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Arabs kill Arabs: Jews get blamed

Posted by avideditor on August 13, 2008

Pravada is blaming the Jews for the the Russian Georgian war, and now CNN is blaming jews for  for Arabs killing Arabs. It is just absurd. It seems as Jews are responsible for every problem in the world. I heard a science fiction story about how the Jews got sick of getting blamed for all the problem on the earth. So they moved to the moon. But back on Earth despite all the Jews being gone. The countries still blamed all there problems on the Jews. I will see if I can post a link to the story tomorrow.  Here is the story. The rise in modern day Blood libels from the Al Dura Hoax to being blamed for all of the worlds problems makes me sick of the media using the jews as the scape goat. I feel like we are in a the late 1930’s in Germany with all the anti-Semitic propaganda.

Israel Matzav has the story Arabs kill Arabs: Jews get blamed?


There was a bus bombing in a business district of central Tripoli, Lebanon Wednesday morning. The bus was a civilian bus. Nine people were killed, seven of them soldiers. 

You will note in the report below that at least ‘some people’ are blaming Israel. I’m sure you’re all shocked. 


5 Responses to “Arabs kill Arabs: Jews get blamed”

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  2. trajan75 said

    The Problem is Jews dont act ruthless. they need to instill fear in their enemies. In the next Hizballah war, Israel should use Bilogical and Chemicals weapons and kill anti-Israel reporters. People only respect fear. Israel and the Jews need to instill fear in their enemies.

  3. amsterdam said

    fuck the jews! fuck israel! free palastine! free irak! free afganistan! free the world!! peace brothers and sisters!

  4. avideditor said

    Yes “free the world!” and peace but at what cost? Did you even watch the video. Do you support Hamas and other jihadis? Why did you link to a terrorist propaganda TV station?

  5. Me said

    All boards are places where ignorant anti semites will urge killing and destruction of Jews. Ho hum….the only thing I can add to that is that the Jews only mistake was not having Abraham kill that slut Hagar.

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