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Melanie Philips: How the BBC is anti-Israel and How the world is getting Israel wrong VID

Posted by avideditor on March 2, 2009

HT I got the video from Democracy Broadcast.

6 Responses to “Melanie Philips: How the BBC is anti-Israel and How the world is getting Israel wrong VID”

  1. elyakatz said


    She nailed it.

  2. shiva said

    She nailed it but she still collects her pay check from the BBC.

    She has no problems to talk on the BBC attacking the BNP, the only party to support Israel during the last Hamas/Israeli clash

    On Feb 23 she wrote an article calling the BNP odious

    About 80% of the comments where calling her hypercritical, and this was also her supporters.


    • avideditor said

      I in no way endorse all the views of Melanie Philips but I think she was amazing in the vid. Do you not agree? Shiva did you mean to leave an error page for the Daily Mail?

  3. shiva said

    No I did not mean to post an error, the Daily Mail have pulled it, because she was being thumbed down by nearly every commentator, even from her supporters, who where telling her she was wrong..

    As for the video, she all but calls the people who understand the threat of islam in britain, lowlife.

    She was paying no more than lip service, if she was really intent to exposing the BBC, she could have quiet easily mention the case of Allan Johnson.

    • avideditor said

      What did the Daily Mail story say? Do you have a copy of it that you can post or email to me? I think there are ways to destroy Islamic tyranny with out bringing up Allan Johnson. 😉

  4. shiva said

    You can read the article here


    Sorry but she does not cut it for me, as she is only echoing what BNP have been saying for the last eight years.Then calls the BNP odious, yet she as a journalist/Jew will be one of the first to benefit from what gains the BNP make.

    If there is going to be a stop to the Islamization in Britain it will be because of the BNP, not because of Philips and the daily mail

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