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THIS DAY February 25

Posted by Shiva on February 24, 2009

This I posted one year ago 26/02/08 on my old blog (Illustrated PIG To Islam)

The Maldives is like a string of pearls – 1192 islands and atolls, none more than 6′ above the sea level. The country stretches 600 miles north-south with no island more than a couple of miles long as it dangles below the Indian sub-continent.

The Maldives are reminiscent of the South Pacific Islands with clear waters, gentle breezes, and white sandy beaches.


For tourists without any knowledge of domestic sharia laws in the Maldives, it is a country of peace and tranquility, paradise. For the moslem men who strive to follow their prophets perfect example the Maldives is paradise

Fuvahmulak Imam Accused Of Serial Paedophilia

By Aiman Rasheed
February 25, 2008

Ali Hassan, 66, Imam of Gnaviyani atoll Fuvahmulak, has been accused of molesting and raping a ten-year-old girl last Wednesday.
The gynaecologist at the island’s hospital, Dr Thajwar, told Minivan News there was conclusive evidence of rape and that the ten-year-old had been “sexually active.”
Police media co-ordinator Sergeant Shiyam confirmed that such a case was “under investigation,” but refrained from revealing any further information “due to the nature of the case.”
But local police said they were investigating other, similar allegations against the same suspect, who is currently out of the country.


Abdulla Ahmed, brother of the alleged victim, said that Ali Hassan had “groomed” the girl by giving her sweets and money before allegedly committing the crime.
Mazeena Jameel, Director General of the Child Protection Authority, said international research indicates paedophiles either “threaten” or “bribe by giving presents” to the child they plan to abuse, as part of a “strategy” to gain access.
Staff Sergeant Hassan Shifau, who heads Fuvahmulak police station, told Minivan News that further allegations of child abuse against Ali Hassan were being investigated by Fuvahmulak police.
But the investigations are hindered by the absence of Ali Hassan, who is out of the country for medical reasons, he added.

Social Stigma

The family of the alleged victim also believe it was “not an isolated” incident. They accuse Ali Hassan of being a “serial molester.”
Aishath Mohamed, 47, claims that Ali Hassan also molested her daughter, now 16 years old, seven years ago.
However, Aishath said she had not gone to the authorities because the Imam was a “respected member of society”.
She felt that pressing charges would “hurt her daughter” due to the social stigma attached to such an incident.


The families of both of Hassan’s alleged victims question whether justice will be served.
In child abuse cases, there maybe no evidence of trauma on the victim’s body, argued Aishath Mohamed.
This means that – unlike in last week’s case – there would be no way to prove her child had indeed been molested, besides the child’s evidence.
In child abuse cases, medical reports, witness accounts and victim statements can be used as evidence, State Attorney Hussein Shameem said.
Shameem added that a draft bill on admissible and inadmissible evidence had been completed, and that this will clarify how expert opinion – such as a statement from a psychologist – can be used as evidence in courts of law.

Further Cases

Another case of accused child abuse is under investigation by Fuvahmulak police, but the accused man, Ahmed Shareef remains at large in the island while the investigation is ongoing.
This case comes after the Justice Ministry announced that sex offenders will face jail sentences rather than banishment under amendments brought to sentencing earlier this month.
This is the second case of alleged paedophilia from Gnaviyani Atoll Fuvahmulak this month.

Now this takes some believing


By Minivan News
January 29, 2008
A gang of four men cleared previously of raping a twelve-year old girl were sentenced to two years’ banishment for “forceful sexual assault” in a high court appeal case today.
But in defiance of previous government pledges, the court has not imposed any prison sentence.
The state had appealed following a ruling last July that the men were guilty of “consensual sex before marriage”, claiming the girl had agreed to have sex because she didn’t “scream out” after the men broke into her house.

The men were then sentenced to eight months’ exile from their home island, Lhaviyani atoll Kurendhoo, the minimum possible for sex outside marriage.

The High Court has now overruled the previous verdict, stating that sex was not necessarily consensual, and has increased the punishment.
But the victim’s father said he is concerned the men will be free to reoffend – echoing previous comments by local women’s and children’s organisations.


The four men were sentenced to a total of two years’ banishment and fifteen lashings each. But the gang have already served part of their banishment sentence so face only eighteen months more in exile.
However the ruling directly contradicts a government commitment to the UN that child sex offenders would be imprisoned rather than banished.
The government had also pledged to change the law, which allows sex offenders to live and work among children on any island outside their own atoll.
The father of the victim, who has four children, said: “The government should not allow the criminal to have access to other children on other islands. No parent would want it.”

