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THIS DAY March 27

Posted by Shiva on March 27, 2009

Today’s Islamic Trivia Special
The kind of power mothers have is enormous. Take the skyline of Istanbul – enormous breasts, pathetic little willies, a final revenge on Islam. Angela Carter quote
On this day, Main Events

March 27, 2007: Gaza, Israel. Tsunami flood causes Gaza deaths

At least four people have been killed after a sewage treatment pool collapsed and flooded a village in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian officials said.
The earth wall gave way in the village of Umm al-Naser in northern Gaza, submerging at least 25 houses.
About 25 people are reported hurt but scores more are unaccounted for. The village has a population of 3,000.
Residents said the flood was like a “tsunami”
Health ministry officials said the dead included a four-year-old boy and a 70-year-old woman.
The Israeli army said it would also help – although it is not yet known whether Palestinian officials accepted the offer.
Village council head Ziad Abu Farya told the Associated Press news agency the scene was “our tsunami”.
One villager, Amina Afif, said: “We lost everything, everything was covered by the flood. It’s a disaster.”

Militants from the Hamas group and rescuers were helping to find those thought buried in the sewage.


Interior Minister Hani al-Qawasmeh has rushed to the scene.
Angry residents crowded around Mr Qawasmeh when he came to inspect the damage.
Reports say shots were fired, forcing the minister and his entourage to flee the village, although it is unclear where the gunfire came from.Fadel Kawash, head of the Palestinian Water Authority, told AP several sewage projects, including one in the village, had been halted after international funding dried up in the wake of the election victory of Hamas in January last year.

“We had a project to treat sewage in north Gaza, it was worked on for two years,” he said.
“We built a pressure pipeline and pumping station but it was stopped after… troubles began.”
Hamas also blamed the flood on the withdrawal of foreign aid

March 27,1968 Suharto succeeds Sukarno as President of Indonesia
The overthrow of Sukarno and the violence that followed it was a conflict in Indonesia from 1965 to 1966 between forces loyal to then-President Sukarno and the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI) and forces loyal to a right-wing military faction led by General Abdul Haris Nasution and Maj. Gen. Suharto.On the pretext of stopping a communist coup, Nasution and Suharto led their forces to liquidate the PKI and topple the regime of Sukarno. The pivotal role of Suharto led to his assumption of the Indonesian presidency in 1967.

While resentment toward Chinese Indonesians by Malay-descended peoples of the archipelago dated back to the Dutch East Indies era, persisting through the Post-Independence era, the Indonesian Civil War unleashed both widescale violence and a new tide of anti-Chinese legislation throughout the archipelago.
Stereotypes of the Chinese as disproportionately affluent and greedy were common throughout the time (both in Indonesia as well as Malaysia), but with the anti-Communist hysteria, the association of the Chinese Indonesians with the People’s Republic of China caused them to also be viewed as a communist fifth column.

As a result of this hysteria, Indonesia’s hitherto friendly diplomatic relations with mainland China were severed and the Chinese Embassy in Jakarta burnt down by a mob.

Several anti-Chinese laws were passed to curtail Chinese culture and civil rights, including laws banning Chinese language signs on shops and other buildings and mandating closure of Chinese language schools, adoption of “Indonesian” sounding names, and severe limits on Buddhist and christian constructions.

The lasting effects of these laws and anti-Chinese sentiment fostered by the Suharto regime was demonstrated in the organization of anti-Chinese pogroms in 1998.


Indonesian Anti-Chinese Riot, Jakarta, May 1998 What started as a protest of the Suharto regime, became a widespread riot in Jakarta and its surroundings (also followed by other cities such as Medan and Solo).

Like many riots in Indonesia, it became an anti-Chinese riot, and, just like many of those riots, the people and the government have always been in denial to admit as such were anti-Chinese riot.

