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Russia blames Georgia war on the Jews

Posted by avideditor on August 11, 2008

Update Arabs kill Arabs: Jews get blamed

UPDATE: It seems like some jew hater (UPDATE see comments) A poster using irony but sounds like a jew hater on the liberal blogs reposted my words at newsvine. Some of the comments are scary and others will make you laugh. I guess the hatred of Jews unites the (update) comedians, Nazis, Commies and Jihadis

It seems the world is at it again. Blaming all the worlds problems on the Jewish people. Here is what soviet russian propaganda paper Pravda has to say Russia: Again Savior of Peace and Life

Moscow time Georgians opened fire with heavy artillery from the side of the Georgian villages of Ergneti and Nikozi against the city of Tskhinval, the Defense Ministry of South Ossetia announced on Thursday. Georgian troops attempted to storm the city much as Hitler‘s Panzer divisions blazed through Europe. Also noteworthy is the fact that Georgian tanks and infantry were being aided by Israeli advisors, a true indicator that this conflict was instigated by outside forces.

Russia is blaming Israel and the Jewish people for its invading a sovereign country. It is just sick. My parents just got back from Eastern Europe. They told me about a guide at a Holocaust museum who says that when ever there is a problem she tells people it is the Jews and the bicyclist fault. Everyone asks what did the bicyclist do. No one asks what did the Jews do to deserve the blame. It seems as if the world is at it again blaming their favorite scape goat. 

UPDATE: Joshua left this great comment over at Gateway Pundit. BTW thanks for linking to my story 🙂

One of the old Communist favorite lines, blame the Jew. That seems familiar for some reason… I was only reading not so long ago in another magazine.

Ahhhh yes, the false Trumpet, the magazine of record for Obama’s church from his “spiritual” mentor Wright, blaming the Jews. 

Gee, who knew that Marxist-Communist Liberation Theology and Communist Tyrants in Russia see eye to eye?

UPDATE: Think Progress is blaming the war on the Jews as well I guess the “progressives” over at Think Progress are showing there true Stalinist anti-semitic color.

11 Responses to “Russia blames Georgia war on the Jews”

  1. maccabeus2010 said


  2. “Gee, who knew that Marxist-Communist Liberation Theology and Communist Tyrants in Russia see eye to eye?”

    Not too surprising actually.

  3. JohnDemetriou said

    Excellent article. I completely agree, in fact, I recently wrote an article on my blog setting out a similar position. It has attracted some fierce criticism, and a lively debate has ensured, so feel free to drop by and add yer tuppence worth if you fancy.

    Keep up the good work – the matter you discuss needs to be raised again and again until more people realise what is going on here. The ridiculous anti-Israeli attitudes of the left require highlighting.




  4. I posted that link on Newsvine. I am hardly a Jew hater. I am Jewish.

    Do you not understand what irony is? Clearly not.

    I support Israel on Newsvine and have to deal with some very unpleasant articles, posts and comments from the misguided left who hate Israel and subject Israel to a barrage of criticism. It really does not help when Jews are seen to be behaving in just as bigoted and one-sided a way as the “anti-Zionists”. Your website is frankly counter-productive. It gives the anti-Zionists the perfect excuse to label Jews as bigots and extremists. We get the usual taunts – “hey, you’re supposed to be a light unto the nations but you’re just spouting hate!”

    You would do Israel and Jewry a great favour by toning your website down. I challenge anti-Zionists objectively and rationally, on the arguments not emotions, hate or bigotry. I suggest you do the same. You don’t win the argument by sinking to their level. Think about it.

  5. muman613 said


    I think avids site does an excellent job to get the message which needs to be related to the Jewish people. I am a Baal Teshuva who has come to love Israel and Zion and pray for Jerusalem every day. I do agree that the way to influence the most people is to appeal to their intelligence, not their emotions.

    I believe you have very good intentions for our nation. Those who fight the scourge of antisemitism are my brother. As I was relating to my fiance just yesterday, extremism is never the proscribed path. There are extremists in every group. But the extremes are necessary in order for the moderates to be successful. I am a moderator on a Jewish forum and I deal with both extremes. There is a segment of our people who are ashamed of their heritage. Once they learn more about our great heritage they can truly appreciate the need for the Jewish homeland.

    It is good to learn from everyone.

    Shalom Dennis,

  6. avideditor said

    Hey Dennis I updated the update. The posters at Think Progress, Digg, the Kos and the rest of the liberal blogs where saying the same thing you where saying but they where but not being ironic. Sorry if I took you for being a anti-semite and missed your humor you just sounded like one. Thanks for the publicity of my site.
    I don’t see how my website has unjust hate or bigotry. I am attacking a radical ideology that is attempting to enslave the world and kill all the jews.

    My site has been twisted around. Most famously in this example http://digg.com/world_news/How_Israeli_Activists_Cheat_on_Digg_In_their_own_words

    Well thanks for the link. Sorry for misreading you.

  7. You might find this of interest.

  8. avideditor said

    Hey Dennis I agree with you arguments. Sorry for misreading you. I just misread british humor sometimes. Did you see this yet https://avideditor.wordpress.com/2008/08/13/arabs-kill-arabs-jews-get-blamed/ ?

  9. I hope you don’t take this wrong, but this time Pravda was right. Israelis were aiding the Georgians.

    I recently visited Tbilisi. It is one of the prettiest cities in the world. It is also terribly pro US and pro Israel.

    Georgia has very close relations with Israel. One of is cabinet members is a Jew who went to high school in Israel. Like Rahm Emmanuel, he speaks fluent Hebrew. In Tbilisi, you can watch Israeli tv over the Georgian satellite.

    Saying Israel helped Georgia is not anti-Semitic. It is true. And every Jew should be immensely proud.

    Here is where the Russia displays its anti-Semitism. Russia invaded Georgia to destroy the Rose Revolution. The Russians are out to destroy all the democratic ‘color’ revolutions that have and are occurring in former Soviet republics. The blame the Jews and Americans for these democratic revolutions.

    In Armenia, a trial has just started of opposition leaders. The government accuses them of trying to overthrow the government by means of a post-election ‘color’ revolution demonstration against the rigged recent elections. The government’s election campaign was disgustingly anti-Semitic. It accused the opposition of being agents of a Jewish Masonic conspiracy to subjugate Armenia.

    If you want to fight Russian anti-Semitism, then you must support the democratic ‘color’ revolutions.

    Yurman Yerevan
    Glendale on the Caucasus

  10. Alex said

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  11. scottie said

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