The Attack

The twelve-year-old was attacked on January 31 2007 when the group of four men, aged between 19 and 25, used an axe to smash the window of the her bedroom before taking her from her bed and having sex with her.
The father also alleged that, although the defendants were said to have been under house arrest in Male’ in the run-up to the trial, one of them, Ahmed Jaleel, had broken into a shop during that time.
He also told Minivan News that his daughter was “psychologically affected” by what had happened and has still not recovered.
In July, the judge noted “the girl had reached puberty” and found “she was a willing partner,” because she had not screamed, struggled or told her sister-in-law or stepmother about the event.
But on Tuesday, High Court Judge Ali Hamid said that the explanation given for the decision that sex was consensual was inconsistent with Maldivian legislation and Shari’ah law.
State Attorney Hussein Shameem said he believed the new sentence was “probably about average” for such a crime.
During the prosecution case, Shameem argued the minor could not give consent for something that was harmful to her. He also said that just because the girl did not struggle, it did not mean she had consented.
Defence Lawyer Mr Shaheem refused to comment on the case.

“Protect Our Children”

A number of high profile sexual offence cases in recent years have increased pressure on the government to confront the issue and reform the law.
Local NGO Rights for All launched a campaign last year to raise awareness.
And the lack of harsh sentencing has led to an online petition calling for legal reform.
With about 200 signatories, it demands that current gender minister Aishath Mohamed Didi “protect our children” by condemning lenient sentencing.
“How can four men, who raped a twelve year old, be sent to an island – possibly four separate islands – where there will be other vulnerable young females?” Aishath Velezinee, of women’s rights NGO Hama Jamiyya, said after the previous hearing.

Stay away from this paradise for perverts

February 25, 1982: Twelve Shia gunmen, firing automatic weapons into the air, seized a Kuwaiti jetliner with 105 people aboard shortly after it landed at Beirut airport on a flight from Libya. The gunmen were seeking to draw attention to the disappearance of their religious leader in Libya. They threatened to blow up the plane unless they were granted their demands.

This act of terrorism, unlike that of the Armenians, was wrong in every way. Imam Sadr was the founder of a ruthless terrorist organization and he was killed because he actively advocated the creation of an Islamic theocracy in Libya. Further, the airline hostages were civilians – not Libyan government representatives. And even then, while the OPECing Qadhafi was a terrorist scoundrel, he only killed Sadr because Sadr had called for him to be deposed. The Libyan regime was worthy of condemnation to be sure, but they had not systematically slaughtered a million Christians.

There had been six previous hijackings by Shiites protesting the disappearance of Imam Moussa Sadr. The Iranian-born Shiite Islamic leader was the highest-ranking religious cleric in Lebanon. He was best known for having founded AMAL to terrorize the Lebanon into accepting a Shi’ite theocracy.

Sadr’s AMAL terrorists surrendered when a Shiite leader promised that Islamic leaders from Lebanon, Syria, Algeria, and Iran would form delegations to press their case at the United Nations and the International Court of Justice. Seeing the jihadists as heroes, Lebanese security officials released the hijackers. When Western aviation officials asked the government where the hijackers had gone, a Lebanese official said, “They have gone home. They are probably sipping hot coffee with their kin.”.

February 25, 1990: A gunboat flying a Syrian flag opened fire on a Cypriot ship transporting passengers from Lebanon to Cyprus. One person was killed and 25 were injured. The Cypriot ship had been flying the Lebanese flag when it was attacked.

February 25, 1990: An exiled Albanian leader was assassinated in his car in Brussels, Belgium.

February 25, 1990
: A gunboat flying a Syrian flag opened fire on a Cypriot ship transporting passengers from Lebanon to Cyprus. One person was killed and 25 were injured. The Cypriot ship had been flying the Lebanese flag when it was attacked.

February 25, 1990: An exiled Albanian leader was assassinated in his car in Brussels, Belgium.

February 25, 1993
: In Thailand, Muslims planted a bomb exploded outside an American-run oil depot in the Songkla Province, near the border with Malaysia. The device was similar to one used to terrorize passengers riding the Hat Yai railway in August 1992. That one had been deployed by Islamic fundmentalists wearing the Pattani United Liberation Front label.

February 25, 1994
: A British tourist was stabbed by a Palestinian Muslim from Hebron.