Lest we forget

Indonesia’s ethnic Chinese were a particular target of the riots in Jakarta May 13 and 14, but most of the dead were looters burned to death in dozens of shopping malls in the city which were set on fire during the violence
Naoko Nemoto

Born Naoko Nemoto, she was working days in an insurance company and nights as a hostess at the Kokusai Club in Akasaka, a place for foreign VIPs. It was there that a fateful meeting with a powerful world leader changed her life. In 1962, at the tender age of 19, she left Japan to become the third of the nine wives of Bung Karno.

Born Naoko Nemoto, Her full married name was Ratna Sari Dewi Sukarno. Many years later, in 1993, at the ripe old age of 53 she published a book of photos, many of them nude. The book was slammed in the mostly Islamic Indonesia for “violating eastern norms and insulting Indonesia’s dignity” and was banned by the Attorney-General’s office.

“violating eastern norms and insulting Indonesia’s dignity”


The muzi,s just cant handle a real woman

Todays Picture

Pakistani women from the Bajur tribal region wait for their children in a school at the Katcha Garhi camp in Peshawar
March 27, 2009: Bardhubo, Somalia. An Islamic court in southern Somalia on Tuesday sentenced a man found guilty of murdering a UN aid worker to paying the victim’s family 100 female camels in compensation.
The defendant, a member of an armed organization, pleaded guilty to the murder of senior World Food Program official Ibrahim Hussein Duale.

“After a five-day trial, the court finally announced its verdict today … He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to pay 100 female camels,” The trial took place in the town of Bardhubo, in the Gedo region, which is under the control of the hardline Islamist group Al-Shabaab and its allies.
The Islamist administration in the area has opened courts applying a version of Sharia, or Islamic law, over the past year.
In the UN aid worker’s murder case, the judges deliberated and gave the victim’s family the option to choose the death penalty for the accused or receive compensation.
Abdullahi Hussein, a local elder who was part of a committee involved in the case and suggesting an adequate sentence, said the 100 female camels were worth around $45,000.
“Each she-camel is worth 10 million Somalia shillings, so 100 of them works out at around $45,000,”March 27, 2009: Manchester, Britain. A dentist who refused to treat a Muslim patient unless she wore a headscarf drove a car at a policewoman after a parking row, a court has heard.
Omer Butt, 32, hit the officer on the knee following a dispute near his surgery in Bury.
Pc April Stevenson told Bury magistrates that Butt “looked straight at me” and drove towards her despite her shouting at him to stop.
Butt, of Sheepfoot Lane, Prestwich, was reprimanded for serious professional misconduct by the General Dental Council in 2007 over the incident with the Muslim patient.
He denies assaulting the police officer in Parr Lane, Unsworth, on October 21 last year.

His brother, Hassan Butt, 28, was charged with a racially aggravated public order offence in connection with the parking row. Hassan Butt achieved notoriety when he claimed to have recruited hundreds of British Muslims to fight alongside the Taliban in Afghanistan in the wake of September 11.
He is said to have since renounced his views on terrorism.
Magistrates were told that he could not attend the hearing because he had contracted typhoid in Pakistan and was not well enough to travel.March 27, 2009: Sicily, Italy. A Muslim pilot and co-pilot who paused to pray before taking emergency measures as they ditched a passenger plane in the sea, killing 16 people, has been sentenced to 10 years in jail.
Pilot Chafik Gharby and co-pilot Ali Kebaier were convicted of taking inadequate emergency measures by an Italian court.
The 2005 crash at sea off Sicily left survivors swimming for their lives, some clinging to a piece of the fuselage that remained floating after the ATR turbo-prop aircraft splintered upon impact.
There were 34 holidaymakers and five crew on board the plane when it went down.
A fuel-gauge malfunction was partly to blame, with technicians putting the wrong type of gauge on the plane before it took off.
It meant the pilot and crew believed they had more fuel than they actually did. The plane’s engines cut out simultaneously when the fuel ran out.
However prosecutors also said the pilot succumbed to panic, praying out loud instead of following emergency procedures.
They claimed he then opted to crash-land the plane instead trying to reach a nearby airport.’This was an unprecedented sentence but we have always maintained that it was an unprecedented incident,’ observed Niky Persico, a lawyer for one of the victims.
‘Never before in the history of aviation disasters has there been such a chain of events and counter events,’ he added.
Another five employees of Tuninter, a subsidiary of Tunisair, were sentenced to between eight and nine years in jail by the court, in a verdict handed down yesterday.

