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Hamas indoctrination of Kids: Bombs more precious than children

Posted by avideditor on January 12, 2009

Hamas indoctrination of children is sick. Watch them teach there kids that “Bombs more precious than children” with you own eyes. 

2 Responses to “Hamas indoctrination of Kids: Bombs more precious than children”

  1. Rodan said

    No shocker there!
    hey read this:


    Many on the right are sick of Corporatism.

  2. Humanity Not Religion said

    I am of Asian descent. My parents are Buddhist, I went to a catholic high school, my fiancé is Muslim, his mother is Jewish, His father is Muslim, his mother’s aunt is Christian and the other one is Catholic. I am no particular religion as I feel I do not need to decide but rather choose the best of all religions. That is what god gave us a mind for.

    People are people regardless of what religion.

    Did the Christians not kill the Protestants and vice versa? Can you deny that religion was not used to control people and enforced as a law even in our own society?

    It states in the Koran that Muslim women cover their head out of choice. Nuns cover their heads and so do Sheiks. Mother Teresa covered her head. It is the extremist that require and enforce it, yes they are wrong. Priest won’t give a newborn a Christian burial if they have not been baptized. What sin did they commit?

    Just as most of you do not agree with your government for destroying a country for Weapons of Mass Destruction they never found or Oklahoma bombers. Remember to separate the people/civilians from the extremist as they are not the same.

    If you look at the big picture, what is the west destroying for?? perhaps OIL???? On the other hand extremist are furious that their god has been insulted. Perhaps the bombers are not all there for the purpose of religion…..if a bomb killed your whole family and your city, the people you loved has been destroyed how likely are you to pick up a bomb and run at the “enemy”? Regardless of what the reasons are.

    No one is right but one thing we all are is HUMAN. We have instincts and will react somewhat similarly in most situations.

    As there are extremists in every religion from Zionist that hate the Jewish and Jehovah witnesses and Mennonites we as a society have been a part of it.

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