February 25, 1994: Demonstrating what a prolonged terrorist assault is capable of doing to a man, Baruch Goldstein, a resident of the Kiryat Arba settlement in Hebron, snapped, opening fire on Muslims at the Tomb of the Patriarchs, killing 29. The enraged Israeli wounded 250 Arabs before he was killed. Islamic riots broke out throughout Israel in response.

The exact date which Dr. Goldstein chose to carry out his one man genocide-suicide has a special significance for hard-core, fundamentalist Zionists. That year (1994), the jewish holiday of Purim (see Book of Esther in the Old Testament) fell on February 25th. Purim celebrates the mass killing of the jews’ ancient Persian enemies. The heroine of the story is named Hadassah. Hadassah and her Uncle Mordecai gain influence over King Xerxes and use that influence to save the jews from the persecution of the hated vizier named Haman.

Hadassah and Mordecai persuade Xerxes to issue a decree of extermination against Haman and the “anti-semites” of Persia. Under the direction of Uncle Mordecai, and the blessing of his puppet King Xerxes, the jews of Persia proceed to carry out a mass killing of Persians. Chapter 9 of The Old Testament Book of Esther tells the bloody story:

“All the people were seized with fear of the jews. Moreover, all the officials of the provinces, the satraps, governors, and royal procurators supported the jews for fear of Mordecai: for Mordecai was powerful in the royal palace and he was continually growing in power…In Susa, the jews killed and destroyed 500 men.

“The jews struck down all their enemies with the sword, killing and destroying them: they did to their enemies as they pleased…..When the number of those killed was reported to the king, he said to Queen Esther:…”You shall be granted whatever you ask.” So Esther said, if it pleases your majesty, let the jews be permitted again tomorrow to act according to today’s decree, and let the ten sons of Haman be hanged on gibbets.”……So the ten sons of Haman were hanged, and the jews mustered again…and killed 300 men in Susa. “The other jews who dwelt in the royal provinces also mustered….they killed 75,000 of their foes.”

An official inquiry later ruled that Goldstein had been working on his own and did not have an accomplice. Goldstein had lived in Israel for 11 years and was a doctor in the Jewish settlement of Kiryat Arba, just outside Hebron.

As the settlement’s main emergency doctor he was involved in treating victims of Arab-Israeli violence. It is reported that his hatred became so intense that eventually he refused to treat Palestinians.

Goldstein had been a member of the Jewish Defence League, a violent organisation established by Rabbi Meir Kahane. Some settlers treated Goldstein as a saint, establishing a shrine to him that was forcibly removed by the Israeli Government in 1999.

In the thirty-four year history chronicled in the Islamic Terrorism Timeline, in all of the 2000 pages of evidence and events, this is the first significant act of terror perpetrated by a Jew against Arab Muslims. And while this man’s actions were inexcusable, the Muslims were not entirely innocent. Not only was their religion responsible for the massacre of millions of Jews starting with Muhammad himself, Muslims should never have built a mosque on a Jewish religious site.

There had been long-standing tensions between Muslims and Jews over the use of the Cave of the Patriarchs because Muslims didn’t belong there any more than Jews belonged building a synagogue around the Ka’aba in Mecca.

February 25, 1995
: Two Turkish travel agencies in Cologne, Germany were attacked by Muslim Kurds armed with Molotov cocktails. At the site of the crime, PKK Kurdish literature was found.

February 25, 1996
: The Palestinian religious and political organization HAMAS, detonated a pair of human bombs in public busses in Jerusalem and Ashkelon. They killed 28 civilians and wounded 80 more. Three of those injured were U.S. citizens—all of whom later died of their wounds.

In Islam, a woman’s womb is a weapon of mass destruction.
The first Islamic suicide bomber detonated himself on the No.18 Egged bus in Jerusalem. His 22-pound bomb killed 23 Jews and Americans while mutilating 50 others. Immediately after the attack, the Ezzedin al-Qassam wing of Hamas, claimed credit for the savagery, saying that it was in retaliation for the killing of Yehiya Ayyash—Hamas’ most notorious suicide bomb maker. While “The Engineer” had died in a bomb blast from a booby-trapped cell phone, it could well have been a case of premature detonation. And even if Israel had killed him, assassinating a mass murderer isn’t morally equivalent to committing mass murder – at least to non-Muslims that is.
The second Islamic suicide bomber blew himself to Allah 30 minutes later. He was riding in an Ashqelon bus. Trying to be as deceptive as possible, this bomber wore an Israeli army uniform. He killed three IDF soldiers and wounded thirty civilians.