Today’s khutbah (Islamic sermon)At-Touba 9.111
Allah hath purchased of the Believers their persons and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the Garden (of Paradise): they fight in His Cause, and slay and are slain: a promise binding on Him in Truth, through the Law, the Gospel, and the Qur-an: and who is more faithful to his Covenant than Allah? Then rejoice in the bargain which ye have concluded: that is the achievement supreme.

Other Events,On This Day Since 9/11

March 27, 2008: Samarra, Iraq. A man and his son are brutally murdered by al-Qaeda. A child and woman are injured in the attack.
March 27, 2008: Kurram, Pakistan. Two women are among seven killed when Islamic terrorists fire a rocket into an ambulance.
March 27, 2008: Baghdad, Iraq. Jihadis kill at least five people in a series of mortar attacks.
March 27, 2008: Baiji, Iraq. A woman is killed when Islamic terrorists lob a mortar into a neighborhood.
March 27, 2008: Diyala, Iraq. A mass grave is discovered containing the tortured remains of thirty-seven victims of sectarian violence.
March 27, 2008: Yala, Thailand. Seven children are among eight people injured when Islamists detonate a bomb attached to a motorcycle.
March 27, 2008: Ahwazi, Iran. Sa’ad Ibn Abi Waqqas Brigade terrorists open fire on a bus, killing seven Iranians.
March 27, 2008: Karachi, Pakistan. Two local intelligence agents are shot to death by al-Qaeda militants.
March 27, 2008: Kohat, Pakistan. Four days of violent attacks between Sunni and Shia leave over fifty dead, including women and children.March 27, 2007: Bajaur, Afghanistan. Islamic terrorists kill four Pakistani intelligence agents on a remote highway.
March 27, 2007: Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan. A religious extremist blows himself up in a police station, killing four people.
March 27, 2007: Kabul, Afghanistan. Islamic militants kill a Pakistani engineer and injure two Afghans in a shooting ambush.
March 27, 2007: Baghdad, Iraq. At least nineteen people are killed in sectarian violence within the Religion of Peace.
March 27, 2007: Ramadi, Iraq. A suicidal Sunni murders seventeen people in a restaurant.
March 27, 2007: Tal Afar, Iraq. Freedom fighters use twin truck bombs at two markets to massacre over one-hundred and fifty Iraqis. Afterwards, they attack ambulances carrying the wounded.
March 27, 2007: Diwaniya, Iraq. A half-dozen Iraqis are murdered in Jihad attacks.March 27, 2006: Yala, Thailand. Muslim radicals kill a medical doctor as he is shopping at an electronics store.
March 27, 2006: Helmand, Afghanistan. Religious extremists kill a woman and two other villagers with a roadside bomb.
March 27, 2006: Mosul, Iraq. A Saudi suicide bomber attacks Iraqis at a recruiting center, killing at least forty and injuring dozens.
March 27, 2006: Sanjote, India. A youth is kidnapped and tortured by the Mujahideen, who finish him off by slitting his throat.
March 27, 2006: Shakai, Pakistan. Six children on their way to school are injured when Islamists bomb their bus.
