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Are the Simpsons going the way of the Protocols of Zion?

Posted by avideditor on March 26, 2009

I heard the Simpsons are going to Israel. I hope it is not some lefty anti-jew mumbo jumbo. If it is I am going to hold all the power brokers at Fox responsible. So far Fox is one of the few if not only network that does not actively promote the genocide of Jews. I fear they are going down the wrong path. I have not yet seen the episode, so who knows. But just to make things clear promoting giving Jihadis land so they can kill more Jews is anti-Semitic. For some reason I expect more from Fox. I like buying the NY Post even though I do not live in NYC. If Fox goes to the dark side by promoting anti-semitism, I am not going to buy it any more and I am sure the back lash will be greater than Fox realizes it. Be fair and balanced all you want but do not become a broadcaster of anti-Semitic lies. I saw the story on Isreallycool’s live blog. If you want to know what is happening in Israel, I highly recommend it. Since I am giving plugs, if you have not visited Sultan Knish’s blog, you should. It some of the best analysis out there IMHO.

5 Responses to “Are the Simpsons going the way of the Protocols of Zion?”

  1. elyakatz said


    I agree with you on Sultan Knish. He’s one of the best.

    As far as Fox goes, according to Doug Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network (NIN), “The Arabs have financial interests in the United States media, in Western Media.” “The Saudi Prince…owns 5.62% of the stock for Fox News…right after this investment by the Saudi Prince in Fox News, you were able to see this subtle, yet perceptible, discernible change in the terminology used when the talked about terrorist attacks, when they talked about Islamic terrorist attacks, and the word ‘Islamophobia was suddenly dropped from the lexicon.” Maybe this explains the Simpson problem too?

    Hagmann claims says he interviewed a highly placed US intelligence serviceman who has decided to speak more freely of what he knows, because he is retiring. This intelligence serviceman revealed that the US government will be strategically abandoning Israel in the near future in favor of the Arabs, using something called “malicious intelligence”.

    In Hagmann’s article at the NIN site, entitled The Coming War goes into more detail on this change in US policy towards Israel.

    My question to you is, have you ever heard of Doug Hagmann or the NIN? What’s your opinion? Do you know if he is reliable? He sounded informed and well-balanced, not like some nut-cake c-spiry guy. I haven’t looked deeply into his agenda, and whether or not he is credible.

    • avideditor said

      I know little of the NIN. The first time I heard of them is when you brought them up. I was thinking of the band NIN for a while. Seriously what did you expect from Obama? I am just glad he hasn’t rounded up the Jews in death camps yet. I have seen some pictures they exist. They call them FEMA camps now but for some reason there where built to hold people in. I think Obama has little power now. If he really wanted to he could of caused even more damage. I think he is going to try to destroy America and its allies as much as he can when he is in office. But a majority of people are not falling for it. I think he does not want to cause a civil war, so the damage he can cause is really limited now.
      They did not air the anti-semitic Simpons this week I hope Fox does not air it.

  2. Jack W. Orf said

    The Simpsons that I viewed yesterday (12/28/10) was definitely anti-Israel, if not outright anti-semitic. Altho attempting to be funny, they portrayed Isreali soldiers as brutes, and Isrealis speaking like shylocks.

    There was the implication that Israel is a big fraud, conning tourists out of their money, while not caring at all about Israel being the Jewish homeland.

    It was also filled with dumb Jewish stereotypes.

  3. chris said

    I Agree with the question “are the Simpsons going going the way of the proptocols of Zion” Every day They have something about Jews,all Negative!

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