February 25, 2001
: An Israeli woman was wounded by Palestinian gunmen who fired into her car as she was driving near the West Bank settlement of Ofra. An Israeli man was wounded in a drive-by shooting near the West Bank settlement of Ateret.

On This Day Since 9/11

25.02.2002 Israel Tekoa 2 1 An Islamic terrorist kills two Jews and injures one other in a shooting attack.
25.02.2002 Israel Neve Ya’akov 1 2 One killed and two injured by a Palestinian terrorist while waiting for a bus.
25.02.2003 Afghanistan Dilaram 1 1 Senior Afghan official gunned down in Taliban-sponsored attack. His bodyguard is also injured in the shooting.
25.02.2003 Philippines Zamboanga 2 2 Muslim rebels attack a logging company and kill two employees.
25.02.2003 Algeria Hameur El Ain 12 7 Armed Islamists set up bogus roadblock and then stab or shoot to death twelve civilians. Seven others are injured in the attack.
25.02.2003 East Timor Aidabaleten 1 2 Pro-Jakarta militiamen attack a minibus in East Timor, killing one person and injuring two pregnant women.
25.02.2003 India Punzgam 1 0 A man is pulled brutally from his home and killed by a group of radical Muslims.
25.02.2004 Nigeria Yelwa 49 0 Forty-nine members of a farming community are slaughtered by Muslim Fulanis after taking refuge in a local church. Most of the Christians were brutally hacked to death. The number of injured is unknown.
25.02.2005 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Islamists murder a civilian in a coconut plantation.
25.02.2005 Nigeria Sokoto 3 0 .Shia extremists kill three Sunnis as they are walking out of a mosque.
25.02.2005 Israel Tel Aviv 5 49 Three weeks after a truce-signing, a Palestinian suicide bomber kills five Israelis outside a nightclub. Forty-nine others in line are injured

25.02.2006 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A Thai soldier is killed after being ambushed by Islamic radicals.
25.02.2006 Iraq Baghdad 26 0 Twenty-six bodies are found in six locations in the city. Some showed signs of torture.
25.02.2006 Iraq Karbala 8 31 Eight people are blown apart by a Sunni car bomb at a crowded market. At least thirty others are injured.
25.02.2006 Iraq Baqubah 13 0 In a horrible attack, thirteen members of a Shia family (representing three generations) are slaughtered by Sunni gunmen as they are fleeing the violence.
25.02.2006 Ingushetia Ordzhonikidzevskaya 1 1 A woman is killed when a militant throws a hand grenade trough the window of her house.
25.02.2006 India Sarhuti 1 0 Only weeks after the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen beheaded her fiance, the same group breaks into a young woman’s house and shoots her to death.
25.02.2006 Iraq Baghdad 3 8 Radicals attack a funeral procession for a journalist, killing at least three people.

25.02.2007 Iraq Baghdad 19 4 Nineteen people are murdered by Islamic terrorists in various attacks.
25.02.2007 Iraq Baghdad 42 55 Suicide bombers strike a university, slaughtering at least forty innocents in the reception area.
25.02.2007 Iraq Mosul 24 0 Sectarian factions go on a killing spree, taking down at least two dozen Iraqis.
25.02.2007 Pakistan Kahan 3 0 A woman and two children are killed when Taliban-backed militants fire a rocket into a home.
25.02.2007 Israel Hebron 1 0 An Israeli settler is stabbed to death by Palestinian militants.
25.02.2007 Pakistan Larkana Tehsil 0 3 Three Hindu woman are gang-raped in their home at gunpoint by a Muslim gang.
25.02.2008 Pakistan Mansehra 5 10 Two women are among five dead when Islamists attack and burn down a humanitarian agency office.
25.02.2008 Iraq Mosul 7 7 Three members of the same family are killed in their home by Jihads. Four other Iraqis are killed in a separate attack.
25.02.2008 Pakistan Rawalpindi 8 35 Eight people are killed when a suicide bomber rams into another vehicle along a city road.
25.02.2008 Iraq Baghdad 4 15 Three women are among four Shia pilgrims killed by radical Sunni bombers.
25.02.2008 Iraq Haruja 8 0 Eight women are kidnapped and executed by Islamic fundamentalists.
25.02.2008 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 A young police officer is assassinated outside his home by Islamic militia members.
25.02.2008 Afghanistan Helmand 5 1 Religious extremists kill five civilians with a rocket.
25.02.2008 Iraq Samarra 3 8 A suicide bomber in a wheelchair murders three Iraqi policemen.
25.02.2008 Pakistan Mingora 1 0 A traffic cop is gunned down by Muslim militants.

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