March 27, 2006: Jolo, Philippines. Suspected Abu Sayyaf terrorists bomb a department store, killing nine and injuring over twenty.
March 27, 2006: Baghdad, Iraq. Twenty-one bodies are discovered, some with nooses around their necks, as sectarian violence continues.
March 27, 2006: Baghdad, Iraq. Islamic radicals fire two rockets into a commercial district, killing eight people and injuring dozens.
March 27, 2006: Rohama, India. A civilian is shot dead by the Mujahideen.
March 27, 2006: Narathiwat, Thailand. A 19-year-old Chinese trader is shot twice in the head by Muslim radicals as he is going door-to-door with his father.
March 27, 2006: Pattani, Thailand. A 75-year-old man is gunned down by Islamists.
March 27, 2006: Pattani, Thailand. A 32-year-old man is murdered by Muslim gunmen on his way home.
March 27, 2006: Yala, Thailand, A government worker is murdered by Muslim gunmen.
March 27, 2006: Narathiwat, Thailand, Radical Muslims shoot a man to death in front of his 4-year-old daughterMarch 27, 2005: Baghdad, Iraq. Religious fanatic blows himself up, also killing two U.S. soldiers.
March 27, 2005: Narathiwat, Thailand. Bombing and shooting attack on a train by Muslim separatists results in more than a dozen casualties.
March 24, 2005: Udhampur, India. Mujahideen militants set fire to a civilian’s house after killing his mother, wife and infant daughter. They also murder a neighbor.
March 27, 2005: Abu Tamir, Iraq. Six Iraqis are killed by Jihadists in and around Baqubah in several shooting attacks.
March 27, 2005: Laghman, Afghanistan. Four Afghan military guards are blown to bits in a Taliban rocket attack on a government building.
March 27, 2005: Khambay, Pakistan. Four Islamic militants open fire on an church Easter service, killing at least one Christian and injuring six other worshippers.March 27, 2004: Mosul, Iraq. Rocket attack on a city hall kills two civilians and injures nearly twenty, including a child.
March 27, 2004: Mosul, Iraq. Mujahideen gunmen shoot two British security guards at an oil well then set their vehicle on fire.
March 27, 2004: Poso, Indonesia. A 27-year-old Christian is gunned down by Muslim terrorists.
March 27, 2004: Sungai Kolok, Thailand. Twenty-eight people are injured when a bomb hidden on a motorcycle explodes outside a karaoke bar.
March 27, 2004: Khost, Afghanistan. Six civilians, including a young child are injured by a Taliban rocket attack on a restaurant.March 27, 2003: Vilgam, India. A man and his wife are dragged from their home by the Mujahideen and killed in the street.
March 27, 2003: Chiffa, Algeria. Islamic fundamentalists invade a family home, kill the parents and injure four children, then murder two youths who were outside the home at the time.
March 27, 2003: Banihal, India. A young girl is shot to death in her home by armed Muslims.
March 27, 2003: Chtathia, Algeria. Islamic fundamentalists kill eight villagersMarch 27, 2002: Netanya, Israel. Hamas (Islamic Resistance) bomber kills twenty-nine Jews celebrating Passover in a hotel. One-hundred and thirty-seven others are injured in the attack.

