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Going Going Gone

Posted by Shiva on January 19, 2009

The Islamic colonisation of Britain continues apace. Yet another Nottingham pub is set to be converted into a mosque after a local Islamic group, which shares its name with Pakistan’s hard line fundamentalists, has applied to have a temporary use grant made permanent.

The group, named Jamiat Ahle Hadith, have applied to Nottingham Council to permanently use the old Le Grand pub in Hyson Green as a mosque.

The group was given permission to use the old Le Grand pub as a temporary mosque in November 2007. The permission, which allowed the group to worship there and use it as a learning centre, was originally granted for just 12 months.

Now the group is applying to permanently use the pub at the corner of Alfreton Road and Gregory Boulevard, between Hyson Green and Radford, as a place of worship.

Council planners have recommended the request to change the use of the pub to a centre of worship be approved. Jamiat Ahle Hadith raised £350,000 in donations to buy the building.

This is how the colonisation process works: first, large numbers of immigrants settle in an area, and then apply for “temporary” permission to create an “Islamic Information Centre” or even a “temporary Mosque”.

The large number of immigrants drawn to such centres then ensures that indigenous British people flee the area.

This then opens the way for a justification of the “temporary” permission to be made permanent because it “fulfils the needs of the local community.”

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