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THIS DAY February 27

Posted by Shiva on February 26, 2009

26 February 2009 Little Baghdad

The industrial city of Sodertalje — home to truck maker Scania AB — has received worldwide attention for its acceptance of nearly 6,000 Iraqi refugees. Last year, the mayor of the city — nicknamed “little Baghdad”

Arsonists destroyed three supermarkets in a city south of Stockholm and tried to attack a fourth in what may be an anti-American attack, Swedish police said Thursday.

Spokeswoman Kia Samrell said police have no suspect in the fires but are investigating whether an anti-American group was responsible. The Swedish security police said it is assisting on the case.

Samrell said more than 100 firefighters were called in to put out the fires overnight at supermarkets in Sodertalje. Three of the stores were destroyed while the fourth was not damaged. No one was injured.

The fires were in two large branches of Willys, and smaller Ica and Tempo stores. The supermarkets are all Swedish but sell American goods.

The group “Global Intifada” has previously claimed responsibility for smaller fires at other stores in Sodertalje and has urged people to set fire to stores selling American goods, Samrell said.

26 February 2009 DHAKA, Bangladesh

Bangladeshi soldiers carry munitions as they gather outside the Bangladesh Rifles headquarters in Dhaka.

Mutinous Bangladeshi border guards who seized control of their headquarters completed their surrender Thursday after tanks were sent into the capital as a show of force, the government said.

The guards, who are angry over their pay, had agreed overnight to surrender after the government promised them an amnesty and agreed to look into their demands for better conditions. The death toll rose to 11 after one more body was found near the compound.

But the process stalled and the revolt looked to be spreading to other areas Thursday until the prime minister issued a harsh warning to the rebels, backed up by tanks and armored vehicles rolling through the streets of the capital.

Apparently intimidated by the move, the guards hoisted a white flag on Thursday afternoon and resumed laying down arms.

“All the mutinous border guards have surrendered their weapons,” government negotiator Mahbub Ara Gini told reporters, adding that all military officials with their families trapped inside the headquarters had been evacuated.

Home Minister Shahara Khatun said police then took control of the compound. She said no more bodies had been discovered in the compound. Officials had earlier said they feared up to 50 people were dead.

People gather to look at the bodies of members of the Bangladesh Rifles in Dhaka

Bodies of members of the Bangladesh Rifles lie on the ground

Border guards first mutinied Wednesday at the group’s headquarters in Dhaka, turning their weapons on senior officers, seizing a nearby shopping center and trapping students in a school on their compound.

Residents carry a student wounded during the shooting

Then on Thursday, despite an agreement to surrender, mutineers fired shots at the commanding officer‘s residence at a border guard post in the southern town of Tekhnaf early Thursday, sending him fleeing, said police official Jalal Ahmed Chowdhury. Witnesses said violence also erupted at border guard posts in Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong and Naikhongchari in the south, Sylhet in the northeast, Rajshahi and Naogaon in the northwest.

However, no further incidents of violence were reported throughout the day.

Another time, Another place

February 27, 1975: The June 2 German terrorist group kidnapped Peter Lorenz, a prominent Christian Democratic Union Party mayoral candidate. Although the group was not Muslim, any terrorist willing to kidnap and kill, especially Christians and Jews, was a friend of the Islamic states. The terrorists were granted amnesty in Aden, South Yemen. The South Yemen Foreign Ministry assured the terrorists the right to stay in full freedom and without limitation in Aden.
February 27, 1977: Nine people were injured when a time bomb went off in a hotel in Alexandria,Egypt. The bomb was planted by an Egyptian working for Libyan intelligence.

February 27, 1979: A bomb in a book mailed to a Roman Catholic priest who had written for a Croatian-language newspaper exploded outside a parochial elementary school, injuring a police detective who was trying to remove it. The Reverend Timothy Majic said the bomb might have been linked to his work as editor of the Morning Star (the Biblical name for Satan), a Catholic Croatian-language newspaper published in Chicago. He said he had written many anti-Communist editorials and stories since he came to the United States in l951. The Morning Star took the political position of “pleading for a free Croatia,” which was then part of Yugoslavia.

