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Jihadis rioting in London

Posted by avideditor on January 10, 2009

Police try and hold back the protesters outside the Israeli embassy, Kensington, as thousands show their anger at the worsening situation in Gaza
Barriers are broken down as the protest turns ugly, with at least one police officer hospitalised by the riots

Demonstrations and vigils have been held all week, reaching a crescendo of 100,000 on Saturday

Protestors go for horse-backed officers in Kensington

Read the Daily Mail Story. 

Read the Digg comments. I can not believe how pro Jihadi Digg has become.

One Response to “Jihadis rioting in London”

  1. […] 2009/01/11 por Miguel I wonder why many of the demonstrations defending Peace in the Middle East always end like this. […]

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