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Glenn Beck Predicts Armed Revolution

Posted by avideditor on February 14, 2009

Bill is not the sharpest toll in the shed and Glen should lay off the Adderall or what ever he is on and stop stealing his stuff from Mark Levin. 

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10 Responses to “Glenn Beck Predicts Armed Revolution”

  1. Judi said

    YES!!! Finally, someone said it out loud! Bless you Glen Beck! As soon as these morons see what they did (when they elected this albatross on Nov. 4th, 2008 . . . the sooner we’ll see depression and revolution on the horizon!

  2. Chris said

    This IS a depression, and I don’t think 100 days of Obama have much to do with it. It was 30 years of Republican deregulation that got us here. WIth eight years of the presidency, the house, the senate, the courts, and let’s face it, TV and radio, it’s hard to pass the blame. Their quasi-religious worship of privatization and deregulation created banks that were too big to fail, a privatized system for rating bonds, a complete lack of SEC oversight, two privatized mortgage agencies (Fannie and Freddie), and such a dependence on lowering interest rates in times of crisis that a tranche of a 20-year subprime loan was more lucrative to the Chinese than the yield on U.S. treasuries. This is the third financial collapse since the 80s. Doesn’t anyone think they made those rules after the Great Depression for a reason?

    The guys who saw this depression coming, (Roubini) say that if Obama does everything right, we’ll have an ugly two year recession. If he gets it wrong–and I think he has, but not by raising tax rates on millionaires from 36% to 39%–if he’s not perfect we get a ten year depression. That’s where we’re headed.

    One in 6 people is underemployed or unemployed, before the stimulus package has even gone into effect. If we spend our way out, it’s inflation. If we don’t, it’s hyper-unemployment. The boomers wasted their 401ks either way. That’s what they get for voting for idiots. And if Beck and Bill want to keep their jobs, they’ll do it by scaring Americans into being at each other’s throats. The culture wars died out a long time ago. Someone should tell these slime that real Americans don’t want to kill each other, and we’re sick of them trying to encourage it.

  3. Justin said

    I generally don’t comment on websites, but decided I would chime in here.
    Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly seem to have the highest ratings on cable. That has to say something.

    That is a very intelligent post, but I did want to ask one question. You mention 30 years, but only draw conclusions from eight of those years.
    What of the other 22 years? Were the Democrats not in control of Congress for 18 of those years??
    Our problem in this country is that everything gets turned into Red vs. Blue. Most people are supporting “their” party, while “their” party does not represent them as people. These parties are destroying America with the help of a majority of the American people.
    If nothing else, Glenn Beck’s non-partisan approach is refreshing, even if he goes out of his way to be incindiary.

  4. […] election. Public servants for the “loyal opposition” started using the rhetoric of armed opposition to Obama, such as Rep. Michele Bachmann’s (R-MN) call for people to be “armed and […]

  5. Carmel Vella said

    In 1776 we fought and kicked out King George over tea tax ……..
    What should we now with taxes being where they are? They send our monies even to our enemies by
    the billions.

    • avideditor said

      I agree mostly with Beck. I think even he agrees with me that elections are the solution. I think Beck is more on the ball now. But I still like Mark Levin better. Try his free commercial free podcast and decide for yourself. I am not for 0 agenda, I hope it does not come down to a coup or a armed revolution. Guess we will see this november. 🙂

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