Since the Catholics got the Croat state they wanted, since that state is an outgrowth of the Ustashi movement, since the Ustashi Croats are Roman Catholic Fascists, since these Croats murdered 800,000 Orthodox Christian Serbs and Jews in partnership with Muslim SS troops, and since America and NATO came to the aid of the new Croatian Ustashis and their allies, the Bosnian Muslims, during the Clinton administration, I’d like you to consider the nature of the people the Roman Catholic priest and his Morning Star Luciferian newspaper were advocating on behalf of.

February 27, 1981: Two Iraqi diplomats were murdered while they were on their way to work in Lebanon. They were shot from a passing car by jihadists armed with machine guns. The victimized car was generally used by the Iraqi ambassador, Abdel Razzak Laftah. Recognizing that Lebanon is principally Shia, he had just recently had asked the Lebanese government for added security for the embassy and other Iraqi facilities due to the war between Iran and Iraq.

February 27, 1985
: In Morocco, a West German plane carrying three explorers on a scientific expedition was downed by Muslim Polisario terrorists based out of the Western Sahara. There were no survivors. Polisario said that the plane was similar to reconnaissance planes used by the Moroccan armed forces.

February 27, 1988
: A bomb was detonated in a Pakistani bazaar in Thal. The blast killed five people and wounded 11. Three of the dead and nine of the injured were Afghan refugees.

February 27, 1991
: In Tunisia, Abu al-Abbas assassinated the Dutch diplomat Robert Jan Akkerman at his home in Tunis. According to a PLO spokesperson, the gunmen were planning to kill 30 dinner guests, many of whom were diplomats. Akkerman surprised the gunmen who fled after killing him. In carrying out the attack, the terrorists had hoped to condemn the presence of American and European infidels in Saudi Arabia.

February 27, 1991: The allied forces in Kuwait and Iraq suspended military operations against Iraq. They had achieved a horrid victory. The world’s second largest oil reserve was returned to the emirs, the Islamic warlords who were using their ill-gotten gain to destroy America religiously, politically, financially, and by way of terrorism.

February 27, 1994
: A German tourist was stabbed in the back by a Palestinian woman in Jordan.

February 27, 1995
: Khidir Abd-al-Abbas Hamza, allegedly an exiled Iraqi nuclear scientist, was kidnapped in a suburb of Athens, Greece soon after revealing information about Iraq’s nuclear weapons program. The Iraqi intelligence service, Mukhabarat, was suspected in the murder. Iraqi officials, however, denied kidnapping the man and claimed not to have known of the scientist. Only time would prove them right. Iraq did not have a significant or viable nuclear program. What little had been done in this regard was abandoned in 1991.

February 27, 1996
Another Islamic suicide bomber detonated his explosive pack of nails, metal balls, and rat poison at a hitchhiking post in Ashkelon. One IDF soldier was killed and 34 others were injured, many seriously.

Hamas laced their explosive vests with rat poison and tacks so their victims would be lacerated with wounds which would continue hemorrhaging.

February 27, 2001
: In Kashmir, the Army of Muhammad wounded ten people when Muslim militants threw gasoline into a crowd near the Pappi Land Hotel and ignited them on fire.

February 27, 2001: Palestinians opened attacked the West Bank settlement of Pesagot. And they fired into an Israeli car as it passed a military roadblock north of Tulkarm.

February 27, 2001: Three Israelis were injured in a shooting attack on the Atarot bypass road. The fire came from three men on a hill overlooking the road, and the assailants fled in the direction of Rafat village.

On This Day Since 9/11

27.02.2002 India Tangwari 1 1 The Mujahideen pull a man from a passenger bus and execute him by the roadside.
27.02.2002 Nigeria Ilorin 3 0 Eid-el-Kabir celebrants kill three Christians.

27.02.2003 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Sunni terrorists kill two Shiites in a shooting attack at their coffee shop.
27.02.2003 Chechnya Argun 3 0 Three Russian soldiers killed by Jihadi car-bomb in Chechnya.
27.02.2003 Pakistan Joharabad 1 0 A man is gunned down in a sectarian attack.

