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Wafa Sultan and Ayaan Hirsi Ali Confront Sleeping Americans

Posted by Glezele Vayne on February 15, 2009


A hat tip goes to Wafa Sultan and Glenn Beck for calling my attention to the lovely, courageous Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Wafa Sultan’s full speech is featured below. I have several other videos of Dr. Sultan linked on the “Videos” page located at the top of this blog. Ayaan’s video follows.

Wafa Sultan:

“Now I am free. But I cannot forget my niece. She was forced to marry her cousin when she was ten. He was over forty. Her marriage was valid and legalized under the Islamic sharia, because Mohammed the prophet of Islam married his second wife when she was six. He was over fifty. I always remember my niece coming back to her father’s house begging him not to send her back to her husband. He would say ‘In Islam, it is shame for a woman to leave her husband (sic) house. god will reward you for obeying him.’ At the age of twenty-five, my niece committed suicide by setting herself on fire. She was burned to death, leaving four children behind her.

“In 2002 the Saudi religious police stopped school girls from leaving a blazing building because they weren’t wearing the correct Islamic dress. There were about eight-hundred female students in the school building when this tragedy took place, and at least fifteen girls were killed according to Saudi (sic) newspaper, which I don’t believe. I believe the number was much higher.

“Because of that, and because of many, many human tragedies that I have witnessed in the first three decades of my life, I have decided to fight Islam. Please pay attention to my statement. To fight Islam! Not the political Islam! Not the militant Islam! Not the radical Islam! Not the Wahhabi Islam! But Islam itself. I truly believe that the West has invented these terms for the sake of being politically correct.

“Growing up in Syria I have never heard but Islam (sic). Islam has never been misunderstood. Islam is the problem but no one is stating the truth. No one is taking a hard look at the root of the terrorism, which is the brainwashing machine called Islam. Islam is not up to me, is not up to any Muslim man or woman. Islam is exactly what the prophet Mohammed did and said. In order to understand Islam, you have to read the biography of Mohammed. It is very traumatizing. It is very shocking. He married his second wife when she was six years old. He was over fifty.

“I just came back from France. I debated with a Muslim Pakistani woman. She was the Minister of Women in Pakistan. When I told this fact to my audience, she turned to me and she said ‘It is a big lie. She was nine not six.’ It sounds like when a policeman stop (sic) you because you are driving over one-hundred mph and you turn to him and say, “It is a big lie. I was driving ninety mph, not 100 mph.’ — ‘She was nine, not six.’

“He married his second wife, she was his daughter-in-law. His son was adopted and at that time is wasn’t accepted by the pre-Islamic Arabic culture. So he turned to his followers and he said, ‘I was told by god that adoption is forbidden.’ And adoption, believe it or not, has been forbidden in the Islamic culture to justify his marriage of his daughter-in-law.

“His third wife was Sophia. She was a Jewish woman. It was well documented, well written in our school book (sic) that he attacked her tribe. He killed her father, her brother, and her husband at the same day (sic) he slept with her. That’s what I call Islam.

“You need to know. You need to understand that Islam is the problem. I am sick and tired of people here in the West asking me to soften my message. I am sick and tired of people asking me ‘Are you trying to change 1.3 billion people?’

Yes, I am trying. Yes I am. It is not a matter of ‘I am trying’. I will change them. I want you to know that the very first value I learned when I came to this great country, that you can do the impossible if you truly believe in yourself. I not only believe in myself. I believe in many million (sic) Muslim women, like Noni Darwish, and Ayaan Ali, and we are working hand in hand to change 1.3 billion Muslim (sic). They have to realize that they have only two choices; to change or to be crushed.

“Please. Please don’t let your civilized way of thinking interfere with your defending your great country. Please, please defend your values. Please defend your freedoms. Defend the heaven you are living in. Don’t take anything for granted. I don’t. I enjoy every single minute of my American life. Just walking down my street by myself without being accused of being a ‘whore!’ is a bless (sic) for me. Just chatting with my next door male neighbor without being accused of committing adultery is a bless (sic) for me. Having a cup of coffee at Starbucks by myself is a bless (sic). Please. Please don’t take anything for granted. Please defend this beautiful country.

