraq. An 11-year-old boy has his throat slit by al-Qaeda.
April 2, 2007:
Baghdad,Iraq. At least three separate Jihad attacks leave twenty people dead.April 2, 2006: Sararogha, Pakistan. Islamists murder a pro-government cleric.
April 2, 2006:
Chadoora, India. The Mujahideen abduct and murder a university grad student.
April 2, 2006: Lamitan, Philippines. Suspected Abu Sayyaf terrorists gun down a policeman and seriously injure his son.
April 2, 2006: Nimroz, Afghanistan. The Taliban stop a vehicle and force a Turkish engineer out. They then shoot him to death and burn his body.
April 2, 2006: Kandahar, Afghanistan. Religious extremists ambush a police checkpoint, killing five officers.

April 2, 2006: Balad Ruz, Iraq. Islamists kill two members of a family, including a 12-year-old girl, in a shooting ambush.

April 2, 2006: Sopore, India. Islamic militants assassinate a city councilman.
April 2, 2006: Lama Dhar, India. A teenager is killed in a grenade attack by the Mujahideen.

April 2, 2005: Kandahar, Afghanistan. The Taliban kill four people, including two children, in two bomb attacks (the second in Mazar-i-Sharif).

April 2, 2005: Baghdad, Iraq. Car bomb kills five Iraqis and injures another five. A government minister of education is gunned down in a separate attack.
April 2, 2005:
Narathiwat, Thailand. A Buddhist man is murdered by Muslims while sitting in his pick-up truck with his children.April 2, 2004: Lahore, Pakistan. Christian pastor is gunned down by Muslim extremists in front of his wife and four children.
April 2, 2004:
Bukhara, Uzbekistan. Female suicide bomber kills a policeman and critically injures herself.
April 2, 2004: Baqubah, Iraq. Attackers yell “Allah Akbar,” then kill three policemen riding in a vehicle with a hand grenade. Three others are injured.

April 2, 2003: Anantnag, India. Islamic militant lobs a grenade at a crowd of people, kills one and injures twelve.
April 2, 2003: Davao, Philippines. Moro Islamic Front terrorist bomb kills sixteen people (including several children) at a wharf and injures at least forty-four

April 2, 2003: Shopian, India. Eighteen people are injured when militant Muslims toss a grenade into a bus stand. Elsewhere (Chewdara) a woman is killed and her daughter injured.April 2, 2002: Tabaloo-Sung, India. Two policemen are killed in a village ambush by the Mujahideen.

On This Day in Before 9/11

April 2, 1981
In Denmark, the labor adviser at the Turkish Embassy in Copenhagen was seriously wounded when terrorists invaded his apartment. Callers to the Associated Press stated that the “Commandos of Retribution for the Armenian Genocide” were responsible. Demir survived the six bullet wounds he received from the Marxist gang. Again, just cause, right target, wrong tactic.April 2, 1979: In Lebanon, three men fired two rocket-propelled grenades into the U.S. Embassy in Beirut. Palestinian terrorists had threatened to attack at American interests as a result of the signing of the Egyptian-Israeli treaty.

April 2, 1971: In Ankara, Turkey, five bombs with fuses still smoking were discovered outside the CENTO headquarters.
April 2, 1971: The U.S. Officers Mess in Ankara was attacked by four young Turks who threw two black powder bombs into the building.
April 2, 1971: In Jordan, Fedayeen Islamic terrorists damaged a pipeline carrying crude oil to the Zarka refinery. The pipeline was an extension of the Trans-Arabian Pipeline which was owned by the Arabian-American Oil Company.April 2, 1993: In Cambodia, the Socialist Secular Humanist Khmer Rouge shot and killed three Bulgarian UN peacekeepers in the Kompong Speu Province. After having a meal together, one Marxist left and came back with 10 more leftists who opened fire on the Bulgarians. Three other soldiers were seriously injured. Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge leader, denied responsibility for the attack because in addition to being merciless, the Communist was disingenuous. These are two of many traits the advocates of the religion of man share with Muhammad’s religion.
April 2, 1989: Islamic fundamentalists in Turkey bombed a British Embassy vehicle and detonated another bomb at the British Cultural Center. The attacks followed continued threats against British interests in connection with the Salman Rushdie book Satanic Verses.April 2, 1987: Three jihadists ambushed a car belonging to the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization. They tried to abduct two officers, a Finn and an Italian. In a unique twist, the assailants were subsequently arrested by AMAL forces.April 2, 1986: 4 US passengers killed by bomb at TWA counter Athens Airport GreeceApril 2, 2000: In Pakistan, Yemeni Ahmed Abdullah, with suspected links to bin Laden, and confirmed links to Islam, was arrested trying to enter Afghanistan. April 2, 1994: A bomb exploded in an Istanbul bazaar. Two people were killed, and twelve were wounded, including Spanish and Belgian tourists. The attack was part of a PKK campaign to dissuade tourists from traveling to Turkey.

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