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THIS DAY March 4

Posted by Shiva on March 4, 2009

March 4, 1238: Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia The Battle of the Sit River. In 1235 , Batu, who earlier had directed the conquest of the Crimea, was assigned an army of possibly 130,000 to oversee an invasion of Europe. His relatives and cousins Guyuk, Buri, Mongke, Khulgen, Kadan, Baidar and notable Mongol generals Subotai , Borolday and Mengguser joined him by the order of his uncle Ogedei.
The army, actually commanded by Subutai, crossed the Volga and invaded Volga Bulgaria in 1236. It took them a year to extinguish the resistance of the Volga Bulgarians, Kypchaks, and Alani.
In November 1237 Batu Khan sent his envoys to the court of Yuri II of Vladimir and demanded his allegiance. A month later, the hordes besieged Ryazan. After six days of the bloody battle, the city was totally annihilated, and never restored its former glory.
Alarmed by the news, Yuri II sent his sons to detain the horde, but these were soundly defeated. Having burnt Kolomna and Moscow, the horde laid siege to Vladimir on February 4, 1238.
Three days later the capital of Vladimir-Suzdal was taken and burnt to the ground.The royal family perished in the fire, while the grand prince hastily retreated northward. Crossing the Volga, he mustered a new army, which was totally exterminated by the Mongols on the Sit’ River on March 4.The Battle of the Sit River was fought in the northern part of the present-day Yaroslavl Oblast of Russia between the Mongol Hordes of Batu Khan and the Russians under Yuri II of Vladimir-Suzdal during the Mongol invasion of Russia.
After the Mongols sacked his capital of Vladimir, Yuri fled across the Volga northward, to Yaroslavl, where he hastily mustered an army. He and his brothers then turned back toward Vladimir in hopes of relieving the city before the Mongols took it, but they were too late. Yuri sent out a force of 3,000 men under Dorozh to scout out where the Mongols were; whereupon Dorozh returned saying that Yuri and his force was already surrounded. As he tried to muster his forces, he was attacked by the Mongol force under Burundai and fled but was overtaken on the Sit River and died there along with his nephew, Prince Vsevolod of Yaroslavl.[1] The battle marked the end of unified resistance to the Mongols and inaugurated two centuries of the Mongol domination of Rus.