27.02.2004 Israel Lahav 2 0 Palestinian gunmen open fire on a civilian vehicle, killing two young Jewish parents of a two-year old daughter.
27.02.2004 Algeria Boukerdane 2 0 Two off-duty soldiers are executed by Islamic extremists after being stopped at a fake checkpoint.
27.02.2004 India Beerwah 1 3 Militant Muslims fire on a political rally with RPGs. One woman is killed and two other women hurt.
27.02.2004 Bangladesh Dhaka 0 1 An author and scholar barely survives a brutal assassination attempt by Islamists wielding machetes and knives.

February 27, 2004, The 2004 SuperFerry 14 bombing resulted in the sinking of the ferry SuperFerry 14 and the deaths of 116 people in the Philippines’ deadliest terrorist attack and the world’s deadliest terrorist attack at sea.

The 10,192-ton ferry sailed out of Manila with about 900 passengers and crew. A television set containing an 8-pound (4 kilograms) TNT bomb had been placed on board. 90 minutes out of port, the bomb exploded. 63 people were killed immediately and 53 were missing and presumed dead.

Despite claims from various terrorist groups, the blast was initially thought to have been an accident, caused by a gas explosion. However, after divers righted the ferry five months after it sank, they found evidence of a bomb blast. A man named Redendo Cain Dellosa also admitted to planting the bomb on board for the Abu Sayyaf guerrilla group.

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo announced on October 11, 2004, that investigators had concluded that the explosion had been caused by a bomb. She said six suspects had been arrested in connection with the bombing and that the masterminds, Khadaffy Janjalani and Abu Sulaiman, were still at large. It was believed that Abu Sayyaf bombed Superferry 14 because the company that owned it, WG&A, did not comply with a letter demanding protection money.

27.02.2005 Algeria Souk El-Khemis 2 0 Two people in a small Algerian town are killed when religious fundamentalists set off a bomb.
27.02.2005 Iraq Mosul 12 2 Car bomber kills eight people and Jihad gunmen kill another four in a separate incident, also in Mosul.
27.02.2006 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 2 3 Two Filipino oil workers are killed when al-Qaeda militants open fire on Saudi security forces.
27.02.2006 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Two villagers are gunned down by Islamic terrorists in separate attacks.
27.02.2006 Iraq Baghdad 11 17 Four people are killed in a mortar attack and three more die in a roadside bombing near Kirkuk. Four bound bodies are found elsewhere.
27.02.2006 Iraq Baqubah 2 5 Gunmen kill the owner of a glaze shop and an employee.
27.02.2006 India Sopore 1 0 The Mujahideen gun down a civilian on the street.

27.02.2007 Iraq Baghdad 16 42 At least sixteen people are murdered in various attacks by Islamic terrorists.
27.02.2007 India Wagoora 1 0 A man who was shot by the Mujahideen a week earlier succumbs to his injuries.
27.02.2007 Pakistan Jandola 1 0 A teacher is abducted and beheaded by militant Muslims, who then dump his body in a sack.
27.02.2007 Algeria Ain Rich 3 1 Three security officers are killed in separate attacks by Islamic fundamentalists.
27.02.2007 Iraq al-Baaj 4 6 A suicide bomber walks into the reception area of a cement company and kills four other people.
27.02.2007 Pal. Auth. Gaza 3 0 Three prostitutes are gunned down in suspected honor killings by religious fundamentalists.
27.02.2007 Iraq Mosul 7 42 Seven people are murdered when a suicide truck bomber detonates along a city street.
27.02.2007 Afghanistan Bagram 23 11 A Fedayeen suicide bomber blows apart two-dozen innocent lives.
27.02.2008 Israel Sderot 1 1 Hamas kills an Israeli student with a rocket barrage on a college campus.
27.02.2008 Iraq Mosul 2 1 Two civilians are killed in a Jihad bomb blast.
27.02.2008 Iraq Hamdaniyah 1 0 A university student is shot to death by suspected fundamentalists.
27.02.2008 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 6 Two local soldiers are gunned down in an ambush by religious extremists.
27.02.2008 Thailand Yala 1 4 A local soldier is killed in a bombing ambush by Islamic militants.
27.02.2008 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Muslim gunmen murder a 60-year-old man sitting in this truck.
27.02.2008 India Pulwama 2 1 Two local cops are massacred in a Mujahideen ambush. Elsewhere, an 11-year-old boy is severely injured in a bomb attack.

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