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Israel a “Palestinian Territory”?

Posted by DJM on March 3, 2009

UPDATE BY AVID EDITOR: While Newsweek quietly replaced the pop-up image, the big map still has Israel in red (Indicating an “Unfree” Islamic State)

According to Newsweek, it is.


(Thanks, Avid! Without you, this story wouldn’t have broke! Good eye!)

Also according to NewsAppeaser Newsweek, we are at stage 7.

From The Evolution of an Appeaser:

  • Stage 1 (negation): Germany is not at all rearming.

  • Stage 2 (bagatellisation): Okay, but not very much.

  • Stage 3 (relativating): Okay, but in relation to GB, France and Soviets, it is a tiny army.

  • Stage 4 (psychologization): Okay, but try to understand how they must feel surrounded, yes, under siege by many other nations!

  • Stage 5 (disengagement): Okay, but now it is too dangerous to confront them.

  • Stage 6 (appeasement): For hell, don’t provoke them! That will only worsen the situation.

  • Stage 7 (resignation): We can’t do anything about it.

Why bother with all those pesky stages in between?

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