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Federman Farm Life and Other Hevroni Adventures

Posted by Glezele Vayne on March 3, 2009


Noam and Elisheva Federman, both children of right wing activists, are brave patiots fighting for Jewish sovereignty in Eretz Israel.

Noam is the son of David Federman. David fought in Lehi, was arrested by the British during Mandate period, deported to Ethiopia, sharing a prison cell with future Prime Minister Yitzchak Shamir.

All I can find on Elisheva is that she is the daughter of David Ramati, an American immigrant to Israel, who lives in Kiryat Arba, a lovely town in the vicinity of Hevron.

The Federmans have 9 children. They have found there way to the news for many years, continually challenging the appeasers within the Israeli government who insist that significant portions of Israel become “judenrein”. I doubt they are really anxious to be in the news, but simply want to live in peace on the land the Almighty has given to them and the Jewish people. I don’t write neutrally about these people. I believe in their cause, as it is mine as well.

Below are a few articles I found that are pertinent to the latest controversy; namely, the brutal, middle of the night destruction of the Federman farm. What is reported is that over 100 black uniformed policemen surrounded the Federman home, children sleeping, busted through their doors and windows, roughly grabbed and even reportedly beat them and their children, ages 1 to 17, the oldest being a girl. They proceeded to throw Noam to the ground, handcuff him, manhandle Elisheva, throwing them out of their home. They didn’t give them time to take any of their valuables, books, toys, …nothing. They then bulldozed the home and all that was in it. Elisheva reports that Bedouin and others trampled their holy books, Mishneh Torah and their Tanakhim, as if they were walking on the floor.

After the various article and post links, I have some videos where you can see what is left of the Federman home, listen to Noam, Elisheva and one of their children, twelve year old Oved Federman, as well as Nadia Matar. A court did rule that this “evacuation” was done in an unlawful manner.

Last but not least, you can watch a typical demonstration in Hevron against Israel.

Arutz Sheva 4 April 08 — House arrest of Noam Federman

Ha’aretz 26 Nov 2008 — Court: State acted unlawfully in evicting far-rightist Federman from outpost

Ha’aretz 22 Feb 2008 – Extreme Rightist Banned from Home of IDF West Bank Commander – by Yuval Goren

JPost Online – Settlers Rebuild Evacuated Outpost – by Tova Lazaroff, Yaacov Katz and Yaakov Lappin

Wikipedia article on Noam Federman

Israel Insider:  Noam Federman – The Fight for Israel’s Soul – by Jonathon Pollard

An Appetite to Destroy – by David Wilder

Comment from”federman1″ video by Promethio1 —

“This is planned for every Torah observant Jewish home in the historical Jewish areas of Israel, except of course for those who facilitate these operations for narrow and superficial purposes.There are far more than enough people in Israel who strongly disagree with the policy of uprooting Jews. But they are not the kind of people who are prone to using violence to enforce their will.May Hashem bring Justice to Israel swiftly and soon.”

That night…

Picking up the pieces…

Oved Federman age 12, “They beat her (his sister).” Who else did they beat? “Everyone.” Did they beat you? “Yes.”

Elisheva Federman speaks…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

posted with vodpod

How to convince a soldier to betray his people…

Ruth Matar encourages the Federman family and all loyal Jews…

And now a word from our peace loving neighbors…

The bravest of the brave are willing to take on the Israeli government on the issue of Hevron. One must be willing to be lied about, marginalized and demonized by the main stream media, both in Israel and abroad.

Here is a brief excerpt on the Hevron massacre from Jewish Virtual Library:

“When Jews finally gained control of the city in 1967, a small number of massacre survivors again tried to reclaim their old houses. Then defense minister Moshe Dayan supposedly told the survivors that if they returned, they would be arrested, and that they should be patient while the government worked out a solution to get their houses back. Years later, settlers moved to parts of Hebron without the permission of the government, but for those massacre survivors still seeking their original homes, that solution never came.”

The Jews of Hevron were taken by surprise when their Arab neighbors were willing to hunt them down, ferretting out every corner of their homes. The largely unarmed (okay, they had one gun) men, women and children hid behind their furniture, under their beds, in cellars. Approximately nineteen courageous Arab families helped their Jewish neighbors. These brave families, if they haven’t already, should be recognized as among the “Righteous Among the Nations”, but this probably won’t happen, as it would earn them everlasting scorn among their Arab brethren.

Hevron is now known as a completely the premier “Jew hating” town within Eretz Israel. I once visited Hevron in order to pray at Machpelah. We had to cancel due to rioting by the Arabs.

I will never forget the eyes of hatred that bore into mine from a particular Arab man, as our bus was stalled in traffic. He brazenly walked up close to our bus  and glared into the window of the bus. He caught my eye and slowly scanned back and forth between me and my little baby. He looked like he would have torn us both limb from limb if he thought he could get away with it.

— Ellie Katz

From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

One Response to “Federman Farm Life and Other Hevroni Adventures”

  1. Nurta San said

    nice post 🙂

    Elya Responds to “Nurta San” — So you really liked the Federman post? Are you saying you appreciate the Federmans desire to live in Hevron? Or that you liked the fact that the Federman’s home was destroyed?

    I thought you wanted Palastina free? I’m assuming you are hoping for the Palestinian’s to be free of Hamas then, since you like the Federman family?? Otherwise, that would be somewhat of a contradiction. Of course, if you’re just thinking the post is “nice” because you are happy the Federman’s home was destroyed and their kids were beat up, then that explains this seeming contradiction. I’m just puzzling this out because I read your “SAVE PALASTINA” post (same female photo avatar) at the following link.

    2) http://globalvoicesonline.org/2009/01/04/indonesia-indonesian-bloggers-respond-to-gaza-attack/
    Nurta San

    # 2009-01-21 at 17:09 pm

    Here is a link to another photograph of you: http://www.blogcatalog.com/user/achoox

    The description next to the photo at this link is as follows: Nurta San / 24, Male / Member since November 2008 / Last seen 1 month ago.

    Interesting. Are there two Nurta Sans?

    Are you enjoying your stay in Damascus? (IP) When do you plan on flying back to San Antonio, Ibrahm Nurta? (Google) I won’t give out your San Antonio, Texas address here, but I have it archived. I’m concluding from all this that Nurta San = Ibrahm Nurta of San Antonio.

    Ibrahm, for some reason, also visits sites called “Mommy’s Little Corner” http://liz.mommyslittlecorner.com/2009/01/new-found-way-to-lower-hb.html?? He left a message there, something to the effect that he’s bookmarked the site, but the English was so garbled, I really couldn’t make it out. The owner of that blog is married, with children, and lives in the Phillipines according to her profile.

    Unless the photo of the woman here, and at “Save Palastina” is Ibrahm’s wife, who loves the Jews that want to live in Hevron, and also wants the “Palastina’s” to be saved from Hamas, and also visits mommy blogs, then I suggest Ibrahm attempt to collect his data elsewhere.

    Be well in San Antonio, Malaysia or Damascus or wherever you are, or wherever you are f(lying) to next Ibrahm.

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