On This Day in Before 9/11

March 27, 2001: Shots were fired at an Israeli car near Neve Deqalim in the Gaza Strip.March 27, 2000: Unable to convince the people of Chechnya and Dagestan to choose to live under a repressive Islamic government, Muslims decided to murder the leaders the people had chosen. Today they fired a RPG into the Prime Minister’s car.March 27, 1999: Demonstrating a penchant for murder in Peshawar, Pakistan, the religious adherents of the Taliban murdered another less religious Muslim, Muhammad Jehanzeb, the secretary of the anti-Taliban organization, Haji Qadir.March 27, 1996: An EgyptAir Airbus A320 was hijacked after leaving Cairo, Egypt on a flight to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. A Muslim man entered the cockpit holding a Molotov cocktail and a container of gunpowder. He demanded to be taken to Libya where he wanted to convey a message from Allah to Colonel Qadhafi.
The jihadist also called for “lifting the siege of the Palestinians.” When the pilot said that there wasn’t sufficient fuel to fly to Libya, the man tried to ignite his homemade bomb. Based upon the threat, the pilot entered Libyan airspace, and landed at the Martubah airport, 50 miles from Tobruk, Libya.
The hijacker was reported to be a restaurant owner from southern Egypt. His two sons were also involved in the hijacking. The Libyan news agency reported that they had commandeered the plane to protest the Sharm el-Sheikh anti-terrorism conference, and a show of support for Qadhafi in having rejected the symposium.
Upon arrival in Libya the passengers were released and the hijackers were jailed for at least a day or twoMarch 27, 1995: In Bahrain, Pakistani man died in an arsonist blaze in a video shop in Budaiya. While the Islamic government insisted that the fire had been started by foreign forces in an attempt to undermine public security, yet this has all the hallmarks of fundamentalist Muslims terrorizing those who profit from promoting Western influences. What’s particularly interesting in the Islamic world is that they condemn and attack the West for being promiscuous, and yet sexual perversions of all kinds are epidemic in the lands poisoned by Islam.March 27, 1994: A bus carrying 50 UN peacekeepers was machinegunned in Kurdish Northern Iraq. Two Austrian soldiers were wounded. The attack was part of the wider campaign of harassment of foreigners in Kurdish-controlled territories.March 27, 1993: Algeria severed ties with Iran for involvement in terrorist activities in Algeria. Muslims couldn’t even be civil with fellow Muslims. In fact, Muslims have murdered more Muslims each year than they have Jews, Christians, Atheists, and Hindus combined.
Muslims are, however, racist. They have murdered and enslaved many times more Africans each year than Arabs. In this light, it’s amazing the African American Muslims from the Nation of Islam sell the religion of submission to blacks in prison by claiming that Christianity, not Islam, is racist and enslaving.
March 27, 1992: A bus in Lermontov, Russia was hijacked by Muslims armed with submachine guns and grenades. It was driven to the airport at Mineralnye Vody, south of Moscow, where the Islamic terrorists demanded a flight to Iraq. The three hijackers released their hostages after winning freedom for two imprisoned jihadists and safe passage to a section of Chechnya controlled by fundamentalist Muslims.March 27, 1991: A Muslim militant threw a bomb into the Kuwaiti Embassy in Amman, Jordan.

March 27, 1991: Pakistani Muslims commandeered a Singapore Airlines jet en route from Kuala Lampur, Malaysia to Singapore. The hijackers demanded the release of a number of Islamic terrorists held in Pakistani prisons, including the husband of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Nine hours after the attack commenced, special forces stormed the plane, killing the four hijackers.

March 27, 1990: Jihadists affiliated with the Syrian Lebanese National Resistance Front assassinated an American Christian missionary in the southern village of Rashaya Foukhar. Local Muslims had accused him of being un-Islamic.March 27, 1989: A Yugoslav tourist office in Brussels, Belgium was firebombed by Croatian Ustashi Fascists in consort with Albanian Muslims.March 27, 1986: A powerful bomb exploded in an Afghan refugee housing project in Peshawar, killing four people and injuring 17. Pakistani police said that “Afghan secret police may have placed the device.” It wasn’t true. The only terrorists killing Afghanis were working for the Pakistani Inner Services Intelligence. They would include al-Qaeda and the Taliban.March 27, 1985: A hijacker armed with a knife, forced a West German Lufthansa jet en route to Athens from Munich to land in Istanbul, Turkey. All 142 passengers were released when the Turks agreed to fly the Libyan man on to Libya. However, sharpshooters surrounded the plane and forced the gullible hijacker to surrender.March 27, 1984: The “Tanker War” began. Over a period of nine months, 44 ships, including Iranian, Iraqi, and Kuwaiti tankers were attacked by Iraqi or Iranian warplanes or damaged by mines. The U.S. threatened action to preserve navigation in the Persian Gulf but did nothing.March 27, 1979:In Turkey, a bomb exploded in the entrance of a U.S. international communication agency associated with the Cultural Center in Ankara.Two days later in Turkey, the private vehicle of a U.S. Consulate official was hit by five gun shots and a gasoline bomb while parked in the garage of his home in Istanbul.March 27, 1979:In Israel, one Jew was killed and 14 more were wounded when a bomb exploded in downtown Jerusalem. It served a notice that Palestinian terrorist organizations like Fatah and the PLO were against the newly approved Egyptian-Israeli peace accord. After the bomb blast rocked Zion Square, a spokesman for the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) claimed responsibility, stating the bombing was “within the framework of the escalation of our armed resistance to the Zionist occupation of our homeland.” Mind you, the PLO was originally made up of Muslim Arabs from every Middle East nation except “Palestine” and they specifically stated in their opening remarks that the “Palestinians” were not to be given Gaza, which at the time was part of Egypt, or the West Bank, which was a the time part of Jordan.