“My dream is to see my country Syria as free as America, not the other way around.

“When I was in Syria, I cried a lot. Now that I am free, I still cry — and much harder — for those women whom I left behind. My dream of one day having all of them free should be the dream of all humanity.

“Thank you so much. G-d bless you. G-d bless America.”

Anyone working with Muslims in order to help them, in any capacity, needs to know, the primary hope for change within Islam lies with the women of Islam. Although all people are deeply wounded and dehumanized by the imposition of sharia law, women and children are the main victims. Children are generally helpless (there are some notable exceptions that have been reported by Dr. Bulldog & Roninbut they are exceptions). The mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmothers witness the children’s suffering, and if their consciences haven’t been totally numbed, they want to do something. They are in the best position to do something. Many of these women will need someone’s assistance, encouragement and support, even financially… in order to set themselves free.

If you truly care about Muslims, and work with them in some way, or have contact or influence at all with Muslim women, help to free them if they show interest or enlightenment. Don’t waste time on women who insist on remaining in their shackles. Time is too precious. They will see, when their society has set them free, all they were missing. For now, if you have the opportunity to help a motivated Muslim woman, consider giving her a ride to the airport, airfare to the United States, help her secure protection, identity changes, friends on the other side who can help. Do whatever it is she needs, within your abilities. You will be helping yourself as well. But do be smart and wise about this. It is a dangerous undertaking for everyone involved, as it threatens the men, who see themselves as privileged, powerful and fully deserving.

Wafa, Ayaan and other Muslim women working for change with the Muslim world, for freedom from sharia law, are overworked, and in danger. They put themselves in this danger out of selfless love for the women they have left behind in their native lands.

There is safety in numbers. If a million Muslim women are freed and able to speak their minds from the relative security of a Western nation, there will be no stopping them. The free voices of one million Muslim women can change Islam, can change Muslim society, and will certainly increase the safety and effectiveness of their campaign to set their families free. A million Muslim women with their voices heard could set the entire world free from the threats we all face.

Maybe, if we are all courageous enough — quickly enough — all of us together just might prevent an otherwise horrifying eclipse into another Dark Age. If we cower or insulate ourselves, and our free societies continue to turn a blind eye, will our children and grandchildren be able to forgive us for the chains we will have put on them by our inaction — our apathy?

The Torah teaches us that women are created to be more spiritually aware, their natures are more in accordance with HKB”H’s will. Men need women to speak up. It is part of the purpose of our more sensitive natures. But Islam silences the essential “other half” of Islamic society. Women have no place, no voice, precious little validity. Let’s help some women who know that Islam as it is currently promulgated does not teach anyone about the mind and the heart of the HKB”H, and will never bring peace to anyone, but only casts a dark veil over the conscience and spirit of all that is good within us all.

If this call to kindness towards the deserving women within Islam is ignored, if we Westerners continue being so darned polite and nice to fascists who want to remake our cultures and steal our hard-won freedoms, if we continue in our misguided efforts to respect another’s “religion” (a fallacy in the case of Islam) minding our own business, refusing to stand up for good, (and if we don’t get our heads out of the TV set!) well, I don’t want to think about what may be in store for us all in the not so distant future.

Ayaan enlightened me as to how quickly Islam can spread into imposed sharia law. She told Glenn Beck that the idea that there would be people who favored an imposition of sharia law in Somalia (her native land) was unthinkable only twenty years ago. Yaffa Eliach, in her book “There Once Was a World” said that the older Jews of Lithuania, the first country to experience Hitler’s Einsatzgruppen (death squads), could not imagine the “good Germans” they remembered from WWI being anything but gentleman. Again, this was a span of approximately 20 years. Both Ayaan’s words to Glenn Beck and Eliach’s book are most enlightening in showing how quickly a society can turn from being civilized to utterly cruel.

