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Little Green Footballs 2 is launched: Anti-jihadi but with out the tyranny of charles

Posted by avideditor on August 15, 2008

Check out LittleGreenFootballs2.com it is an alternative littlegreenfootballs.com it has all the same news stories but without the tyranny of Charles.

UPDATE : I am blogging here for LGF2 until it is back up and working.

3 Responses to “Little Green Footballs 2 is launched: Anti-jihadi but with out the tyranny of charles”

  1. trajan75 said

    Yes its a great website!

  2. looking closely said

    If Charles is such a “tyrant” then why are you piggybacking on his work and good name?

  3. avideditor said

    Do you think Charles is not a tyrant? If so why? You know he was votes “the most pro-censorship ass hat” I think that it is great that CJ is now standing up against the jihadis. I think it is the only logical thing to do. From what I know of him I think he would have stood with the Nazis back in the 30s. I may be wrong but I guess we will see. How am I piggy backing on CJ? I think he is wrong on most issues and he himself piggy backed on Robert Spencer who although I do not agree with him on everything I think Spencer is a great man. What is this “good name” that you refer to in regards to CJ? Most people that are not in his cult think he is a jerk. I personally think CJ is just not the sharpest tool in the shed and anti-G-d but he is not evil. Feel what you want about CJ it is a free country still. But seriously think about it, CJ runs a internet cult IMHO and gives no insight IMHO.

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