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THIS DAY February 20

Posted by Shiva on February 19, 2009

Asylum seekers set fire to lock-up
Peaceful moslems set fire to lock-up

February 20, 2009

A REVOLT by desperate refugees/peaceful moslems on the rocky Italian island of Lampedusa has been quelled by tear gas, leaving the centre severely damaged and sending 24 inmates and police to hospital with burns and injuries.

The centre, recently transformed by the Government from a temporary assessment point for medical and social aid to a permanent holding facility, was built for 800 new arrivals but often houses double that number and more.

The Mayor of Lampedusa, Bernardino de Rubeis, said the desperate refugees/peaceful moslems were at the end of their tether and the decision to turn the island into “the Alcatraz of the Mediterranean” had begun to take its toll.

“The desperate refugees/peaceful moslems are exasperated; they have had enough,” he said.

The outbreak began during a meal when a group of Tunisian men accepted food, breaking a pact for a hunger strike that started the day before. When police and centre staff attempted to break up the scuffle, the men turned on the centre, ripping up toilets, removing doors and smashing tables and furniture.

Inmates also set fire to the walls of several buildings, which became engulfed in 10-metre flames within minutes. The walls are made of a light material, Isopam, which is highly flammable.

The United Nations Human Rights Council has called for an immediate evacuation of the desperate refugees/peaceful moslems but Italian authorities are now attempting to expedite the expulsion and deportation of the 800 or so immigrants in the centre while it assesses the damage.

The centre was not created as a prison and was known until recently as “centro de accoglimento”, or welcome centre, built simply to house, clothe and feed those who arrive by sea, often hungry and thirsty after many days in small boats.

Arrivals have been provided with medical aid and information on their legal status and, once rested, transferred to Sicily or the mainland for processing.


Now lets see what other pranks these peaceful moslems have been up to

February 20, 1971: A bomb made up of plastic explosives was found on the grounds of the U.S. Information Service facility in Ankara, Turkey. The fuse had been lit, but the bomb failed to explode.

February 20, 1973: Three Pakistani Muslim youths attacked the Indian High Commission in London and held staff members hostage, injuring some of them. British police shot two of the Islamic gunmen and arrested the third, who said they belonged to a group called Black December, and that they had intended to take hostages in order to obtain an audience with Prime Minister Indira Ghandi to demand the release of Pakistani prisoners of war.

February 20, 1979: In Turkey, the car of a U.S. serviceman working for NATO in Izmir was firebombed.

February 20, 1983: Hundreds die in Assam poll violence.

Villages have been set on fire and bridges and offices have been burnt amid reports that up to 600 people have been killed in the north-eastern India state.

Hundreds of villagers are reported to have been hacked and speared to death by tribesmen around the area of Nellie.

Anti-government protesters have clashed with police and paramilitary forces as students campaigned against the state assembly election.

They say they are protesting at the inclusion of large numbers of illegal immigrants on voting lists.

The respected newspaper The Hindu has called for the election to be called off amid reports that some Assamese civil servants have refused to do election duty because of fears for their safety.

Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi said that “no one has the right to stop the election”.

Fresh polling has been ordered in some districts after booths were taken over, ballot boxes stolen and voters intimidated. Turnout was said to be low as militants warned local people not to go to the polls.

There are reported to be more than 70,000 police and paramilitary forces trying to keep order amid rioting and looting in several districts.

Groups of Assamese have been fighting immigrants from Bangladesh with machetes, petrol bombs and stones.

Some people died in these communal clashes between Hindus and Muslims while others were killed when security forces opened fire on crowds.

Many women and children are thought to have died in the rice growing area, with bodies found in streams.

Eyewitnesses reported that 1,000 people died in the election violence although communications in many areas were poor and it was difficult to estimate the final number of dead.

According to unofficial figures, nearly 3,000 Muslims died in the riots, massacred by the ethnic Assamese and Lalungs who wanted to evict them as part of protests against so-called foreigners.

February 20, 1988: Two Molotov cocktails were thrown at the U.S. Consulate in East Jerusalem by Fatah terrorists.

February 20, 1991: Molotov cocktails were thrown at the Australia-American Association club in Sydney, Australia because it catered to U.S. naval personnel. A man with a Middle Eastern accent called a television station to announce that the attack was linked to the Persian Gulf War.

February 20, 1993::A bomb was tossed into the Turkish Embassy in Tehran, Iran. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility. The same day grenades were thrown at the British Embassy in Tehran. Islamic Jihad claimed credit for that attack as well. Then, Islamic Jihad bombed the Italian Embassy.

