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Iran Has a Secret Nuclear Reactor! Can we bomb them now?

Posted by avideditor on July 29, 2008

I got this from Yid With A Lid. I hope Israel or America do the right thing and bombs Iran before it is too late. 




Brian Williams New Best Friend, Iranian President Ahmadinejad might not have been totally honest during his interview last night when he denied any nuclear weapons ambitions. According Al-Siyassa a Kuwaiti Newspaper, the Iranian crazies have started work on a secret nuclear reactor, close to its border with Iraq. The translated report below has not only has picture and locations, but the paper has obtained from the construction company a letter from the Iranian Government demanding that everything must be done in complete secrecy. Now that we know, What are we going to do about it?:

Kuwaiti Daily Reveals: Iran Building Secret Nuclear Reactor-MEMRI

On July 29, 2008, the Kuwaiti daily Al-Siyassa reported that, according to “highly reliable sources,” Iranian authorities had begun construction of a secret nuclear reactor in the Al-Zarqan region close to the city of Ahwaz in southwest Iran, on the Iran-Iraq border.

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