Civilization is a delicate flower that must be protected and nurtured, or it is quickly crushed under various versions of the jackboot, those boots often worn by men who either hide their faces, behind sheets, keffiyahs or, they may  hide behind the phrase “I was only following orders.” or, “The prophet did so, thus I may (or must) do so”. In any case, such men — even while attempting to evade personal responsibility — betray their own shame.

Ayaan gives a book recommendation as well: While Europe Slept by Bruce Bawer. Ayaan thinks Americans need to get a spine and recognize what is truly happening all around them. (I think many of the feminists and lefties need to shut up and let our men grow some ….) The predicament that most European countries find themselves in may be where we end up in a few years if we don’t listen to her.

Ayaan also wrote a book of her own, entitled Infidel.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali talking to Glenn Beck:

Glenn Beck: “Why do you do this? What is it that you feel people need to hear?”

Ayaah: “First and foremost, for those people who say, ‘It’s a small problem’ I want to tell them, ‘It starts as small but it grows.’ When I was living in Africa, the first burkhas, the first veils, the first headscarves were remarkable. Now a country like mine, Somalia, is entirely in the hands of people who want to introduce sharia or Islamic law, which was just unfathomable 20 years ago. So, yes, it can start small, but it can grow.”

Glenn Beck: “… not even Muslims are safe. They’re targeting them now in London.”

Ayaan: “Exactly. So the propagators of radical Islam are saying, ‘Unless and until you practice Islam as it is in it’s most pure form, you are not a Muslim.’ They are declaring you (Muslims) a hypocrite, and they want — yes — they wanted to behead a soldier, a British soldier who is a Muslim and who served in the British Army.”

Glenn Beck: “Have you met with anyone here in the United States that you think really gets it, and is willing to stand up next to you? Is there anybody here? Is there a woman’s organization? Is there a Muslim organization that says ‘We’re with you.’?

Ayaan: “I have met several organizations, all very concerned … The vigilance in the United States seems to me to be today better than the one in Europe. What I haven’t seen in the United States is people who are aware of the problem here today in the US, not Islam as a foreign policy, but jihad in this country.”

Glenn Beck: “A year ago I said, ‘We have to watch Dearborn.” The New York Times just had it Sunday, that this is starting to creep in. There’s an Islamic thinker society here America, here just right down the street in NYC that wants sharia law now!”

Ayaan: “I don’t have a problem with an Islamic … thinker society. What I have a problem with is that that Islamic thinker society pretends, has a front face saying ‘We want to debate, and we want to go achieve our dream through dialogue.’ and on the other side they are supporting terrorists and threatening people, calling everyone who wants to debate with them ‘Islamophobes’ and ‘racists’. That’s what I have a problem with.”

There’s more. There is so much more. Following is the short film that Ayaan’s friend and fellow film maker Theo Van Gogh was murdered over. Theo was stabbed over 25 times by Mohamed Bouyeri. Bouyeri withdrew the knife one last time, attached a piece of paper with a death threat against Ayaan Hirsi Ali to the knife, and then plunged both note and knife back into the body of Ayaan’s friend — Theo.

Fox News interview of Ayaan Hirsi Ali below:

This informative blog, Avid Editor’s Insights is packed with relevant information on the serious threat that Islam poses for us all, Muslim and non-Muslim alike. Also consider visiting our Jihadi page, the Geert Wilders page, and other related links  at “Schmoozing with Elya and Ellie Katz.

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2 Responses to “Wafa Sultan and Ayaan Hirsi Ali Confront Sleeping Americans”

  1. […] “Avid Editor’s Insights” is packed with relevant information on the serious threat that Islam poses for us all, Muslim and non-Muslim alike. “ Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz” Also consider visiting the “Jihadi page“, the “Geert Wilders” page, and other related links at this site. […]

  2. These two brave women receive barely any attention from the mainstream media.

    Interestingly, back in 2005, Ayaan Hirsi Ali was named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 People of the Year. Since that time, however, she’s nearly fallen off the radar. Last Friday, I asked her why; she had no explanation.

    But I do!

    The media are cowards and/or have bought into the nonsense that “Islam is a religion of peace.” Yes, there are moderate Moslems. But Islam itself is not moderate.

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