March 4, 1970: Two hours after a violent anti-American demonstration in the Philippines, a bomb rocked the embassy area and damaged a passing tanker truck carrying gasoline.March 4, 1971: Five Turkish militants kidnapped four U.S. servicemen who were stationed near Ankara. The kidnappers demanded the publication of a manifesto attacking the American presence in Turkey, and the payment of 400,000 Turkish Lira. The kidnappers were traced to the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, where troops were met by students armed with guns and dynamite. The kidnappers released the four airmen unharmed on March 8, and were subsequently arrested, tried and convicted. Three were hanged, one was imprisoned, and one was killed in a gunfight with Turkish authorities.March 4, 1973: The Greek charter ship Sanya carrying 250 U.S. tourists bound for Haifa, Israel, sank in Beirut harbor following an explosion. There were no casualties. An official investigation revealed that the explosion was caused by a device placed against the side of the ship below the waterline. Yasser Arafat’s Fatah implement, Black_September claimed credit for the destruction of the vessel.March 1977: Libya joined with Egypt and Syria in announcing its Communist affiliation, renaming the state: The Socialists Peoples Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (rule of the masses). At this point, most every Islamic country was either a Fascist fiefdom or a Marxist Muslim dictatorship. It was the land of the unfree; of those who submit; of Islam.March 4, 1978: A bomb exploded near the Iraqi embassy in Paris. The same day, another bomb exploded in the vicinity of the Iraqi embassy in Brussels. It was Islam’s version of shuttle diplomacy.March 4, 1978: Roman Catholic Croat terrorists in league with Islam bombed the Yugoslav consulate in San Francisco.March 4, 1979: Rail service between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv was suspended following an explosion which led to a train being derailed. A second bomb was dismantled. A Palestinian Fatah spokesman claimed responsibility, saying that he was pleased to report that a number of Israelis had been killed or wounded.March 4, 1980: In Spain, an Arab Muslim seeking to kill a Jewish leader for Allah, mistakenly killed a Spanish lawyer. The police arrested Said Ali Salman, 27, for the submachine gun assault. He was carrying a photo of Max Mazin, his intended victim. Mr. Mazin was president of the Spanish branch of B’nai B’rith . He lived in the same apartment building as the lawyer and looked a lot like the Spaniard.March 4, 1981: The Turkish labor attaché in France was assassinated. A Turkish religious official, Tecelli Ari, was mortally wounded in the same incident, and would later die in the hospital. The Secret Armenian Army took responsibility for the incident
The cause was just and the political and religious targets were valid, but that did not make the murders just. Words, not bullets, would have been a more appropriate weapon to wield in the cause of exposing the complicity of Turkish Muslims in the genocide of one million Armenians.
March 4, 1987: A Lebanese official at the Turkish Embassy in Beirut was shot by gunmen who stormed his home. Burhan Dunay died of his wounds a few days later.
March 4, 1988: A car filled with 100 pounds of explosive was found abandoned after its driver crashed into a utility pole. Yasser Arafat’s Fatah Party claimed credit for the failure and announced that U.S. Secretary of State Shultz, who was staying in a nearby Hilton Hotel, had been the intended target.
March 4, 1988: The Middle East coordinator for the British relief group Oxfam and his Syrian colleague were kidnapped by members of the Abu Nidal Group. They were visiting a Palestinian refugee camp in Sidon at the time. A spokesman for Abu Nidal claimed that the two had not been detained for security questioning after they were seen taking photographs at the Ain Helweh refugee camp. The reason was obvious – Palestinian refugee camps were also terrorist training bases.
March 4, 1995: A Palestinian man was abducted from his parents’ home in Borj el Bahri, east of Algiers, Algeria. He was later found several miles away with his throat slit. Even Muslims don’t like Palestinians.
March 4, 1996: Today, an Islamic suicide bomber in Tel Aviv killed 20 Jews. A total of 160 more were burned and mutilated in the blast. Attempting to murder the most people possible, these religious terrorists chose the Dizengoff Center Building, Israel’s largest shopping mall. Hamas and Islamic Jihad vied for credit.

Yes, there are people sufficiently corrupted to believe that the fastest way to paradise is to commit mass murder. Good Muslims are so immoral that they actually believe the Qur’anic rubbish which proclaims that there are multiple perpetual virgins in paradise awaiting successful killers. Having an enemy this incapable of rational thought would be good news if only the West weren’t so universally ignorant.
March 4, 1996: Two Sunni Iranian clerics who were opposed to the Shia Islamic regime in Iran, were assassinated in Karachi, Pakistan.
March 4, 2000: In India, Hindus threw stones at the exterior of a bus bound for Pakistan in protest against Islamabad’s involvement in t bus bombing that took nine Hindu lives.
March 4, 2000: The Islamic Abu Sayyaf terrorist group bombed a Philippine restaurant in Isabela, killing one person and wounding 17. The Abu Sayyaf mastermind, if we can be so generous, was apprehended the same day.
March 4, 2000: In Islamic Indonesia terrorists attempted to assassinate Matori Abdul Djalil, Chairman of the National Awakening Party.
March 4, 2000: The Islamic equipped Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda kidnapped two Italian Christian missionaries. If you will recall, the LRA kidnaps little girls and trades them to the Islamic goons who oppress the Sudan for weapons. The girls are used as sex slaves by the Muslim leaders who are following their prophet’s example.March 4, 2001: A suicide bomb attack in Netanya, Israel killed 3 Jews and seriously wounded 65 more. HAMAS claimed responsibility. An Israeli stabbed and injured three Palestinians who were associated with the bombing in Netanya that killed and wounded so many Israelis, but it was too little, too late.
On This Day Since 9/11
March 4, 2002: Khyaban-e-Hafiz, Pakistan. A doctor is killed by two gunmen in a sectarian attack.
March 4, 2002: Morha Pathana, India. The Mujahideen abduct and massacre four civilians in a brutal attack.March 4, 2003: Davao, Philippines. Muslim rebels plant a bomb at a civilian airport. Twenty-one are killed in the blast and about 150 others are injured. Among the dead is an American missionary and several children.

