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Digg and the BCC promote Jihadi propaganda

Posted by avideditor on January 15, 2009

Update: It seems the Elder has also written on this. I think the Elder did a better job read it here: Fact: Palestinian Arabs lie.

I woke up in the middle of the night. I checked my digg.com feed and I saw this. Wow. Lets just say I can not go back to sleep. Is the BBC and Digg going to promote the blood liable next? The headline makes no sense other then to portray Israel and Jews as evil. Once you read the story you see how it is only jihadi lies. It is just sad that the western and digg are promoting it. I would not suggest reading digg feeds before you go back to sleep. Digg really hit a new low promoting this Jihadi trash in my book. I never thought the BBC and Digg would side with Hamas so soon. Things are going to get alot darker before they get light IMHO.

5 Responses to “Digg and the BCC promote Jihadi propaganda”

  1. callie said

    Are you aware of CAMERA? They deal with media inaccuracies about Isreal, I suggest you forward this piece to them and they can help take care of it.
    Write to the BBC, they give contact information on the website and encourage your readers to do the same. It does make a difference.

  2. avideditor said

    Yes I am aware of Camera. If you know someone there feel free to email them. I think Camera does good work but I think they are busy now. I doubt the BBC cares what an American Jew thinks about their site. I will post the contact info for the BBC after I am done with watching the movie “Defiance”. If you want to try contacting the BBC go for it.

  3. avideditor said

    You can contact the bbc at this site http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/ I think the BBC passed the point of no return. But if you want to contact them go for it. BTW “Defiance” is a great movie IMHO.

  4. callie said

    I bet it is a good movie, very inspiring I am sure.

    Actually you would be surprised that the BBC and other news groups actually do care about the mail they get and I did contact the bbc when I saw the article on Elders site.
    I forwarded it to camera and they can have their readers write to the bbc, it does make a difference, I think the bbc actually was worse a few years ago during the lebanon war.

  5. avideditor said

    the BBC form asked me for my British zip code and telephone number. How did you contact the BBC Callie?

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