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THIS DAY February 28

Posted by Shiva on February 27, 2009

Febuary 28 2009 PARIS,
“Princess Hijab knows that L’Oréal and Dark & Lovely have been killing her little by little. With her spray paint and black marker pen, she is out to hijabize advertising. Even Kate Moss is targeted. By day, she wears a white veil, symbol of purity. By night, her black veil is the expression of her vengeful fight for a cause,” states Princess Hijab (princesshijab.org) in her manifesto.

What is that cause? In a nutshell, it is to subvert consumer images—especially of women—and to push cultural boundaries.

And few are spared the Princess’ black marker and spray paint in her artistic Jihad.

In the online gallery of her “hijabizing” of ad campaigns, lightly clad models in ads for Virgin Music and various clothing companies have been re-dressed by the Princess in veils and chadors (body-length veil), their eyes popping out of face-covering hijabs.

They are striking as much as they are irreverent, and they have caused anger in both Muslim and secular circles.

Cinderella in chador and hijab men

Even Cinderella dancing with her prince in an animated advertisement for the popular fairytale turned film has had her dress changed to a black chador/abaya.

Next to the “hijabized” Cinderella is an ad of a man with a black medieval-style helmet painted over his head, only his bright blue eyes sticking out of the artistic arrangement.

Princess Hijab told MENASSAT that her hijab campaigns are not plastered on the streets of Paris as an act of “art for art’s sake,” but instead represent a part of what she calls “art propositions for a more global idea.”

In this global idea, Princess Hijab means she pursues what she calls her “noble cause,” or her “anti-advertising movement” in an attempt to fight today’s mainstream and sexist consumerism.

But what she calls her “subverting visuals” are done in a manner that puts it in opposition to a Western-style advertising format, with its images of scantily clad women and underweight men and women used to sell anything from deodorant to coffee.Seeing this reminds me of a post I done last year

WARNING the rest of this post contains naughty pix

May 6 2008 A COUNCILLOR today called for more control over advertising posters in “culturally sensitive” areas of Birmingham.
Coun Talib Hussain made his plea after a billboard on the corner of Sydenham Road and Golden Hillock Road, in predominantly Muslim Sparkbrook, was defaced.
The hoarding, close to mosques in Anderton Road and Golden Hillock Road and visible to parents and children walking to Montgomery Primary School, promotes Matalan’s new swimwear range and features three scantily-clad models.

The models have been covered in thick white paint to conceal bare flesh.

Coun Talib Hussain (Ind, Sparkbrook) criticised the vandalism but said it was a result of the lack of action from city council bosses. He said: “I condemn the people that did this but at the same time it’s wrong for companies to put that kind of advert in sensitive wards.

“I have received complaints on a number of occasions not to put adverts like that in Sparkbrook. “The city council should not give permission to advertising like that in these wards. “Having families seeing naked pictures does not bring the community together, it provokes things.”

The vandalism is similar to a spate of attacks in 2005 and 2006 by a group called Muslims Against Advertising.

A Birmingham City Council spokesman, said: “Our only power is to approve where advertising can take place, but not what is put on it. “That is between the Advertising Standards Agency and the firm itself.”

The ASA said the content of billboard adverts was controlled by billboard owner and the advertiser, and that the agency only had “responsive” powers.

“If we receive complaints we will consider if an advert should be removed.”

Well if the phukers dont like the sight of infidel catmeat

They can always fuck off to where every they came from

Now back to the other Jihad

6th November 1998 The barbarian terrorists of the murderer Yasser Arafat continued to shed the blood of innocent Israelis. They are messengers not only of the so-called “Palestinian Authority” that a naive and sinful Israeli Government created in the midst of Israel, but also of all the Arab Islamic world which over the last 50 years has not stopped trying to do everything it can to destroy Israel.

On Friday the 6th November 1998 at 09:45 in the morning, they brought a car filled with bombs to the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem when the market was filled with people, men women and children, and detonated it. It was only a miracle from G-d that only 21 people were injured but no one was killed. Their goal was to kill as many innocent Israelis as possible. For them women, children and old people are good enough as targets. For them it is another stage in their battle to destroy Israel. More than at any time in the past they have stated that if one day they succeed in destroying Israel, Hitler’s holocaust will be nothing in comparison to what they will do to the Jews.