March 4, 2004: Baghdad, Iraq. Three members of a family are killed, and five others injured, by a rocket attack on their car.
March 4, 2004: Pakistani Border, Afghanistan.
Seven Afghan troops are killed by a Taliban rocket and machine-gun attack on their post.March 4, 2005: Ramadi, Iraq. Jihadists kill four American soldiers with a terrorist bombing

March 4, 2006: Salman Pak, Iraq. Two civilians die from injuries received in a car bombing on a city street
March 4, 2006: Lashkargah, Afghanistan. Religious extremists kill four Afghan security agents and an electrician with a remote-controlled bomb.
March 4, 2006: Mir Ali, Pakistan. al-Qaeda backed militants attack a security patrol, killing two Pakistani troops.
March 4, 2006: Gisr Diyala, Iraq. Seven people are killed when Jihadis lob a mortar round into a crowded market.
March 4, 2006: Baqubah, Iraq. Fundamentalists kill a young girl with a bombing of a store that sold musical paraphernalia.
March 4, 2006: Kirkuk, Iraq. Two Shias are killed inside their mosque by Sunni gunmen.
March 4, 2006: Sungai Padi, Thailand. A 21-year-old man is gunned down in an Islamist attack against him and his teenage sister.
March 4, 2006: Quetta, Pakistan. A militant throws a grenade at children playing in the street, killing two young girls.
March 4, 2006: Helmand, Afghanistan. Taliban terrorists assassinate a government official with machine-gun fire into his car from motorcycles.
March 4, 2006: Nakhonak, Afghanistan, One person is killed by a Taliban landmine.
March 4, 2006: Bala Buluk, Afghanistan. Six Taliban terrorists drag a UN engineer from his car and shoot him to death.March 4, 2007: Baghdad,Iraq, Thirty-four people are killed by Islamic bombers and gunmen over a 24-hour period.
March 4, 2007: Khost, Afghanistan. The Taliban attack a forest ranger station, killing two innocent people.
March 4, 2007: Mosul, Iraq. Four brothers are among twenty-one people murdered by Islamic terrorists in at least three attacks.
March 4, 2007: Dharmari, India. A civilian is shot dead by the Mujahideen.
March 4, 2007: Nangarhar, Afghanistan. The Hezb-e-Islami terrorist groups takes responsibility for a suicide attack that kills sixteen Afghan civilians.
March 4, 2007: Nawabshah, Pakistan. A Muslim man hacks his sister and her lover to death with a hatchet in an honor killing
March 4, 2007: Beni Yeni, Algeria. Islamic fundamentalists ambush a police convoy, killing seven peopleMarch 4, 2008: Lahore, Pakistan. Two suicide bombers take out six other people in the parking lot of a naval college.
March 4, 2008: Tani, Afghanistan. A local cop is killed trying to prevent a suicide car bomber from plowing into a building.
March 4, 2008: Khankhel, Pakistan. A villager is killed in a botched kidnapping attempt by Uzbek Mujahideen.
March 4, 2008: Shopian, India. Two civilians are killed when Mujahid toss a grenade into their home.
March 4, 2008: Huwaish, Iraq. Four Iraqi children and two women are killed in a bombing attack by Sunni extremists.

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