February 20, 1995: In the Netherlands, a car bomb exploded in Rotterdam killing a Turkish man when it exploded. Kurdish Muslims were suspected.

February 20, 1996: Two Iranian dissidents who were affiliated with Mujahideen-e Khalq, were executed in Istanbul, Turkey. Islamic militants in the group claimed that Iranian diplomats had ordered the assassinations.

February 20, 1997: U.S. Air Force officials announced the deployment of 30 warplanes and more than 1,000 airmen in Qatar to help train the emirate’s Air Force and enforce the no­-fly zone over southern Iraq, which was established in 1991 after Iraq crushed a rebellion by Shiite Muslims following the Gulf War.

February 20, 2000: In the Philippines, the Islamic terrorist group Abu Sayyaf bombed a restaurant and two police stations in Basilan, killing one and wounding 17 others.

February 20, 2001: A Palestinian attacked a settler with a knife in Hebron, injuring him. Later in the day, shots were fired into Jewish homes in Hebron.

February 20, 2001: A female pharmacist was abducted by members of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) while she was inside her delivery vehicle. Members of the fundamentalist Islamic group took the pharmacist, Nurhana Daud, at gunpoint and took her toward the Darayan Village in Patikul.

On This Day Since 9/11

2/20/2007 Iraq Baghdad 33 0 Thirty-three victims of sectarian hatred within the Religion of Peace are found in the capital and in Mosul.
2/20/2007 Thailand Songkhla 1 0 A village chief is gunned down by Islamic radicals.
2/20/2007 Iraq Baghdad 7 15 A suicidal Sunni attacks a Shia funeral procession, killing seven innocents.
2/20/2007 India Anantnag 2 0 Two guards are killed by the Al-Mansooran terrorist group.
2/20/2007 Iraq Taji 5 138 Islamic terrorists explode a truck near a restaurant, spreading chlorine gas over an area.
2/20/2007 Iraq Baghad 10 31 Two Jihad bombings, one a gas station and the other at a vegetable market, kill ten innocent people.
2/20/2007 Somalia Mogadishu 16 40 Islamic militias rain down mortars on areas of the city, killing at least sixteen residents.

2/20/2007 Pakistan Gujranwala 1 0 A woman is shot to death by an Islamic extremist for not wearing a head scarf.
2/20/2007 USA Nashville, TN 0 1 A Muslim cab driver runs over a Christian after arguing about religion. The young man’s ankle and hip are broken by the vehicle.
2/20/2006 Pakistan Eisokhel 1 0 Uzbeki Islamists kill a local tribesman in a terror attack.
2/20/2006 Iraq Mosul 5 21 A Jihadi eats his breakfast at a packed diner, then places a bomb under the counter before walking out. Five people killed. Two dozen injured.
2/20/2006 Iraq Kadhimiya 12 9 A Fedayeen suicide bomber massacres a dozen innocent Shias on a passenger bus. Survivors suffered horrible burns.
2/20/2006 Iraq Baghdad 10 53 Muslim radicals kill ten people in five deadly attacks around the country.




2/20/2006 Nigeria Maiduguri 30 95 An additional thirty bodies are counted from the Muslim rioting against Christians over the weekend.
2/20/2006 India Pattan 1 0 Militant Muslims shoot a civilian to death on a highway.
2/20/2005 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Militants gun down a civilian outside a hospital.
2/20/2004 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 In two separate attacks, a Muslim cleric and an Iraqi translator are gunned down by assassins.
2/20/2003 Philippines Kabacan 1 10 A 17-year old is killed and about ten others injured by a terror bombing.
2/20/2003 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 0 British man shot to death by Islamists while waiting at a traffic light.
2/20/2003 India Baramulla 6 3 Six Hindu civilians are blown apart by a road-mine planted by Muslim militants.
2/20/2003 Philippines Awang Airport 1 6 Abu Sayyaf car bomb explodes near the airport, killing one and injuring six other civilians.

Todays biggest joke CAIR the unindicted co-conspirator has asked the FBI to investigate comments, in their latest attempt to stifle free speech, made on Little Green Footballs a politically conservative site.

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  1. DMartyr said

    I admire the Assamese and Lalungs for having the bollocks to treat muslimes the way muslimes having treated innocents for centuries.

    I guarantee muslimes in Assam will think twice before inciting violence against non-muslims.

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