And 21 years before

February 28, 1979: In Israel, a bomb exploded in Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda open-air market wounding six Jews. The Palestine news agency WAFA reported that Palestinian terrorists associated with the PLO had claimed responsibility for the assault. Fatah’s bomb was wrapped in a plastic bag and placed in an alley outside a butcher shop.

February 28, 1983: One person was killed and four others were wounded in an explosion at a Turkish tourism agency in France. Twenty minutes after the blast, an English-speaking man with a Middle-Eastern accent claimed responsibility in the name of the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia. The one casualty was a young French woman, in no way associated with the Turkish government or their genocide against the Armenian people.

February 28, 1985
: A Libyan ambassador to Austria was shot and mortally wounded as he left his home in Vienna. Ghadamsi was hit five times while trying to escape. He was an opponent of Libyan leader Moamar Qadhafi.

February 28, 1986
Prime Minister Olof Palme of Sweden was assassinated in downtown Stockholm as he and his wife left a movie theater. He was shot twice at close range by gunmen who escaped. His wife was only slightly injured.

The Ustashi, a Croatian organization historically allied with Islam, claimed credit for the assassination. These Roman Catholic Fascists were seeking independence from Socialist Yugoslavia. With a long history of acting badly, the Ustashi had killed the Yugoslav ambassador to Sweden in 1971. And in 1985, the Swedish government denied a request for the release of the Ustashi assassins as they were serving sentences for murder. We encourage you to read the story of the Ustashi in the Islamic Clubs listing.

An October 19, 1986 Los Angeles Times article claimed that a member of the Abu Nidal terrorist group was being questioned in connection with the slaying because Palme was a friend of PLO leader Yasser Arafat and a significant contributor to Fatah coffers. Others have made a case that the PKK (Kurdish Marxist Muslims) murdered Palme because he was an European advocate for Turkey. Many make a case for South Africa killing the Swedish PM as he was anti-apartheid.

February 28, 1987
A French court sentenced Lebanese Islamic terrorist Georges Ibrahim Abdallah to life for the April 1982 murders of an Israeli diplomat and American soldier. Abdallah was a principal figure in the Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Faction – a Hizballah affiliate.

February 28, 1990
A British tourist was stabbed by a Palestinian Muslim in Israel.

February 28, 1991
Saddam Hussein ordered his troops out of Kuwait. Iraqi soldiers ignited Kuwaiti oil fields during their retreat. Kuwait announced that it would need to buy, rather than sell, oil.
Burning oil wells in Kuwait, which were sabotaged by retreating Iraqi troops at the end of the Persian Gulf War, 1991.

February 28, 1991: An American Air Force officer was shot in the face by two Muslim men who had ridden in the same elevator with him in his apartment building in Izmir, Turkey. He was able to ward off a second shot by throwing his briefcase at the attackers.

February 28, 1991: In Islamic Algeria, the chief correspondent for Reuters was murdered in his Algiers apartment.

February 28, 1991: A bomb exploded near the Kuwaiti Airlines and Kuwait-Lebanon Bank building in Beirut, Lebanon.

February 28, 1995
: An Islamic suicide bomber in Rabat, Morocco attacked the Russian Consulate. He was wearing a sign that had “Chechnya” written in Arabic on it. The Chechen Muslim died, but there were no other injuries.

February 28,1998 – Kosovo War: Serbian police begin the offensive against the Kosovo Liberation Army in Kosovo.Conflict between Serbian and Yugoslav security forces and the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), an ethnic Albanian guerilla group and a terrorist organisation, supported by NATO and the Islamic mujahideen seeking secession from the former Yugoslavia.

February 28, 2001: An Israeli was wounded in a shooting attack near Kibbutz Eyal in the Sharon district. The assault came from Qalqilayah and was directed at a group of workers at a site along the Trans-Samaria highway. The injured man was a guard at the site.

