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I highly recommend the movie Defiance

Posted by avideditor on January 15, 2009

It is one of the best movies the year IMHO. If it is playing around you in a theater, you should go see it. If it is not playing around you, download it from your favorite torrent site. It is so good I am sure you will buy the DVD or Blue-Ray. This movie made the top 10 pirated movies of 2008 (it was there but now it appears only in the top 10 of the week), so I am sure there are good copies out there. It is a must see IMHO.  I wish Hollywood made good movies like this more often. 

read more about the movie here and read Mrs. Schlussel review here

The IMDB page is here

Read what the IBA has to say about the movie

2 Responses to “I highly recommend the movie Defiance”

  1. danggoodmovies said

    Hmm… well…
    I haven’t seen the movie yet, and I do have something of a Daniel Craig fetish and a WWII fetish (it seems just about everybody does these days)
    one of the best movies of the year?

  2. avideditor said

    yes. What are the best movies of the year for you?

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