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OBAMA will not try to prevent another holocaust

Posted by avideditor on July 25, 2008

UPDATE: OBAMA may be planning on leading a new Holocaust. That is why he can not answer the questions. Look at his close assoication with people that want to wipe Israel off the map like former PLO member Rashid Khalidi.

Any one that respects the right for Jews to live should do everything they can to prevent this monster from getting elected. This should come to no suprise to anyone that heard Obama’s speech in Germany where he mentioned “giving meaning to the words never again”. These words do have meaning already. NEVER AGAIN. JUST SAY NO TO OBAMA or it will happen here. 

From debbieschlussel.com

On the heels of John McCain’s strong statement to Israel and the Jews that he would “not allow a second Holocaust” to happen, Barack Hussein Obama was asked whether he’d prevent a second Holocaust by reporters during his trip to Israel.

The setting for the question is notable. It was just before he made a photo op visit to “Yad VaShem,” the Holocaust museum in Israel.

What is also notable was Obama’s “response” and how it was “covered” by the Mainstream media. While the Wall Street Journal’s Jay Solomon and Cam Simpson noted the question, they did not note the response. Why not?

Well, ABC News’ Jake Tapper did, and it’s telling and frightening (thanks to my friends Sean and Frank at WCBM for the tip):

barackobamayarmulke.jpgauschwitzbodies.jpgYarmulke-wearing fraud Obama Won’t Say No to Holocaust

Upon arrival at Yad Vashem, Obama was greeted by Avner Shalev, chairman of Yad Vashem.An Israeli journalist called out to Obama: “Can you ensure that there will be no second Holocaust?”

Obama walked into the museum’s main building without responding. . . .

In the “Hall of Remembrance,” Obama put on a white yarmulke, lit the “eternal flame” and placed a white chrysanthemum wreath on a stone slab.

Obama then went to the museum’s Janusz Korczak Plaza, where he signed the guest book.


Jake Tapper goes on to quote Obama’s BS speech about how terrible he feels about the Holocaust. Blah, blah, blah. Then, this:

Once again an Israeli journalist asked the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee how he’d help prevent a second Holocaust. “Senator can you assure Israel that there will be no second Holocaust despite Iran’s threat to wipe us off the map?” he asked.Obama demurred, saying that it wasn’t appropriate to answer the question there.

“This is Yad Vashem!” the journalist responded.

Obama said he would answer the question at a later press availability.


And, of course, Obama never answered the question.

Disgusting. The question is a no-brainer. If you don’t have an automatic, “I will assure that there won’t be a second Holocaust,” response, then you don’t deserve to occupy a square foot of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

John McCain initiated the conversation about a second Holocaust, brining it up himself and saying he’ll assure it won’t happen. Barack Obama had to be asked, and he still couldn’t bring himself to answer.

G-d help us.

Hey, Barack Obama, don’t put on your phony white satin yarmulke again. Sadly, we know what’s inside the head it covers.

5 Responses to “OBAMA will not try to prevent another holocaust”

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  2. […] OBAMA will not try to prevent another holocaust […]

  3. You have got to be kidding me. I am a Holocaust survivor and you people make me sick. To think I lived through the hatred and intollerance that I did just to see this disgusting behavior. I am voting for Barack Obama because I believe he will be the best President for this country and also for Israel. Go to my link to see Israeli’s who agree.

    • Raul said

      What do you think NOW! Do you need any more evidence that obama and regime is anti-semite!!?? You and those like you are encouraging another holocaust by supporting the anti-semite obama!

  4. avideditor said

    Most Jews in Israel support McCain. If Obama wins, I am leaving. I don’t want to die. Did you see my post: https://avideditor.wordpress.com/2008/11/02/obama-will-kill-all-the-jews-he-will-be-worse-then-hitler-or-stalin/ ?

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