Later in the day, shots were fired at an Israeli car near Elon More. Frustrated settlers from Homesh fired at Palestinian homes in the village of Seelit Dahir, near Jenin, but no injuries were reported.On This Day Since 9/11

28.02.2002 Pakistan Karachi 2 11 Islamists ambush a prisoner transport, killing a guard and a prisoner.
28.02.2002 India Udhampur 2 0 Separate attacks by the Mujahideen leave a police officer and a civilian dead.
28.02.2002 Israel Atarot 1 0 Jewish employer killed by a Muslim employee. Fatah takes credit for this attack.

28.02.2003 India Shindra Mohalla Kasian 1 0 Militant Muslims abduct a man from his house and take him to a forest, where he is shot to death.
28.02.2003 Pakistan Islamabad 2 6 Islamic extremists guns down two police officers guarding a U.S. embassy. Five other officers and a passer-by are also wounded.
28.02.2003 Philippines Bukidnon 1 0 Muslim rebels burn ten homes in a Christian village, killing at least one person.
28.02.2004 Pakistan Islamabad 0 4 Suicide bomber attacks a Shia mosque. His is the only fatality, although he did manage to cause serious injury to two children.
28.02.2004 India Bijbehara 0 13 Five security personnel and eight civilians are injured in a grenade attack.
28.02.2005 India Matribugh 2 0 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen terrorists capture, disarm and then execute two Indian soldiers.
28.02.2005 Sudan Toray 17 14 Arab militias with the support of the Islamic government attack a village and kill seventeen civilians and injure a dozen others including several women who were raped.
28.02.2005 India Surankote 1 0 The Mujahideen kidnap a 17-year-old boy from his home and then kill him.
28.02.2005 Iraq Hilla 135 141 Fedayeen suicide car bomber blows his way to paradise by driving into a crowd of unemployed Iraqi Guard volunteers and taking the lives of more than one-hundred souls. Well over a hundred more are injured in the barbaric attack. Many were Christian.
28.02.2005 Afghanistan Takhar 2 0 Two Afghan cops are gunned down by the Taliban.

28.02.2006 Iraq Hurriyah 23 55 Religious extremists bomb a Shiite mosque, slaughtering twenty-three innocents and leaving dozens more in various states of agony.
28.02.2006 Iraq Baghdad 23 51 A Fedayeen suicide bomber joins a line of people waiting for kerosene, then detonates his explosives, killing two dozen innocents and injuring many more.
28.02.2006 Thailand Narathiwat 0 8 A bomb hidden in a food market injures eight.
28.02.2006 India Bijbehara 1 0 Islamic terrorists kill an animal worker.
28.02.2006 Iraq Tarfaya 9 0 Sunnis roundup and execute nine Shias, leaving their bodies at a dump site.
28.02.2006 Iraq Baghdad 18 42 Four separate Jihad bombings leave at least eighteen dead and over forty injured.
Task Force Baghdad soldiers display 107 mm Russian rocket warheads. The warheads were part of a cache found inside a truck in the Al Rasheed district of BaghdadThirteen suicide-bomber vests were part of an explosive and improvised explosive device-making cache uncovered by U.S. soldiers

A Task Force Baghdad soldier holds up one of the 13 suicide-bomber vests. The vests were part of an explosive and improvised explosive device-making cache uncovered by U.S. soldiers

28.02.2007 Iraq Baghdad 12 23 Two car bombs, one a suicide blast and the other at a vegetable market, leave at least a dozen people dead.
28.02.2007 Iraq Muqdadiya 2 0 Two brothers are shot to death by sectarian terrorists.
28.02.2007 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Muslim militants shoot a middle-aged rubber worker to death by the side of the road.
28.02.2007 Iraq Baghdad 16 0 Ten victims of sectarian violence are found murdered in the capital; six in Mosul. Two were beheaded
28.02.2007 Iraq Habaniya 4 14 Jihadis lob mortars into a residential area, killing four people.
28.02.2007 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 48-year-old Buddhist is brutally shot to death by Muslim militants.
28.02.2007 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 59-year-old teacher is gunned down by Islamic terrorists.
28.02.2008 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A traffic officer and his young son are shot to death by radical Sunnis.

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