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Vid of Anti Aircraft gun found in a Gaza Mosque

Posted by avideditor on January 13, 2009

How anyone can support Hamas puzzles me.

2 Responses to “Vid of Anti Aircraft gun found in a Gaza Mosque”

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  2. jack said

    Stick with it israel your in the right ,no one in the world is going to let terroists fire at them without response ,they cry civilians have been killed but how many are civilians? i bet lots of them are hamas ,they always show kids and people wounded but never the terroists wounded ,its just propaganda ,if they are going down the path of too much force well what are they saying? you have to fire 5,000 rockets like they did and not worry like they did where they land?its rediculous ,you should make it clear to them non terroists get to the abbas side for food and help all the rest left are terroists and will be hunted down just like every country would .finish the job israel and storm the hospital and go down and get those leaders hiding like rats ,that would ruin them with humiliation .

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