March 27, 1979: In Bangladesh, fundamentalist Islamic Arabs stormed the Egyptian Embassy and held the ambassador hostage for several hours to protest the peace treaty signing between Israel and Egypt. From a good Muslim’s perspective, the only good Jew is a dead one.

March 27, 1979: A Jewish-owned perfume shop was bombed in Paris, apparently by terrorists as a result of the peace treaty signed between Israel and Egypt.
In that agreement, Israel was coerced into giving the Sinai, which it had controlled since it defeated Egypt in the 1967 Six Day War and 1974 Yom Kippur/Ramadan War back to Egypt for a “promise” by the Egyptians not to attack Israel again. Along with the gift of land, the United States promised to give Egypt $2.5 billion a year forever – money they have used to buy American weapons so that the next time they will be more successful.
To add insult to injury, when George H.W. Bush wanted to make it appear like he had Islamic nations in his Desert Storm coalition to save the OPECing Emirs in Kuwait, he had the United States forgive $29.5 billion in Egyptian debt – a deficit that was perpetrated by the Islamic nation’s overindulgence in weapons systems. Egypt has but one enemy.

Please contemplate what Jimmy Carter did for a moment. He bribed an Islamic nation with millions of acres of land and billions of dollars not to repeat what they had done trice before – attack a neighbor without provocation. So is the moral of the story: act badly repeatedly and you shall be rewarded? Or was the moral of this story: never trust a hypocrite? Jimmy Carter was propelled into office in the aftermath of Watergate based upon is holier than thou born-again Christian religious nature and yet his every act as president was counter to the instructions of the God in whom he professed faith – including rewarding Islam and equipping Israel’s enemies. And as you shall soon see when we first detail the birth of
al-Qaeda, Jimmy Carter was responsible for starting the first Afghanistan war and for being the first to equip the Islamic organization that perpetrated the 9/11/2001 attack that killed 3,000 Americans.

March 27, 1979: In France, Islamic terrorists, calling themselves the Autonomous Intervention Collective Against the Zionist Presence in France and the Israeli Egyptian Peace, set off a bomb in a Jewish restaurant in Paris. They were protesting the peace treaty signing between Israel and Egypt. Thirty-two persons were wounded in the blast.

March 27, 1979: In France, Islamic terrorists, calling themselves the Autonomous Intervention Collective Against the Zionist Presence in France and the Israeli Egyptian Peace, set off a bomb in a Jewish restaurant in Paris. They were protesting the peace treaty signing between Israel and Egypt. Thirty-two persons were wounded in the blast.March 27, 1977: An American missionary was shot and killed on his front lawn in Gode, Ethiopia by an armed group of guerillas. His son and a worker from World Vision who had come to help him pack to go back to the US after living in Ethiopia for 25 years managed to avoid the attackers’ gunfire and escaped.

March 27, 1964 UN troops arrive on Cyprus

Here is the Turkish spin, muslims playing the victim card again
After the brutal Greek Cypriot attacks on the Turkish Cypriot community, the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution (186), which provided stationing a United Nations Peace
Keeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP).
The aim was “to use its best efforts to prevent a recurrence of fighting and as necessary, to contribute to the maintenance and restoration of law and order and a return to normal conditions.
A Turkish woman with her three children killed mercilessly by Greek Cypriot gunmen in Lefkosa, in 1963.

Thats all today folks

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