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The BNP is not a Nazi party, Right? Why does Infidels Bloggers Alliance so against the BNP?

Posted by avideditor on February 23, 2009

I am against all jihadis on an ideological ground. It has nothing to do with race. It seems IBA is wagging a “jihad” against the BNP. It seems they have been reading LGF too much. I am an American and I admit that I do not know that much about the BNP. To my knowledge some of the BPN leaders are pro Nazi. McCain was old and for open borders it does not mean all the republicans that supported him where old and for open borders. He was just the lesser of two evils IMHO. To my knowledge the BNP party is not a Nazi party. I think Meline Philps is wrong in saying this 

“For the BNP is truly a racist party which stands for a racially pure Britain. Pretending that it merely wants to preserve British culture, it actually believes that anyone who is not white or is a Jew will pollute that culture.”

Is my instinct right and is Melanie wrong or is the BNP really so misguided? Why is the IBA waging a “jihadi” against the BNP? Until I get answers I am now longer going to link to one of my favorite sites, the IBA. But feel free to read “What does Losing Really Mean?” if you want. IMHO it is one of the best blog post I have ever read.

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Islamberg, New York USA

Posted by Glezele Vayne on February 23, 2009


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From Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

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THIS DAY February 24

Posted by Shiva on February 23, 2009

February, 24, 1568. Akbar had ordered massacre of 30,000 plus unarmed captive Hindu peasants after the fall of Chitod

Despite nearly five centuries of Muslim occupation of India, Rajasthan in 1567 CE was still almost entirely Hindu. Akbar infiltrated the area by marrying into Rajasthan’s ruling houses and by steadily capturing various forts on the eastern fringe of Rajputana. But the senior house of Rajasthan, Rana of Mewar proudly refused any alliance with Mughals.

Akbar’s army started a campaign for Chitod in 1567. Rana of Mewar, Uday Singh left his capital, the great fort of Chitod to be defended by 8,000 Rajputs under an excellent commander,Jai Mal, and took himself and his family to the safety of the hills. Akbar arrived on October 24, 1567 and laid a siege of Chitod. Akbar’s huge army’s camp stretched for almost ten miles . Akbar planned two methods of assault -mining and building a ‘sabat’, a structure which provides the invading army a cover of a high wall as it progresses ‘infinitely slowly’ towards the fort wall and tightens the noose around the fort. The mining proved disastrous since an explosion of a mistimed second mine claimed Akbar’s nearly 200 men including some leading nobles.

As the noose of ‘sabat’tightened, Akbar forces lost nearly 200 men a day to musket fire from the fort. Almost four months after the siege, on February 23, 1567, a musket shot fired from the Mughal army killed Jai Mal.

Some chroniclers claim that this shot was fired by Akbar himself. With the death of their leader Jai Mal, the Rajputs for a while lost heart. That night flames leapt to the sky as THOUSANDS OF RAJPUT WOMEN PERFORMED JAUHAR (act of self-immolation, the term is a corruption of Jay Har – meaning Hail Shiva). They preferred jumping into a roaring fire, to being captured by Mughal Akbar. Later events do lend credit to their astute judgement. This was the THIRD JAUHAR IN THE HISTORY OF CHITOD. Read the rest of this entry »

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